Mario and Pikachu: Western Smashers

Yoshizilla: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to say that this will be the first Western story in Super Smash Brothers' history. And also worth noting is that while the characters here are obviously the Super Smash Brothers, they're actually the great-great-great-GREAT grandbearers of our favorite characters. And also note that this isn't another of my humor - it's meant to be a classic style western, and that's that. So enjoy!

Disclaimer: All of the Super Smash Brothers and related characters belong to Nintendo.

It was a nice, peaceful day in the ranch town of Nintest. It had quite a small population - It had a mayor (Mr. Game-and-Watch), it had the mayor's daughter (Peach), it had the bar owner (Captain Falcon), but most importantly, it had two deputies - Mario and Pikachu.

"Hey Mario, when do you think the mayor will pay us?" Pikachu asked, drinking another glass of water.

Mario looked outside the window. " looks like it could be quite a brutal night..." He murmured, noting the appearances of dark clouds. "It looks like it'll rain pretty hard on us."

Pikachu also took a look outside, and he shrugged. "Meh. As long as the mayor's daughter doesn't ask us for help, then I'm not concerned."

Just as Mario was about to say that he agrees with Pikachu, Peach bursted into the sheriff's office. "Mario! Pikachu!' She cried in distress, "The Mayor needs you two! It's urgent!"

Mario and Pikachu both moaned as they looked at each other, sighed, and turned to Peach. "Oh, all right," They said, following the mayor's pretty young daughter to the mayor's office.

Mr. Game-and-Watch was waiting outside, tapping his foot and looking up to see the dark clouds expanding. A few seconds later, it started to rain, and the mayor's daughter and the two sheriffs appeared. He growled. "Well, it took you long enough!" He snapped.

Peach folded her arms. "Well sorry, daddy, but I got here as quick as I could! Anyway, here's Mario and Pikachu, just like you wanted," She said, stepping back and letting Mario and Pikachu walk up to Mr. Game-and-Watch.

Mario took off his hat and kneeled down. "Mr. Game-and-Watch-"

"Please," Mr. Game-and-Watch said, waving his left hand in Mario and Pikachu's face, "Call me GAW."

Pikachu made a weird face, a little sweatdrop coming down his head, before he also kneeled down. "All right, GAW..." He and Mario both shuddered, which made Mr. Game-and-Watch a bit ticked off and made Peach giggle. "What services do you give us today?"

Mr. Game-and-Watch turned to face the right direction, and he turned back to face both Mario and Pikachu. "Well, you see...that bandit, Wario, is trying to steal the cattle, and I can't have him get off with them all, or selse our economy will go down the tubes? Mario, Pikachul, are you up for it?"

Mario and Pikachu both looked at each other, nodded, got up and turned to Mr. Game-and-Watch, saluting. "You can count on that, Mayor GAW!"

Mr. Game-and-Watch sniffled, taking a hankerchief out of his pocket and blowing his nose. "You're my boys! Now, go make me proud!" He said, grabbing both the red plumber and the yellow mouse, and hurtling the two sheriffs into the sky, both of them screaming.

Peach sweatdropped. "Uhh...daddy, you DO know that there's a big thunderstorm, right?"

Mr. Game-and-Watch's proud grin was immediately wiped off as the rain started pouring down, and thunder can be heard. "Oh...crud..." He gulped, looking at the sky in disbelief.

Back with our heroes, Mario and Pikachu thankfully splattered on the ground quickly before the lighting could strike them. Unfortunately, the crash also knocked both of them unconcious. Walking past them was the bandit, Wario.

"Wahaha!" Wario laughed evilly, poking at Mario's nose. "Look who it is! It's the dopes, Mario and Pikachu!" He stepped over Mario, and proceeded to heading over to the cattle ranch. "I'll just take all these cattle for me...and I'll make a fortune!" He laughed, as he started running towards the cattle ranch.