It was silky, Itachi definitely decided; silky and soft. His head was laying on something silky and soft and his arms were wrapped around something that was warm and strangely huggable.(Huggable was a word the Uchiha rarely used.) He opened his eyes to see a head of golden hair underneath his. Those eyes widened a fraction when they recalled the events of last night - when the little blonde snuggled up to him had tried to seduce the living daylights out of him. Itachi looked down and gulped. Naruto was still wearing that sinful black thong and it looked scarily alluring. He ran his hands around Naruto's backside and noted with great satisfaction the meandering stream of hickeys that decorated the blonde's body. Proof that the troublesome bundle lying next to him was his and his alone. He possessively squeezed Naruto's globes hard; causing the blonde to emit a whimper and smile in his sleep. Itachi felt a wave of tenderness wash over him. He nuzzled into the blonde's neck, causing him to shiver. That was an unmarked spot, Itachi decided; looking at a smooth expanse of skin. He proceeded to ravage it and leave another love-bite. This caused the blonde to wake up with a tiny scream. Seemingly innocent blue eyes lowered and a red blush appeared when Naruto found himself under an intense gaze.

Itachi placed a finger on Naruto's chin and lifted it up. The blonde met his eyes hesitatingly; causing a sick feeling in the bottom of the Uchiha's stomach.

"Are you regretting last night?" Itachi asked him in a harsh voice. He wouldn't be able to bear it if Naruto replied in the affirmative. Last night for him had been exactly what his mind and body wanted and now he needed more.

"No," replied the blonde, gently meeting his lips with the Uchiha's. He looked up questioningly.

Itachi answered the tacit query. "Neither am I."

Naruto smiled, relieved. They kissed again; slowly and gently - taking turns to explore each other's caverns. He timidly pushed into the Uchiha's mouth and coaxed the tongue out. Their tongues danced sinuously as Itachi allowed him to dominate the kiss. He wandered through every ridge and valley of that delicious mouth and let out a small yelp of surprise when the Uchiha took control once more. Itachi was neither timid nor gentle. He plundered into Naruto, tasting, biting, marking, claiming. The blonde loved it. When they finally parted for air, Naruto knew he had found something that tasted better than Ramen or any other kind of food. Kissing Itachi had suddenly become absolutely essential as a daily activity.

They lay for some time in comfortable silence, curiously seeking the secrets of the other's body. Naruto discovered that the Uchiha had extremely sensitive ears; judging by how much his breadth hitched every time the blonde raked his tongue over it. Another thing he liked where Itachi's long legs. He slid between them and delivered small nips and bites along the raven's inner thighs. When he was pulled up, he took an erect nipple in his mouth and gently sucked on it. Itachi growled and roughly flipped him over. He had excited the Uchiha and he knew a thing or two about excited Uchihas. (Naruto had had the misfortune of finding out when Sasuke had tried to jump him multiple times when drunk.)

Naruto squeaked and extricated himself. "Lets go for a swim," he suggested.

Itachi raised an eyebrow. "A swim Naru-chan?" he asked skeptically.

Naruto shrugged. "We won't wander out too far." he replied.

The older man hesitated then nodded his assent. Naruto got up and stretched, and his eyes widened. The blonde stretching in a skimpy thong looked absolutely eatable. Naruto caught his wandering gaze and blushed. "You don't need to put on any clothes," Itachi said - his voice impassive but his eyes hungry. "There's no one else here anyway."

Naruto nodded meekly. Itachi stood up and they walked outside hand-in-hand.

"So, Itachi-rin," Naruto started. Both the Uchiha's eyebrows rose up at that nickname. "Do you always let yourself get seduced that way?"

Itachi looked distinctly amused. "Only by all the delectable boys I meet on deserted islands," he replied sarcastically.

The blonde giggled. "I see you decided to lengthen my name, Naru-chan." he continued.

"Well, you decided to shorten mine," Naruto answered with a pout. He glanced sideways at the tall Uchiha. "You don't mind right?" he asked.

Itachi looked at his little blonde and put an arm around his waist. "Only you." he answered.

