Title: The Princess and the Nobleman

By: mangalover4ever07

Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: R for swearing, violence and sexual content.

Summary: Kagome is a princess who just wants to experience school life for the first time. With her friend Sango in tow, they attend Shikon University. Inuyasha is the fiercest warrior in all of the four Kingdoms. What happens when the two of them meet and fall in love? Is it too good to be true? If it is, then you know damn well there's a catch.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha just this fanfic. Hiya! This is my first fan fiction. (Yeah me!) So I want to thank everyone in advance for taking the time out to read it. I really appreciate it. I tried to stay try to the characters' personalities but there is a little OoCness. Also Chapters 1&2 are like introductions for the main characters so it's really important that you read the "Author's Note" at the bottom of both because there's more information that might help you understand the story better. After that things will start to pick up speed a little. Ok? Good! ENJOY!!! OHH, before I forget, this story is in Kagome's point of view so it'll switch from her to normal P.O.V

Chapter 1:

"Please Kagome, reconsider what you're doing."

"No. I've made up my mind and I'm going."

"But —"

"Oh, be quiet. I'm not going to die or anything." I just about had enough of her.

I started to pack my things as I worked my way around her. I'm Kagome. I'm 23 and-

"Kagome! Are you listening to me?"

I rolled my eyes. No I thought. The woman who's arguing with me is my best friend Sango. I love her dearly but sometimes I just wanna throw her out of a window.

"Sango, you act like I'm going to war instead of college."

"I understand that…"

I tuned out the rest of what she was saying. You see, I'm the princess of the Dragon Kingdom. That's right, I said dragon, but I'm half-human too thanks to my mother. As soon as my father, Artemis, thinks I'm ready, he'll hand over the throne to me. Until that time comes my mother, Kaori, wants me to have an education. I've had the best tutors in the world so I've never really gone to school where I could interact with other people. That's what I really want.

"It's my final year of school. I just wanna see what it's like to be with other students." I turned back from my closet with an armful of clothes and looked at her. My best friend was very pretty; creamy white skin, brown eyes, and long brown hair that she usually had in a high ponytail, but today it was down in a long braid that ended at her waist. She wore a dark pink tank top and black shorts. She was sitting at on the edge of my bed while her cat, Kirara, was sitting in her lap. Since we've been friends since we were in diapers, my father had appointed her my bodyguard, which was find with me. But she can be a little overprotective.

"Kagome, it's not that I don't understand how you feel. Hell, we had the same tutors and whatnot and I know how boring it can get. It's the school you've chosen." I threw the clothes that I had in my arms on the bed and began to fold them.

"It's not that bad." Sango looked like she was ready to punch me.

"Not that bad!? She yelled. Man, she had a temper. "You've chosen Shikon University. This school is filled with demons! Not to mention hunters!"

I let out a sigh "Not to worry Sango. The students that go there all know how to use the technique to disguise their demonic aurora so that it smells as if it's human. No one will know who is who and as for the hunters they wouldn't be stupid enough to reveal themselves so they can get jumped by everyone." I laughed at the mental image that I got. I looked around my room and made a mental checklist of everything I would need:

Mostly all of my clothes? check!

All my shoes, including my sexy heels? check!

Underwear and bras? check!

Jewelry? check!

Hair care products? check!

Mental note: go to bath and body works and buy all cucumber melon and brown sugar and vanilla products.

"What has the king said about this?"

"Well I asked my mom and she said it was okay. So when mom says yes, dad will eventually." Sango rolled her eyes and sighed. She knew that my father would never agree to my decision if I had run it by him first. "You know what? I had a great idea Sango. Since you'll be worried about me, why don't you come with me?"

"You know I would but admissions are over. I can't" I dragged my brown Louis Vuitton suitcase off the bed and towards my bedroom doors. After dusting my hands off my jeans, I looked at her and smiled.

"Sure you can." (1)

"Oh no Kagome, I know that look. What did you do?" she cried.

"Seeing as how I know all of your government, I entered you in." Sango's eyes looked like they were ready to pop out of her head.

"What? You didn't get your acceptance letter? It's right here." I walked over to my bedside table; opened the drawer and took out a thick white envelope. I pulled out the sheet of paper that was inside. "See, it says: 'Dear Miss Sango Hana, We are here to congratulate you on your acceptance to Shikon University and blah, blah, blah." I threw the paper and envelope at her and it landed beside her thigh. She looked down at the paper for a second before looking at me.

"Kagome." She growled, Kirara jumped off her lap and ran out the room; I should have done the same. I could see her aurora flowing from her, turning from its usual pink to a dark fuchsia.

"Now…now… I said backing up very slowly, putting my hands up in defense. "I knew you would worry all the time and…and this way we can both be happy and look, we're even roommates. Ok Sa… AHHHHHH!!!!!!"

I ran as fast as I could out of my room and down the hallway, with Sango close behind and closing the gap.

"Kagome, I'm gonna kill you!!" This was going to be a long school year.


-----------------------------------Author's note---------------------------------------------------------

Hiya. I finished my first chapter. Yeah!! How did I do? Anyways I just wanna make announcements about my story so everyone can understand it better.

1: Sango is a dragon demon like Kagome (if you didn't already get that part)

2: Basically, hunters are demon slayers. They don't like any kind and want to rid the world of them and the humans that love them. So yeah, they're the bad guys.

3: Now, I'm gonna try to draw a visual map of the Great Kingdoms (I not good at this) there are 4 allies: Dragon, Wind, Dog, and Lightening. Each is at the four corners of the city. Lightening is North, Dragon is East, Wind is South, and Dog is West. Each has their own barrier so that enemies, the hunters and other kingdoms, can't enter. However, the city is considered every-man-for-himself territory because allies and enemies alike are there and the only thing to protect you is your own strength. And where is Shikon University? Right in the middle of the city. This is why Sango is worry about Kagome.

(1) My best friend always signs her and me up for something that I didn't even know about in the first place; then waits until the last minute, meaning the day of the event to tell me.

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