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Chapter Ten

Angel's POV:

Hello, my name is Angel Marie Winchester Kaiba and I'm a very lucky young woman. You see my before my mother died she gave birth to me. I was born addicted to heroin and I almost died, but because of some very good medical people and the prayers from two very important people in my life, God let me live. Well these two people adopted me and gave me all their love. Then my grandparents came into my life and I learned about my mother and eventually I learned about how horrible my mothers life was before my birth, but you know what? I still love her and I know that someday I will be reunited with my mother.

Because of the love of my parents and Uncle Mokie, I have had the best life any child could ask for. I've just graduated from four years of College and have another eight years of medical school to go through so that I can become a Pediatrician, which is my dream and as my parents and grandparents tell me "you'll see your dream come true."

My grandparents are getting older and they are still living with me and my family, because as dad says "their family and they'll always be welcome here." I hope and pray that they're still with us when I graduate from medical school and get accepted to the very hospital that I was in when I was born. I want to be able to take care of children who are in need of good medical care and I want to find ways to help babies and children that are addicted to drugs.

I'm now twenty-nine and I am graduating from medical school and guess what? All my family are here to see me get my diploma. I'm near tears as I watch my family smile and cheer and cry as I walk across the stage and get my diploma that says I'm on my way to becoming a doctor. All of this was made possible because of my mother, my parents, my Uncle, my grandparents, the doctors and nurses and especially God's love. I've been accepted to work at the Domino Children's Hospital and my name is Doctor Angel Marie Winchester/Kaiba.


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