The waters looked calm and inviting but the Uchiha knew what horrors lurked in them. He shuddered involuntarily. Naruto caught on his thoughts and gave his arm a comforting squeeze. "From now on, we'll always go swimming together," the older man cautioned. "And never let the other go out of your line of sight."

Naruto smirked. "And to think that a month ago, when I asked you to explore the island with me; you were loath to stay in my company," he mocked.

Itachi smirked as well. " I see that my blonde has a sense of humor"

Naruto was about to retort when he fully realized what Itachi had said. "My-my blonde?" he spluttered.

"Aaa" was the bland reply.

Naruto flushed. Itachi's claiming ownership of him was actually pleasant and flattering. Naruto felt wanted, safe and comforted. "Does this mean we're dating now?" he asked shyly.

Itachi sighed, then stood up, causing Naruto to stand as well. "I'll ask you formally. I don't know how its done, because its the first time I'm doing it. Will you be my boyfriend, Naru-chan?"

Naruto looked up into Itachi's obsidian eyes and placed his hands on the Uchiha's shoulders. "Yes," he whispered.

"Good," Itachi replied briskly; but with the hint of a smile. "Now, thats settled."

Naruto clapped his hands excitedly. "Wow," he chuckled gleefully. "I have a boyfriend" he sang as he splashed among the waves.

Itachi watched his new lover with a small but warm smile. Naruto had reached out to parts of his heart that he didn't think existed. The blonde had effectively dispelled all darkness from the Uchiha's life by his mere presence. Itachi felt tranquil and serene. His ever present ruthlessness and impassivity faded into the background. For this one more month they had; he didn't need them. He could afford to be himself. He knew his true self would be welcomed.

The blonde was quiet when they returned home and Itachi wondered why. "I've been thinking," Naruto started suddenly. "I'm an orphan and poor, you know. What would your father say. And Sasuke?"

Itachi frowned. "I do not care what Father will say, Naru-chan. I have done everything else he wanted to, I am allowed to choose who I want to be with. Are you worried about Sasuke?" he asked gently.

Naruto bit his lower lip in agitation. "Its just that he's a good friend. I don't want to lose him. But if its between him and you," Naruto smiled. "I'd chose you."

That was it. This was officially the best day of Uchiha Itachi's life. For the first time ever, he felt happy that he was preferred over his brother.




Being in a relationship, was different from being single. Thoughts of Naruto would flood his mind at random intervals. He would find himself picturing the blonde and wanting to know everything about his girlfriend. (Itachi refused to call Naruto his boyfriend, to the latter's great consternation.) It wasn't enough to discover every crevice of that delightful body and invent new ways to make it moan in pleasure. No, he wanted to know everything about his young lover: from how he slept to how he buttered his bread. He was genuinely intrigued by the blonde; not just as a lover; but as a person as well.

Naruto was only one of a select group of people who treated him as a person, not just a figurehead for the Uchiha name. The Akatsuki - a select group of his Chairman friends also belonged to the former category. But after interacting with them for less than a month; most of them hated him and he them. They were all like him; shrewd people with an acute business acumen. Most people despised him after finding out who Uchiha Itachi really was and what made him tick. Naruto wasn't most people. The blonde could find good in anyone, even in someone like him. Good Itachi didn't himself know he had.

They had been in this relationship for over a month now; the happiest month of Itachi's life. He was loathe to go back to a world of fake people and even more fake deals. But tomorrow was the assigned day - when they would be picked up from the island. An island Itachi had come to regard as paradise on earth.


Both of them were quiet as Naruto served dinner. The past two months had been full of surprises, incredibly pleasant ones. For people like Naruto and Itachi who had little good in their lives, it was literally an unrealized dream come true.

"Will it change?" Naruto suddenly burst out, Kyuubi tucked snugly into his lap. "This is like an other-worldly place. We've had so much fun here, Itachi-rin. I don't want it to stop. I don't want to leave. Will it change when we get back?"

Itachi looked at the trembling form of his young lover with something akin to devotion. He took a sip of his red wine from a crystal glass, reminiscing on his first holiday."When we get back,"he stated. "You're going to be living with me. And all the holidays we go on, we'll go together. After all, you are my girlfriend."

