Racing Death

By Boejangles

He fell back onto the bed looking over at the television as he turned his head blond locks fell into his face. It was three weeks into summer vacation and he was already bored out of his mind.

Blue eyes flew to the side table as the phone demanded attention. He reached over and picked up the shrieking mechanical device.

"Hello, Naruto speaking," he answered the way he always did.

"You have seven days to live."

"Excuse me?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow.

"You will die in seven days."

He pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at the caller ID, "Kiba you bastard, you really need to stop watching scary movies."

"Ah come on your so hard to scare." The now identified Kiba retorted after a laugh.

"So what do you want mutt?"

"Well mister I have no fear, I am getting some friends together and we are going to Majestic Creek."

"Are you out of your mind? No one would dare go to the god forsaken place."

"Scared are we?" Kiba teased hoping to push the blonde.

"I'm not scared, I'm just not going."

"Aw come on, I already told people that you were going to be there. Please come?"

Naruto took in a breath pulled the phone away from his head and glared at it. Pulling the phone back he sighed, "Why should I come?"

"Because there is going to be some really scared girls there that will need a tough guy to be there to protect them and I am already taking care of Hinata."

"Fine dog breath I'll be there, what time?"

"Well if you leave your house now you might make it in time." Kiba said with a laugh. "Just get there as quick as you can everyone is one their way."

"Fine, fine." The blonde said hanging up the phone. He sighed looking up at the ceiling, why did he agree to this. He got up and grabbed a bag throwing a few items in it; making sure to grab a flashlight and his switchblade.

He flipped the power box on and watched as the lights flickered to life.

Choji looked down the hallway and gulped. He had been talked into setting up some pranks in the building while Kiba met everyone outside. Kiba had reassured him that the only thing to be afraid of would be the trick he himself were setting up. As assurance he had brought Kiba's dog with him.

Akamaru barked at the slightly chubby boy as if asking him to hurry up.

"Yeah, I'm going as fast as I can. Man I wish Shikamaru would have gotten here earlier so he could have helped me." He tied the invisible string to the chair and the door handle so that when someone walked in the chair would slide across the room seemingly on its own. He was almost finished with the pranks Kiba had planned.

Akamaru barked and growled before running off.

"Akamaru, come back here. Akamaru!" Choji picked up his bag and hurried after the dog calling for it to stop. He heard loud barking up ahead and picked up his pace. "Hey come back here!"

Naruto pulled into the old parking lot and turned off the car before walking over to the group that was gathered. He looked over at Kiba and Hinata. There were some faces he recognized and others he didn't. There was Shikamaru, Sakura, Tenten, and Shino.

Kiba ran over to the blonde and slapped his shoulder, "Hey you made it, I thought you weren't going to come after all."

"I said I would be here." He smiled slightly. "Are you really serious about going in there?" Naruto asked pointing to the abandoned hospital.

"We sure are! Oh by the way." He added motioning to the other people standing around, "This is Ino, Neji, Lee, and Sasuke." He pointed to each as he announced their name. Ino smiled and waved, Neji gave a slight nod, Lee grinned and offered a handshake, and Sasuke just shot a look in his direction. "Everyone, Naruto."

"Hey." The blonde offered giving another look to the building.

"Well let's go!" Kiba pushed.

"What about Choji?" Shikamaru asked.

"He will meet us inside, he said he would be running late." Kiba said to cover the fact the other boy was in doing his work.

"We should wait for him." Naruto pointed out.

"No, he will be fine." Kiba encouraged walking backwards towards the building. "Come on be adventurous!"

The group of seventeen and a few eighteen years olds followed the energetic brunette.

Naruto stopped on the pathway looking up at the semi-tall building.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked after taking a look at the blonde's face. Something in him was interested in the boy.

"I just have this bad feeling."

"I'm sure it's nothing." The raven-haired teen tried to assure.

"Yeah, probably."

Tenten grinned punching Neji's shoulder, "This is going to be fun."

"I don't know why you dragged me out here."

"Oh come on you can't say you aren't interested in finding out if it's really haunted."

"It's scientifically impossible for ghosts or any other supernatural being to even exist."

Tenten frowned, "Aw come on its just for fun." The teen with long brown hair just shrugged to the girl.

Shikamaru looked back at the road leading into the parking lot. "I'm going to wait for Choji."

Kiba stopped and looked at him, "Naw, come on."

"It be best if he didn't have to go in by himself."

"What if I said he was already inside?"

"What?" Shikamaru asked getting slightly upset.

"I messed up and told him the back entrance, so he might already be in there."

"Fine." The boy with the brown ponytail mumbled.

Switchfoot's 'I dare you to move' started playing and Lee grabbed his cell phone and walked away from the group to talk. He came back with an apologetic grin, "I'm sorry, I have to go back home, the babysitters canceled and my parents need me."

"We understand." Ino said with a small smile patting his back.

"Bye guys." He called over his shoulder rushing to his bike.

Sakura made her way in between Naruto and Sasuke and grabbed each of their arms, "So you guys scared?"

