Epilogue: Happy ending

20 years later

"Your Majesty, the Queen of the Earth Kingdom is threatening to start a war against the Winter Kingdom. This could be a catastrophe towards us since we are allies with both of them. They may want you to choose a side. What do you suppose we do?" One if my advisor reported frantically to me, shaking with nerves as always. I sighed lightly and forced myself not to roll my eyes. Queen Anita was pissed off because she just found out that her man, from the Snow clan, whom she was sleeping with, was cheating on her with her cousin. There was really no need to go to war over that, but she's a very high strung woman. I recalled my mental schedule for this week,

"Arrange transportation for me for Saturday and tell Queen Anita to not make any decisions until I arrive." The old man bowed curtly before swiftly walking out of my office to rely the message. I scanned the room, grateful that only two people were left. "Anything else?" The woman in the green pinstriped suit, whom I recognized as Marcy Ball, head agent for Human/Demon Affairs, stepped forward.

"Your Majesty, so wonderful of you to take the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me." I arched an eyebrow at the fact she didn't try to hide the disdain in her voice; I motioned her to continue. "We're having issues with the old orphanage home. The building is too old and is causing health problems for both the children and the employees. Also, there are too many children being abandoned, there's not enough room for all of them, and the workers that are being overworked. The Council has suggested that we transfer the children over to other Kingdoms, but I bel…" I raised my hand to stop her.

"Why am I just now hearing about this?" she jutted her chin at me, I could sense she was becoming more irritated.

"I reported this over 3 weeks ago to one of your advisors but he told me that…"

"You should have come to me directly like you did today." I paused, crossing my legs as I tapped my fingernail on the arm of the chair, trying to come up with a solution.

"Do not transfer any children," I watch the shock creep up on her face. "I'll call my contractor and have them start building a bigger orphanage by the western fields. It'll be safer for them to play rather than in the streets and they'll have a prettier view. Get the proper documentation and bring them to me tomorrow afternoon."

It seemed that she was paralyzed and speechless as she continued to stare at me. She shook her head before putting a smile on her face.

"Thank you! Thank you soo much. You don't know what this means to them." She turned quickly to the door then stop, remembering her manners she bowed to me then stepped out.

"Have I developed the reputation that I'm a bad person?" I asked my loyal assistant Coral.

"No ma'am, you've just made it clear that, despite you're age, you're not a pushover." I smiled at that.

"Do I have any more meetings?"

"Let's see," she said in a cheerful way, flipping open the black book that I swear was permanently attached to her hand. "Meetings with the other leaders; the head of children and adult healthcare; funding for breast cancer and education foundation; the Queen wanting to blow up the Winter Kingdom." She giggled at that. "and the orphanage problem. Yup, you'll all done." I let out a sigh of relief; standing up I stretched out my stiff limbs. I looked at Coral, with blonde hair, dressed in a simple white blouse and a red plaid, she looked like an 18 year old girl rather than a 400 year old demon that she was; the perks of being pure blooded. Not that I had aged any.

"Well if you need me, I'll be out in the garden." I announced walking out of the door.

"Enjoy your evening Your Highness."

"You do the same." I called out, walking down the hallway; servants greeting me kindly as I made my way down the stairs.

So I guess you're wondering what everyone has been doing all these years. Well my parents left me five years after I took over and went on their 6th honeymoon, traveling the world. I mean really, who goes past a 3rd honeymoon? But they do come back during holidays, birthdays, and anything else that involves the family so it's more of a long, long vacation, without us.

I sighed, opening up the back door; I sucked in some fresh air before stepping outside. My brother Souta became an international lawyer; no clue where that came from. He says that he likes learning different languages, traveling, and doing his best to stop crimes. The same could be said for Bankotsu. Taking over his father's firm, he's now known as the best prosecutor there is. Kouga and his father still work together in the construction business and speaking of them; I'll call and ask if they can do the orphanage project.

