Summary: Matt is an escort. An ESCORT! Not a hooker, as most people choose to believe. That is until he meets Taichi Yagami and his remaining morals seem to desert him. Taito! Rating for sexual scenes and language.

Warnings: SLASH, sexual situations, language

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Chapter One - Hired help

"OK, so maybe this wasn't the best idea I've ever had," Matt muttered to himself as he dithered down the road, scanning the crowd quickly for his next client. As narrowed blue eyes scanned the street, he sighed, running his hand nervously through his hair. Suddenly aware of the many leering eyes following him as he walked, he sped up, silently praying that the none of them were his next customer.

Numerous figures were lounged on doorsteps, puffing smoke into circles as Matt passed. Empty bottles of beer were littered over the road and Matt was instantly reminded as to why the street was a common hangout for druggies and prostitutes.

'And I'm one of them,' he thought miserably.

Trying to diminish the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach from the unwanted attention, he pulled up his tight black pants, which were already riding dangerously low on his hips. Flashing his ass to a whole street of sex deprived drunks was really the last thing he needed.

Finally deciding that it would be more sensible to just stop wandering round like a headless chicken (practically asking to be attacked), and wait for the client, Matt stopped on a street corner. Noting dully that it was incredibly appropriate, he shifted his weight, attempting to look somewhat more confident than he felt. After a few minutes, however, it was becoming increasingly obvious that he was failing miserably.

When the third passer-by decided to take advantage and pinch his ass, he finally spun around, teeth clenched and face tinged red with anger.

The forty-something man, jumped back in surprise, obviously not expecting such a sudden reaction. Holding his hands up in defence, he sneered in what he probably supposed was a seductive smirk, eyes sharp and slanting.

Matt merely scowled in response, fists balled in annoyance, and hissed, "Fuck off, you asshole."

"Hey, if you didn't want people to touch you, you shouldn't walk around in gear like that," the man replied, with a sickening yellow smile. "Look like a slut and you'll be treated like one."

Matt glared coldly and let out a scream, before opening his mouth to reply as acidly as he was capable. Before he could retort, however, a car horn blared behind him.

Jumping in surprise, he swivelled around, momentarily forgetting the middle-aged man that had groped him.

A car had pulled up right on the pavement beside him, the window cracked open, and a voice came from inside. "You must be Matt," it said. "You're just as pretty as I was told. And fiesty by the look of it." There was a brief pause, as the blond stared in astonishment, before a hand shot out and grabbed him, pulling him forwards and into the car. His head spun in confusion, and he cursed, vaguely aware of the door slamming behind him.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed as the car sped away, and took him with it.

"Wow, you really are feisty," commented the man who had grabbed him, features alight with amusement.

He was sat comfortably in the back seat, smiling slightly at the stunned look on Matt's face. Spiky mahogany hair framed a dark tanned face, which was twisted into an expression of undisguised amusement. He was wearing a bright red shirt and jeans, his figure slight but obviously atheletic.

Matt was taken aback for a moment, stunned, because the boy was young, probably not any younger than he was. In other circumstances he might have thought he was cute, but the fact that he had just been kidnapped was somewhat ruining his ability to see the bright side.

"I'm Daisuke by the way," Daisuke said with a grin, apparently not deterred by Matt's complete lack of response.

"What the hell?" Matt repeated, unable of able to think of anything more coherent to say. It dimly occurred to him that he should probably be looking for some kind of escape route, or at least put up a decent fight, but instead he just settled for staring blankly, like the complete coward he was. 'Trust me to get kidnapped in the most boring way possible. I didn't even go out with a bang,' Matt thought, cursing himself for his inability to make a dramatic stand and fight his captors.

"I'm sorry. You're the escort, right? You matched the description you gave us perfectly - there aren't many blondes in these parts, " Daisuke explained. "We're here to take you to your client."

Woken up slightly from his stupor, Matt nodded in understanding, feeling greatly relieved that he wasn't going to be beaten, raped and buried in a sand pit. He hoped.

"Couldn't you just say that instead of kidnapping me? I am being paid for this, you know. I would have come willingly," he pointed out, raising his eyebrows as Daisuke grinned back at him.

"Well, after watching you nearly bite that guys head off in the street, we figured it'd be safer to just take you."

Feeling it was safer - and a lot more professional - to merely ignore him, Matt folded his arms and looked out the window, not even bothering to acknowledge the silent driver, who was exchanging grins with Daisuke. But the silence was uncomfortable, the blond tense with distrust, and after a moment he spoke again, eager to break the icy atmosphere.

"Why are you taking me to the client? Why isn't he here?" Matt asked, glancing from Daisuke to the driver suspiciously.

"Because you're a present," Daisuke said, giving him a very sly wink. "He doesn't know that we've hired you." He reached out and patted Matt on the arm, like attempting to tame a wild animal, and added generously, "But I'm sure he'll be glad. You're definitely gorgeous to look at."

Matt ignored him once more.

"So he doesn't know who or what I am?" he said slowly, digesting the information he was being given and feeling familar dread creep into his stomach. He never liked being used as a surprise - it was always unbelievably awkward.

An absent, "uhuh," was the only reply he received.

"So I'm just supposed to waltz right up to him?" Matt asked, sounded slightly incredulous and undeniably sarcastic.

"Yep," Daisuke replied happily, either not noticing (or simply ignoring) the escort's tone.

Matt blinked.

"Oh, but by the way," the man exclaimed, clicking his fingers, "You'll be going to a party with him, which is why your hired for the whole night."

Matt blinked.

