The world is as black as a shadow at the darkest time of night.
I've seen how heartless everyone can be.
I've seen how they push you down just so they aren't sad.
Just so they don't feel pain.
But don't they have a conscience at all?
Don't they bear any shame?
So I've decided to hide away all the time
In my shell that will never open.
I hide half of my face,
To only see the world for only half of what it really is.
But I met a boy,
Before I had already decided all of this.
A boy that's so precious and important to me...
For now I long for him too much.
Our distance is so far away,
But I feel as if our hearts are one.
So he came knocking on my forever closed door,
And I opened it for him,
And him alone.
He didn't close my porcelain heart in a glass case where it can't be broken,
But he took me in and made me actually smile.
He made me feel less sorrow,
And helped carry my grief upon his shoulders,
As I tried to do the same for him.
I imprisoned him inside my heart,
Where he'll never be set free.
Where he'll always be with me,
And always just with me,
As we both pray night and day for.
He's my prisoner,
And he's wrapped in bandages of hope and pessimism,
And chained with everlasting unconditional love.
Each other is all we'll ever eternally need.