Authoress's Note: Some of you may recall the strange affairs of the IPFC - am the proud starter of such a movement, and this is one of my fanfiction.(obviously) It has quite an interesting story behind it, really. I was on a game forum called 'Raoul's Diary', where anybody could come in and post what they really thought would be in 'Raoul's Diary'. So many vulgar and 'unique' entries I found there. I shiver at the memory.

Anyways, I started posting in there, with some other people, making a subtle stand by writing entries for Raoul's sake that did NOT involve cherry lipgloss or homosexuality. I started adding in my own posts, a very peculiar plotline, where the Raoul Bashers(a name for people like the ones who made the posts with Raoul having a child with Firmin and the like) found Raoul, and the Raoul Defenders and Raoul Lovers spent the entirety of the episodes 'protecting' him from the constant attack of the Raoul Bashers.

After awhile, nobody else was posting in the thread. They were merely using their postage commenting on MINE, often saying how funny they thought certain parts were, and such. I kept persisting that the thread was for everybody, not just me, but the commenters persisted, saying I should write a fanfiction about Raoul's Diary.

Which is what you have before you now. So without further ado, here is the strange adventures of Raoul, depicted through his diary. As always - the characters involved do not belong to me, and I hope you enjoy!

Propriété de Raoul
Dear Diary,

It is the eve after Christmas, and what a wonderful holdiay it was! Christine has given me this beautiful, green book. She says it is healthy for one to write one's thoughts down on paper. The look on her face when I opened it...priceless!

The children were all pleased and elated by the gifts they recieved; I was glad to have helped out ol' Saint Nick. Now, they are all tucked safely into their beds, sleeping softly. My beautiful bride is nestled close to me, and I can watch her pretty face in the twinkling candlelight, and write this first entry into my diary.

I am not sure what to write in you, diary. I have never owned one before; should I write in you as a letter, or as an object? Are you like a person, that I may speak of you as though you were a brother?

All these thoughts amuse me as I listen to the soothing sound of my pen scratching out these words onto you, diary.

My, that it has been a strange year.

I spent the greater part of the last year running for my life from the queer 'Raoul Bashers', a race I fear to ruin your pages with. These girls undoubtedly double as 'Erik Lovers'. A shiver is sent up my spine at the thought of these girls, but luckily for me, I have the other groups of 'phans' on my side. The 'Lovers', and the 'Defenders'.

The Lovers are a bit extreme, in contrast to the Bashers, they are infatuated with me, of all persons. As with all the 'phans' I have met, I fear for their sanity.

The Defenders are quite interesting. Their group is quite new, but nonetheless, they maintain a balance between the Lovers and Bashers. This was the group that saved my life many time over amidst the duration of the last few months. I now live in the county with my family; Christine, my two boys, and my three daughters. Being as it is, we put as much distance between the 'phans' and us as we possibly could. Where else, but the sea? We have gone as far east as we could possibly go, making many turns and twists on the road to safety. I do not want my children anywhere near the vulgar images and threats I discovered during my captivity in the Basher base. Nor do I wish my wife to be subjected to the horrors that may await her, should the E/C shippers decide their wishes should be fulfilled. I love my wife. I do not want her in the hands of Erik, or his followers, however confused my feelings for the man. After all, he did create a diversion for my family to escape once, however unintentional.

I must go, diary. I hear little Juliette crying, and Christine is sleeping so peacefully, I wish not to wake her.

Raoul de Chagny