"As his boyfriend."

Matt blinked.

"To make his ex-boyfriend jealous."

Matt blinked.

'How lovely,' he thought absently, dimly surprised at the lengths people would go to to get revenge. He'd seen some strange things during his time as an escort.

The car was silent for the next few minutes, as Matt watched the city lights race past the window, until the car began to slow, pulling up on the side of a street. Daisuke reached for a the door, and tugged impatiently on Matt's sleeve, practically pushing the blond onto the pavement. Matt staggered slightly at the treatment, as he struggled to regain his bearings, pulling up his ever descending pants once more.

"Nice ass," Daisuke grinned, as he climbed out behind him, pointedly eyeing Matt's rear while doing so.

Making a mental note to buy a belt as soon as possible, Matt looked at his surroundings, taking in the long sweep of the street and the flats towering above him. It was similar to his own neighbourhood, and he vaguely recognised it, realising that it probably wasn't too far away from where he lived.

Daisuke had a happy smile on his face as he waved away the car driver and indicated for Matt to follow him. Watching the car speed off and suddenly wishing he could go with it, Matt trailed behind, reluctantly climbing the stairs of the nearest apartment building after Daisuke.

Once they were on the third floor, Daisuke spotted another figure stood in the corridor and instantly broke out into a grin.

Looking quickly past the mahogany haired boy beside him, Matt's attention was immediately drawn to a man of around 19 years old, who was stood against the opposite wall, hands in pockets, and apparently waiting. Like Daisuke, he had brown tanned skin, but was significantly taller, with an amazing mop of brown hair. He appeared a lot more muscled than Matt, who was slender and toned, making it likely that he was an athlete.

Feeling himself blush slightly for blatant staring, Matt turned to Daisuke, who still appeared to be waving at the messy haired man with exaggerated flourish.

Grabbing Matt by the arm, Daisuke bounded towards him, stopping in front of the apartment door that his friend was waiting in front of.

"Hi Tai!" Daisuke announced happily, as Tai's attention focused on the two approaching.

"Daisuke, I've been waiting for ages!" Tai accused, glaring at his friend through the dark. "I want to go inside. But I can't go in alone or Ikato will eat me alive."

"Yeah, I know! I'm sorry. I had to pick someone up first," Dai replied, giving Matt a wink, who instantly coloured in response to the double meaning. Escorting never failed to be completely humiliating.

Tai immediately turned towards Matt, eyes running up and down his body with silent approval, his brows furrowed in confusion, before settling on his face. Shifting uncomfortably under the stare, Matt choose to remain quiet, and glanced to Daisuke for support.

"So, who's your friend?" Tai asked Dai a second later, smiling in a wide and friendly fashion - although he still looked decidedly confused.

Matt gave him an awkward wave. "I'm Yamato. Just call me Matt."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Tai."

Nodding politely in response, Matt glanced at Daisuke, looking for some kind of indication of what to do next. If he was going to turn beetroot red whenever he was in Tai's presence, Matt prayed that Tai was not the client Daisuke had been talking about. He usually never had that kind of response to his customers. Although then again, his customers were usually all middle-aged drunks with lots of nose hair, something that Tai was definitely not.

Noticing that Matt seemed to be staring at Dai in deep thought, Tai raised his eyebrows slightly, looking from the blond to his mahogany haired friend.

"Don't tell me this is your boyfriend," Tai commented with an expression of pure disbelief, sticking out a finger to indicate at Matt, who merely snorted in response.

"I wish," Dai said, nudging Yamato's side playfully and flashing his million watt smile. "Actually, he's yours."

There was a brief silence, as everyone looked at each other, until Tai voiced a very bewildered, "Huh?"

Shrugging in response, Daisuke rang the bell of the apartment door in front of them, ignoring Tai's blank expression as Matt rolled his eyes in aggravation.

"Your boyfriend," Daisuke repeated, as though it was obvious. "You said you needed one because Ikato was going to be here. You know, to show him you've moved on." When Tai nodded in something vaguely resembling understanding, he indicated to Matt, announcing, "So here you are. Matt is your new boyfriend." He pushed the blond forwards. "TA-DAH!"

"What?" Tai yelped, steadying Matt as he staggered slightly.

"I've already told everyone that your bringing your boyfriend, so it's too late to back out now. Now act in love!" Daisuke said, as the door swung open and they were greeted by numerous cries of welcome, music blaring in the background.

Tai and Matt both blinked, staring at the people now stood in the doorway.

A dark haired man stood at the front of the crowd, pale face sneering as he eyed the three stood in the corridor. Flicking his black hair away from his eyes, he grinned viciously at Tai, who had immediately stiffened in response.

"So Tai, this must be your boyfriend Dai was telling me about," the man smirked, icy gaze flicking over Matt, who instinctively glared back. The escort could already tell the man was an absolutely douche and he'd barely said anything yet.

Various whispers came from the others stood in the door, as they looked at Yamato with curiosity and excitement. Ignoring Daisuke's grinning face beside him, Matt smiled nervously, running his hand through his hair.

Tai looked lost for a moment, clearly conflicted, until Ikato's sneering face evidently got the better of him. He arranged his face into a rigid smile, slid arm around Matt's slender waist and pulled him to his side. The blond gritted his teeth, annoyed by the sudden contact, but knew that punching his client in the face was not the best way to get paid. Shivering slightly as Tai's fingers ran gently up his side, Matt tried to look as impassive as possible, while Tai merely grinned.

"That's right Ikato," he said, "This is my new boyfriend."

To be continued…

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