Naruto looked as if he was torn between being relieved and annoyed. He settled for relieved and planted a kiss on the Uchiha's lips. "In that case, I don't mind going back," he smiled. "I wonder what everyone will say," he continued excitedly.

"They can say whatever they want," Itachi growled, tightening his hold on Naruto. "It won't change the fact that you are MINE."

"I kinda like it when you get possessive," Naruto giggled. He suddenly kissed Itachi and ran up. "I'll be right back," he called.

In 15 minutes, the blonde came down wearing a small shirt that reached up to his midriff and a pair of tiny black shorts. As he posed sultrily, Itachi could feel a hard-on coming. He smiled inwardly. His lover was full of surprises. " Tonight is our last night here, " he began in a husky voice, "And you Uchiha-san have been nothing less than a gentle-man to me. I want you to take me tonight. Claim my body."

Itachi looked at Naruto. The blonde honestly had no idea how much of a turn-on his words were. The hard-on Itachi had was becoming harder( no pun intended) to ignore. The Uchiha suddenly found himself tongue-tied. "Are...are you sure about this?" he said hoarsely. "We've only been together for a month..."

Naruto smiled tenderly. "Yes, Itachi-rin. A very happy month. And during that one month, you always respected my wishes. When I told you I wanted to stop, you stopped. You didn't pressure me to go further. Now, I know. I want to do this with you. I want to give this to you. It's not too soon. It was never too soon. Because I have realized I love you."

The Uchiha's eyes widened and his gaze softened. "You have no idea how much I want to fuck you Na-ru-to," he said.

"Then, fuck me Itachi."

The Uchiha needed no further invitation. With a growl, he started to ravage Naruto's body as the blonde let him stake his claim. Mark after mark was left on sun-kissed flesh as Naruto mewled with pleasure and pain. Tears fell out of his eyes as Itachi ferociously bit hard into his skin and lapped up on his blood. He felt weak and his entire body quivered with sensation after sensation heaped on it. Itachi swiftly removed his shirt and jeans and continued his ravishing. He tore apart the flimsy material of Naruto's shirt and laid greedy eyes on a panting chest. The Uchiha took one of Naruto's pink nipples into his mouth and bit down on it hard. The blonde cried out. It was getting too much. He wanted to tell Itachi to stop. The sensations were too much. There was pain beyond pleasure and pleasure beyond pain. Ultimately the borders blurred as the Uchiha went on a virtual rampage. His body was suffering; it was at a place it never had visited before. Naruto felt he might faint from the sheer magnitude of it all.

Itachi roughly forced three fingers into his mouth. "Suck," he commanded.

Naruto stared into obsidian eyes - eyes that now looked like those of a powerful animal. He was both extremely frightened and extremely turned-on. He sucked vigorously, coating Itachi's fingers generously with his saliva. The raven ripped the shorts off. Naruto shivered as his naked half erect member was exposed. Itachi looked at it with the eyes of a predator and the blonde gasped as the Uchiha took him into his mouth. Itachi plundered the member with his tongue bringing it to full hardness. He inserted one of his saliva-coated fingers into Naruto's hole as the blonde bucked against him. Without any warning, he inserted the other two fingers in as well. Naruto screamed, his eyes smarting with tears. The blonde's meekness only excited the Uchiha further. He probed around searching, and suddenly his fingers felt something that resembled a bump. When he hit this spot, Naruto writhed against him and yelled in pure pleasure.

Itachi couldn't take it anymore. He got out of his boxers and roughly shoved his shaft into the blonde's mouth.

"Suck on it like a good little slut," he said harshly, his fingers still in Naruto's hole.

Naruto knew better than to argue. He got on his knees and gently took all ten inches of Itachi in. The Uchiha was big; bigger than both the men Naruto had been with and he wondered how much pain he would be in. He licked the huge member till it was glistening with his saliva.

"It's ready," he offered shyly.

Itachi wasted no time in viciously flipping him over. He pinched Naruto's globes and bit on them. Naruto cried out tearfully. He'd never had it this rough before. After leaving more than a couple of bites on his backside, Itachi thrust himself in without any warning. Naruto was openly sobbing now. The pain was just too much. Itachi was just too big; and he was too far gone to wait for Naruto to adjust to his size. He thrust furiously in and out, occasionally hitting Naruto's sweet spot. He placed one hand on Naruto's hip and wrapped the other hand around his member. He roughly pumped the tinier dick, making it stand up in its entirety.