Passing the rose bushes, I stopped in front of my favorite spot under my favorite tree. Giving the perfect amount of shade toady, I stripped off the jacket of my stone gray suit. Folding it neatly, I tossed it over on one of the low branches before sitting down on the grass. I crossed my legs at the ankles, frowning at my matching business type shoes and pouted. A queen does not wear sexy heels, which no one told me, so I had to give them up. But I do get them during fancy balls. Yeah! Now where was I? Oh let's see: Kohaku has temporally left his underground lair to work alongside Miroku. With him working with the high tech computers and Miroku with chemicals, they actually make a great creepy combination, but in a good way…sometimes. Kohaku was doing God knows what and blackout everything in a 800 mile radius and Miroku almost blew up the Wind Kingdom just about a week ago. I shook my head, but they're successful nonetheless.

Who's next? Ayame is an eager top reporter for City Times, the local newspaper, Sango's internship 20 years ago that summer paid off; my best friend is now partner and vice president of Cara Usagi Designs. I smiled as I wiped an imaginary tear from my eye. Even though she ditched me as being my bodyguard, I was still so very proud of her. Rin is now chief of staff at the hospital, Sesshomaru owns fricking everything in the world now that he owns Takahashi Real Estate. He'd probably try to buy my home if I'd hadn't been his sister-in-law; this just how competitive and possessive he is. As for Inuyasha he's…

"Mommy! Mommy!" I turned my head sideways, already smiling as my youngest ran towards me with arms opened wide.

"There's my baby girl." I cooed when I grabbed Maiko, pulling her into my lap; I tickled her, giving her fits of giggles. "How was your day?" she still laughed even after I stopped, her golden eyes sparkling with joy.

"It was fun. We learned our ABCs today and everybody only knew the letters up to G but I went all the way to Z. I was the only one!" she said excitedly. "The teacher even gave me a gold star, looky." She sat up, pushing her ebony hair away for the collar of her shirt for me to see.

"Good job, I'm so proud of you." She gave me a toothy grin for my praises. More rapid footsteps came my way. Suddenly another child landed in me lap as small arms wrapped around my neck.

"Hi mommy." Katilin greeted me, kissing me on the cheek, her silver hair mixing with my black.

"What are you doing outside?" Rina asked me. I smiled at both of them.

"Just resting. What are you two doing so home so early?" I asked as I looked at my wristwatch, realizing that they weren't due home for another 2 hours.

"Uncle Bankotsu picked us up early." I heard my son Shuichi response to my question. I gave him a questioning look, causing his black dog ear to flatten on his head.

"Uncle Bankotsu? Now why would he do such a thing?"

"Dad said he could." Looking up, I saw my eldest son, Renji, defending their actions. He resembled his father the most.

"Dad said huh?" all of them nodded their heads in agreement; I would have a talk with him later.

"He said it was ok since it was Friday." Bankotsu voice said from behind the tree. I pursed my lips at the feeble excuse; I looked at him in the corner of my eye, smiling at me, he shrugged his shoulders. "If it's any consolation, everyone else is here." My spirits lifted, put my expression never changed.

"It's a start."

"Auntie Kagome! Uncle Bankotsu!" More shouts came closer as Ken and Suzuna, both Miroku and Sango's children and Azuma, Daisuke, and Ami, the rest of the Takahashi generation, came at us, full force. I playfully covered my face with my hands as little bodies tumbled on top of me. I laughed as all of their mouths opened at once, talking about everything that were on their minds; I couldn't tell you what they said, I was just happy to see them.

"Alright everyone off Auntie, you're smothering her." Sango clapped her hands loudly getting the little ones attention.

"Aww, man." They all groaned but did what they were told. Stealing the opportunity, Sango sat down in the vacant spot, wrapping her arms around me.

"So is her Serene Highness finished with all of her royal duties?" she said in a playful snobbish way. I flipped my hair back and giggled when it hit her in the face; putting on the I-art-higher-then-thou pitch in my voice.

"Yes so you may entertain your Queen." I held a limp hand to her face as though she was supposed to kiss it. Instead she swatted it away, making me and the others laugh. I scanned all the smiling faces, stopping at a happy but somewhat anxious expression on the face in the crowd.

