Yoshizilla: Just because I'm doing Yoshi Kart more than ever doesn't mean that I'll give up on original sideworks like Mario and Pikachu: Western Smashers. So I thought now would be a good time to bring it up again. :P Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: All of the Super Smash Brothers characters and Nintendo related objects/locations/characters are all the property of Nintendo Co.

Meanwhile at the President's House in Saffron, President Mewtwo was waiting for Mario and Pikachu. He sighed. "Mayor Mr. Game-and-Watch promised those two would get here...where are those darn deputees!?"

Vice President Luigi took off his hat. "President Mewtwo, are you sure that you'd want to visit Mr. Game-and-Watch, mayor of the small ranch town Nintest, at this time of the day?"

"Of course, Vice President Luigi!" Mewtwo said, patting Luigi on the back, "I haven't seen Mr. Game-and-Watch in a LOONG time..."

"How many years?" Luigi asked, winking.

Mewtwo grinned. "Oh, about seven." He replied, noticing Luigi falling down, injuring his back. Mewtwo sweatdropped. "Uhhhh..."

Back with our sheriffs, both Mario and Pikachu find themselves in a pickle as they are stripped of their clothes ('cept Mario, who's wearing his underwear, still).

"Gosh darn it!" Pikachu cursed, shaking his fist at the ground, "That Fox thief must've took our clothes!'

"And what's worse-a!" Mario moaned, not by the fact that he was in his underwear, "He-a took off with-a my-a wallet! Now how-a are we-a gonna pay for-a the ride-a to Saffron-a?"

Pikachu paced back and forth, pondering this very question, when to his and Mario's surprise, President Mewtwo popped up. "AHHH!!" Pikachu screamed, fumbling back into Mario, "P-President Mewtwo!"

Mewtwo nodded, smiling. "That's me," He introduced, before staring blankly at Mario. "Uhhh..."

"What!?" Mario shouted, waving his arms widly, "Just-a because I-a speak-a like this-a, doesn't mean-a that I'm-a bad-a cowboy-a!"

"You're a sheriff," Mewtwo explained to Mario, still staring oddly at him, "And why are you in your underpants?"

"Just give me time to put back on my clothes!" Mario said as he opened a bag and searched for clothes, but not finding any of his. "Awww bootsnickle!"

Mewtwo moaned and he placed his left hand on his forehead. "Lord, what did I do to deserve this...?" He muttered quietly to himself as Mario finally found his clothes and placed the bag away.

"This bag is always handy, partner," Mario said smiling as he patted Mewtwo on the back, "Y'don't know what'll happen without it."

"Don't worry, President Mewtwo, we'll get y'all to the small ranch town of Nintest," Pikachu said, smiling as he patted Mewtwo on the back. "Just give me...a minute. I'll be right back." He then zipped off to the bathroom.

Mewtwo watched Pikachu run off to the bathroom, and turned to Mario. "So? Any recent action taking place?" He asked curiously.

Mario sighed, rubbing the back of his head with his right hand. "Well..." He started, frowning, "This robber, which was a FOX, took my wallet, and ran off after knocking both me and Pikachu unconcious." He then growled angrily, shaking his fist. "When-a I do-a find-a him..."

Mewtwo raised his left eyebrow. "Wait. Robber that looks like a fox..." He snapped his fingers. "Fox McCloud, I presume?"

Mario gasped. "So that's his name," He said in awe, reverting back to angerness. "Well in that is the case-a, I will go and-a find Fox-a and beat him up for taking-a my-a wallet!"

Pikachu zipped back between Mario and Mewtwo, sighing of relief. "Oh yeah...haven't gone to the ol' outhouse for quite some time." He recieved strange looks from Mario and Mewtwo, and he shrugged in defense. "What?"

Mewtwo shook his head. "Nothing." He pointed at a wagon being pulled by two horses. "We'll travel to Nintest by wagon. Mario, you steer, and Pikachu, you take care of any attackers."

Mario and Pikachu both saluted. "Right, President Mewtwo!" They said in unison as Mario got onto the front, wheras Pikachu and Mewtwo hopped into the back. Mario then picked up the reins and snapped them, making the horses move the wagon, and slowly left the city of Saffron behind.

Nearby on a set of rock formations, Fox McCloud, the thief who attacked Mario and Pikachu, smirks as he prepares himself to attack Mario, Pikachu, and Mewtwo, running down the pathway behind him and cackling evilly.