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Chapter One

In a very bad part of Domino, a woman lays near death. She's a prostitute who's also addicted to heroin and pregnant. She needs the drugs to just get through the day of laying under stinking pigs as they grunt and sweat all over her as they get their rocks off. Sure sometimes the money is good, but most times she gets just enough to eat and find a place to sleep. This woman didn't know that she was pregnant until it was to late to get an abortion and now she fears for not only her life but that of her unborn child. Hell, the baby probably won't survive being addicted to heroin, but then miracles happen every day.

One afternoon, while Seto and Joey were driving home from dinner at a friends home, Joey sees a body by the entrance of an alley and asks Seto to stop. Joey gets out and runs over to the woman's body and as he tries to find a pulse, he discovers that she's about to give birth. Joey yells to Seto to "call for an ambulance" and as he tries to comfort the woman, she begs Joey "to promise that if her baby lives he will see that the baby gets a good home and loving parents and doesn't go to the orphanage." Seto hears what she says and he tells her "we will see that your child has a good life, I promise." (Seto and Joey have been married for over a year.)

When they get the woman to the Hospital, the Nurse won't let her be admitted because she is a prostitute and she has to go to the County Hospital across town. Seto hears this and demands that "they see to her medical care or he'll end up owning this place!" The Doctor comes out after examining the woman and tells them "she's in really bad condition and her baby isn't much better. We are keeping close watch on both their vitals and if the woman gets any worse, we will do a C-section and deliver the baby. All we can do is wait and see. Go home and I'll call with any news, good or bad." The doctor tells them.

One the way home both Seto and Joey are very quiet. They are both very concerned for that woman and her baby. God, the woman couldn't be much older then they are, but she looks like an old beaten down woman. "Seto, did you mean what you said about making sure that her baby has a good life? Could we adopt the baby if anything happens to the woman?" Joey asked.

Seto smiled at him and he said "I already have my Attorney looking into it for me. He will let me know what he finds out." Joey reached over and touched Seto's face and whispered "I love you so damn much."

When they got home there was a message from the Doctor. "The woman that was brought in, well she has gotten worse and we had to do an emergency C-section and delivered a baby girl. The baby is in bad shape, she was born addicted to the very drug that her mother had been taking and we hope and pray that they baby makes it through the next forty-two hours. If she does, then she will have very good chance of living a normal life. Please give me a call when you receive this message."

Seto hurried into the den with Joey right behind him and as Seto talked to the Doctor, "he was informed that the woman was being kept alive by life support so that the baby wouldn't be born on the day her mother died. The baby is in neo-natal intensive care, she is in an incubator because she's having a little difficulty breathing. We all have high hopes that she will make it and the Nurses and nicknamed her Angel Baby." Seto smiled when the doctor said her name and he said "that's a very beautiful name. We will be back in the morning, if anything goes wrong, please let us know and thanks for taking such good care of the woman and her little girl." Seto said. When Seto told Joey what the doctor had said and how the Nurses had given the baby the name of Angel Baby, well he had tears in his eyes and he said "Seto, we have to bring that baby here and give her all our love."

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