Disclaimer;; I don't own avatar or anything from avatar sept this story. It came from my imagination!! Wooo.

Okay this is like my 4th Fan-Fic!! Of course its about Kataang, I mean come on what else would it be about! Well Aang and Toph are in 11th grade 16yrs. old, Katara is also in 11th grade 17yrs. old, Sokka is in 12th grade 19yrs. old!!! In Kataras point of view

As I looked through my photo album I noticed that Aang was in every picture!! Aang and I have been best friends ever since, I think it was right after mom died! Mom died when I was 2 so yea Aang and me have been Best friend for 15 yrs! 15 YEARS! Wow I never realized it's been that long!! We share all our secrets, we tell each other everything! Well almost everything, I mean I kinda, I guess, Well I just like him... ALOT!! Love just is... whatever it may be
Love just is... you and me
Nothing less and nothing more
I don't know what I love you for... love just is

My cell played from by my computer desk. I got up to look at who was calling! "Aang!" I lightly yelled smiling. "Hey!" I said as I answered the phone. "Hey, what ya doin to night?" Aang asked on the other end. "Well hmm its Friday night, im 17 and have a car, Uhhh im going...no where!" I laughed. "Good cas were going to the carnival!" he told me excitedly." I'll pick you up at 5, bye!" I hung up and looked at the clock 4:25! "Dang I gotta get a cute outfit!" I told myself! I searched my closet not really finding anything good! But I managed to find a black denim miniskirt, a white tank top, with white leggings with black polka dots! I topped it off with uggs and a white and black necklace!!! I looked in the mirror "Man I look hot!!" I told myself! "Uh where do you think your going?" Sokka asked me and he stood in my doorway.

"Well im going out!!" I told him with attitude. "With who?" he asked me. Ding-dong the doorbell played. I shoved him and walked past him, right before I opened the door "Aang!" As I looked around I began to panic! Searching the crowds of heads to see if one was bald with a blue Arrow, NOTHING!!! "Aang!! Aang!! Aang!!" I felt a pair of hands grab my waist from behind, I turned around to see Aang they're smiling! I smacked him hard in the arm! "Where did you go? You scared the crap out of me!!" I yelled at him. He just took my hand, smiling, and began to walk towards the woods! "Where are we going?" He gave no answer, just kept on walking. Finally we stopped at a tall oak tree, that's branches draped over a crystal blue river! I gasped out the beautiful sight, he began to climb up the tree, and I followed him. Once we were settled we were sitting above the river on the smooth brown branches. I looked around "How did you find this place?" I asked, "What you don't think I have connections, I can find something rather easily in this town!" He told me in a rather mysterious voice, I laughed! "Hey Katara? Can I do something? And promise me you wont get mad?" he asked me quietly "Uh yea I guess!" I told him "Okay close your eyes, and look at me!" I gave him a confused look, "Okay" I said more confused then anything! And slowly every so slowly I felt his breath get closer and closer, and then it hit me, well not latterly, but his lips were on my mine!! 'Crap what do I do?? Do I kiss him back? Do I push away' was all that I could think! I still didn't know what to do so I juss sat there, although it felt like forever until he pulled away, it was only maybe 2 seconds!

"Aang? Did you…why did…. huh?" I said trying to figure out what I wanted to say but it all came out, well, wrong!
"Are you mad?" was all he could say with a smile. I thought, was I mad?? NO!! I wasn't mad at all, but I was confused, does this mean he likes me or is he just messing with me…or maybe he was…"Katara?" Aang called my name.

I looked up at him and smiled! I leaned over and kissed him, but it was short, just enough to show that I was happy and enjoyed the kiss. And with that I climbed off the tree and began to walk toward the carnival "Come on, you!" I called back to him. He was soon up to me, walking next me, everything was quiet, and neither of us knew what to say. When we got near the carnival, we saw Zuko.

He was eyeing me, I thought that EWW that's nasty but, then I relised this would be the perfect way to get Aang jealous and give him that extra boost to make a move on me. I walk up to Zuko, still not sure what I was going to say. But before I was able to get fully up to Zuko, I felt someone's hand grab mine, and his figures were intertwined with mine. I turned around and saw Aang smiling, like he knew what I was going to do!! I laughed and moved up to him. "What do you think your dong?" I whispered in his ear. He smiled, "Stopping the jealousy before it starts!" He whispered, which sent a chill down my spine. I smiled and he began to walk towards my house, I smiled more, I couldn't stop smiling, it was like a spell. A love spell?