"Ayame what's the matter?" she stiffened; staring at me she shook her head but I wasn't buying it. "You look like something is on your mind. What is it? You're amongst friends; you can tell us." I persuaded her. She blushed when all eyes turned to her, Kouga walked over to his wife placing a supporting arm over her shoulder, she had been acting weird for the past few days and even he didn't know what was going on. She adverted her emerald eyes, biting her lower lip nervously.

"I…I wanted to wait til everyone was here." She stammered looking around. "Inuyasha and Sesshomaru aren't here yet." She noted, looking at Rin for an answer. She just shrugged

"I haven't seen him since this morning." As if summoned, the Takahashi brothers crossed the green pasture, covered in black soot and a white pasty substance and soaked from head to toe. To their mates' horror, they both rushed over to them.

"Are you all right!?"

"What happened?!" Both Rin and Kagome asked frantically, touching their bodies for any signs of injury.

"We're fine." Sesshomaru said trying to sound emotionless, but Rin heard the bit in his voice.

"Kagome, you're getting your clothes dirty." Inuyasha moved away from her hands.

"I don't care." She stamped her foot down like a child. She was worried about him not her clothes. "What happened?" she barked. Sesshomaru shot Inuyasha an angry look when he saw him sealed his lips trying hard not to laugh.

"It's not funny." He growled between his teeth, making it harder for him to compose himself. Sighing, Sesshomaru turned back to face his wife, friends, and children and wished he'd didn't have to explain their situation.

"There was an incident at the restaurant." A collective of oh no's and gasps gathered. "Not the original one, the one on Nestle and Pure."

"The one I just finished building two weeks ago?!" Kouga yelled, his voice cracking in shock. "What the fu…" remembering the children, he checked himself. "What happened?"

"You know that Shippo's daughter comes over after school; today she asked if she could test out the new kitchen equipment by making homemade pizza by herself."

"She's ten." Sango stated. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes

"I know that and Inuyasha was suppose to supervise her." He snapped

"I swear I only turned my back for a few minutes. I taught her how to do it before I didn't…"

"Shut up!" It infuriated him that his brother could be laughing at this. "You stood there as she mixed what, three, four cups of yeast in with the rest of the ingredients?"

"Eight to be correct." He snorted a laugh quickly placing his hand over his mouth.

"You didn't even check her!"

"I did. After she mixed it, I made sure she did it properly." His voice rose to a higher pitch than normal. "It was in a really large bowl and it looked fine." He tried to defend himself; though everyone looked at him as he he'd lost his mind, maybe because he was still laughing.

"You turned on the oven and sat the bowl on top…"

"To get the dough to rise faster."

"And you two left the room!"

"You had to wait an hour before we could do anything."

"Wait, that doesn't explain why you guys are covered in all of this…gunk." Bankotsu spoke up not believing Inuyasha could be that stupid.

"The dough ran over the bowl, all over the oven and on the floor; it seeped inside the oven and caught on fire."

"Oh no!" Rin gasped "Was there much damage?"

"Just smoke damage, all can be repaired in… UHH!" out of frustration, he grabbed Inuyasha by his shirtfront. "How can you laugh about this!? You do realize it could have been a lot worst?!" Inuyasha continued to laugh as he was been scolded.

"I know, I know. It's just how we handled it is what's cracking me up. I mean the fire alarms went off as soon as the dough was ablaze. The fire extinguisher was on the other side of the room so we had to get it since we couldn't put it out physically. It so dark cause of the smoke; we both run over and get stuck in the dough. Did anyone realize that we don't have any shoes on?" The children's hands flew up as the adults looked at their bare feet. "That white powder went everywhere when Sess finally got the extinguisher and finally when all the drama is over, the water sprinklers come on." Sesshomaru twisted his mouth into a snarl, giving him a hard push he watched as his brother fell to the ground, laughing hysterically. He glared at the others, daring them to follow his actions. Only because of the sight of their father and uncle did the children start to laugh, making their parents do the same.