Itachi was getting more and more brutal and his thrusts more accurate. A flurry of feelings imposed themselves on Naruto. He was sobbing in pain and screaming in pleasure. His reactions only spurred the Uchiha on. Incited by the screams, Itachi thrust faster and faster into Naruto's tight heat. Naruto couldn't take it anymore. He came, spilling his seed onto the Uchiha's hand. His walls clenched around Itachi's shaft. "Naruto," grunted the raven as he too came after a few more thrusts.

Itachi closed his eyes as he felt his body return to earth from cloud number nine. He pulled his blonde lover closer to him and wrapped his arms around the smaller form. The raven was surprised when he felt something wet against his neck. He held the blonde out and was puzzled when blue eyes refused to meet his. The Uchiha gripped Naruto's chin with his hand and forced their eyes to meet.

What he saw shocked him. Naruto's eyes were red and puffy from crying, and he could see tear-stains on that perennially smiling face. He ran his eyes throughout the blonde's body and was horrified at what he saw. There were big red marks everywhere - on Naruto's neck, his chest and even his thighs. He turned him around to notice a swelter of bites on Naruto's back as well. There was a trail of blood running down his lover's thighs, originating from his abused opening.

"Oh my God," he whispered. Itachi had never felt quite so horrible in his life. What was I doing, he wondered mentally. What sort of an animal am I? Even an animal would be gentler with its mate. I definitely don't deserve him. I was so caught up in my own pleasure...I failed to see how much I was hurting him.

" It's o.k.," Naruto spoke up, his voce hoarse from all the screaming. He could sense the muted insecurities. "I understand."

Itachi looked at him, eyes full of pain and disgust- disgust directed at himself. "I raped you." he stated. "While you were screaming for me to stop because you was hurting, I raped you. That is unforgivable."

"Hush," Naruto answered. "Its only rape when one of the two participating people don't want it. But I wanted it - very much so in fact."

The Uchiha laughed bitterly. "I find it hard to believe that you wanted to be bitten so hard and bled so deep." The blood was still running on Naruto's thighs and Itachi used his boxers to gently wipe it.

"No, Itachi-rin. I wanted you to want me. To lust after me, to love me. And I know you did when you fucked me."

Itachi looked at him, his remorse refusing to go away. He could not trust himself to speak. "I had no right to hurt you so."

"Don't worry," Naruto crooned, nuzzling gently into the older man's neck. "I'm o.k. now. Didn't you not say I was yours and yours alone? Besides, it was flattering to see how much you wanted me. I bet you've never done that to anyone else. And your gentleman status is still intact," he joked.

The Uchiha could feel his heart clench - in pain and relief. Naruto didn't hate him, Naruto still wanted him. That thought gave him strength and hope.

"So you're not breaking up with me?" he asked.

The blonde laughed. "Relax, Uchiha" he uttered, his eyes twinkling. "You're not getting rid of me so easily."

Itachi smiled and held his lover close. "I'm sorry. I'm so damn sorry," he whispered. "I don't know what came over me. I just wanted to have you so bad, I didn't even realize what you needed. My sanity was momentarily ripped off."

Naruto sighed contentedly in the arms of his lover. "I forgive you," he answered. "I know how much a sorry from you means."

They lay in silence for some time, till Naruto stirred and pouted.

"What's wrong?" Itachi asked, concerned. "I thought you were asleep."

"I've stopped bleeding,you know."

Itachi looked down. "I'm glad," he said, relieved.

"So, let's do it again."

"What? Are you crazy?" asked the Uchiha incredulously.

Naruto grinned, his eyes still red. "You fucked me. Now, make love to me." he ordered.

Itachi looked at his lover for a long time. "I will."

There were no more words spoken that night. Just moans and whimpers as Itachi held his lover oh-so gently and pleasured him. They united multiple times, Itachi apologizing in gestures and Naruto forgiving as he bade his lover to go harder and faster. It was a very contented Uchiha who went to sleep that night, after being shown that he was truly forgiven.