"Oh, lighten up dear." Rin cooed at him wiping soot away from his cheek when a low growl erupted deep in his throat. "All is well and what isn't can be replaced." She rose to her toes to kiss the clean spot on his face. "So Ayame, now that everyone is here what was it that you wanted to say." She continued to giggle when she announced:

"I'm pregnant."

"What!?" Kouga shriek "Why didn't you tell me before."

"I wasn't sure so I went to a doctor. It's official. We're gonna have a baby." She squealed when Kouga picked her up spinning her in circles before kissing her. Their family cheered at the news.

"Congratulations man, your sperm actually works." Miroku grinned like a fool when Sango slapped him upside his head.

"I'm going to let that slide this time." Kouga said, too wound up in his wife and his unborn child to care.

"Aunt Ayame, is the baby going to be a boy or a girl?" Rina asked, holding Ayame's hand. She stroked one of her silver pigtails with her free hand

"I don't know, it's too soon to tell."

"I want it to be a boy." Azuma declared his opinion.

"No way, boys are icky. I want a girl." His sister Ami replied, sticking her tongue out at him, starting one of their many arguments between the kids.

"I don't care as long it's healthy." Kouga said quietly, nuzzling his wife affectingly.

"Ok how about we go inside and get the cook to give us so treats to celebrate." Bankotsu yelled over top the high pitches of their god kids. Cheers erupted as all of them ran towards the castle, the other following behind them, leaving me and Inuyasha alone.

"Well this was an eventful day for you wasn't it." I stated, staring at the man beside me.

"Uh huh, sure was." He replied distantly, shaking off the dirt and gooey dough from his clothes. He reached up to the back of his head, taking a large clump of it from his hair. Wrinkling his nose, he flicked it from his hands. He really needed a shower, bad!

"And giving permission for our children skip school." I added, turning to face him, arching a delicate eyebrow at him.

"Huh?" he picked soot from out of his nails, trying to ignore her comment.

"Inuyasha." I said losing my patience.

"Aw, come on Kags." He said defeated. "It's Friday, they ain't missin' much."

"They missed two classes."

"And they'll catch up, they're smart kids." I folded her arms over my chest; I turned to faced the greenhouse nearby. I couldn't see why he didn't see it my way.

"Don't be like that baby." He reached out, tucking her hair behind her ear. "I'll make it up to you, promise." He whispered, making butterflies twirl in my stomach. He went to embrace me, but I held a hand out

"Don't touch me, you're filthy." A wicked smile spread across his face. In one quick move, he grabbed my extended hand, pulling me into his arms. He stopped the insult that I was going to throw at him with a searing kiss; lips locked, our tongues performed their familiar dance. Even after all these years, he was still able to turn my knees to jelly.

"Now you're dirty too." He stared at her misty eyes, flushed face, and slightly swollen lips, totally getting turned on. Sparks flew up and down my body when his thumbs flicked over my nipples through the now damp blouse.

"Inuyasha." I said breathlessly. "We…we can't do… it here…" My mind scrabbled for the right words as the hanyou attacked my neck, I didn't even notice that he was undoing the button until he opened it, fondling my full breast through my bra. "No Inuyasha, they children…they'll." I moaned when his claws gently stroked my core, making this unbearable fraction; I wanted his finger inside me so bad.

"Let's go inside." I suggested, practically begging. Continuing his torture, he shook his head.

"Too far." His husky voice rang through my ears; I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. Moments later I felt myself being tugged. I shook myself away from my sexual haze to realize that we were going inside the greenhouse.

"Inuyasha we can't." I said laughing; there was never a dull moment when Inuyasha was around.

"Sure we can." He smiled. Closing the door behind us, he pulled me down to the soft grassy floor, capturing my lips with his again.

/ I love you/ I whispered, as we tore off each other clothes. I moaned loudly when he entered me, working his way to send me over the edge.

/ And I you my love. For eternity/

The End!!!

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