"Nope, I'm the brave one remember." Naruto said with a huge smile. Sasuke just looked from one to the other and shook his head in the negative.

Kiba pushed the doors open and waited for everyone to get inside. Ino jumped when the doors slammed shut behind them. The brunette smirked slightly and Sakura slapped his arm for trying to scare them. Which he just laughed off.

The pink haired girl looked around the hallway and then turned back to the door and went to push it open. The door didn't budge, "You prick Kiba open the door."

"I didn't do anything to the door."

"You asshole! It's not a fucking joke open the door! I want to go home." Sakura pulled on the door.

"I didn't do anything to the damn door!" Kiba growled aggravated. Naruto had that bad feeling again.

"Then why wont it open?" The pink haired girl asked angry.

"Let's just get to the next exit." Naruto offered.

"No we cant, we have to find Choji." Kiba finally confessed, "He came in here before all of us to set up some jokes."

Shikamaru shot an aggravated look at Kiba.

Neji decided to step in, "Alright most of us have cell phones. We splint into two groups one to find the exit and the other to find Choji we call to report any progress."

"Fine." The pony tailed boy muttered.

"Alright." Naruto added.

Shikamaru looked around the group of teens, "Alright group one should be Naruto, Sasuke, Ino, Shino, and I. Group two will be Sakura, Neji, Tenten, Kiba, and Hinata. My group will look for Choji. Neji's group will look for an exit. We will contact each other with any findings."

Neji nodded looking over who was in his group.

"Why can't it be my group?" Kiba muttered.

Shikamaru opened the third door in a row after the two groups split up. "Choji," He called out looking around the room.

Ino was looking around anxiously feeling a prickling feeling at the back of her neck. She was constantly looking behind her shoulder. Shino set a hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her. To which she gave a small smile.

"Damnit where is he!" Shikamaru growled out getting aggravated at his missing friend.

"It's alright, we will find him. Maybe he's not on this floor. There's five floors and we are still on the first." Naruto said trying to calm Shikamaru down.

Sasuke looked into the room the pony-tailed boy had been looking in. It seemed to be a filing room with old papers scattered across the floor.

"Can we hurry up? I just want to get back with the other group." Ino asked looking scared out of her mind.

Shikamaru gave a nod and walked down the hall to the next door.

Kiba had his arm around Hinata and was walking in front of the group. Sakura was walking in the middle. Neji and Tenten were in the back.

Hinata jumped slightly when a wheelchair went rolling down the hallway towards them. Kiba gave a small laugh and hugged her closer.

"We must be the ones closer to finding Choji, this was one of the pranks." He explained.

Neji gave a nod looking around, "Where would he go from here?"

"I don't know, where's the cafeteria?" Kiba joked.

"That's not nice." Sakura reprimanded. She immediately fell against the wall as the door to her left slammed open.

"Jesus Christ!" Kiba yelled grabbing his chest to get his heart to calm down once he noticed it was Choji.

"Damnit Choji! You scared the crap out of me!" Sakura yelled catching her breath.

"But we are glad we found you, we were worried." Tenten explained.

Neji pulled out his phone and called Shikamaru, "Hey, we found him."

"Is he alright?" Came the voice from the other side of the phone.

"Yeah, he is fine."

"Alright. We found a staircase and started searching on the second floor."

Neji gave a quick look around, "Ah, there's an elevator at the end of this hall, we will meet you up there."

"Alright, call when you get up here and we will meet at the nurses station."

"Okay." He said hanging up the phone. Neji looked over everyone and started walking towards the elevator.

Kiba looked around finally noticing something wrong, "Choji where's Akamaru?"

"He ran off. I looked all over, he isnt on the first floor."

"You were suposed to watch him!" Kiba growled.

"Sorry." The chubby boy muttered.

Sakura grabbed Choji's arm, "I cant believe you came in here all by yourself. It's spooky."

"It's haunted too." Choji said in a matter of fact tone.

Neji looked back at the slightly chubby boy, "There's no such thing as ghosts."

"I saw one." Choji responded right back.

Sakura gave him a look, "Stop trying to scare us. I'm already scared enough."

"I'm not joking, I saw a ghost. This place is evil."

Neji stopped in front of the elevator pressing the up button. "It was just your mind playing off your fear causing you to hallucinate." The metallic doors opened and everyone got in.

"Maybe you will see one and then you will believe," Choji said and Tenten gave him a look and then looked to the ground as the doors closed.

Neji shook his head and pressed the number two button.

Shikamaru had calmed down a lot since the other group had found Choji. They were walking towards the center of the floor where the nurse's station would be.

"Hey, hey. Why are they coming up here? Wouldn't it have been easier for us to go down to the first floor to get to the exit?" Naruto asked as if the thought just occurred to him.

Sasuke grunted as if aggravated he hadn't been the one to point it out.

"I wasn't thinking of it at the time, so shoot me." Shikamaru said over his shoulder. He stopped and leaned against the counter of the nurses station and then suddenly froze.

The other group's eyes went wide as a metallic barrel of a gun was pressed up against the side of Shikamaru's head. The brown haired boy gulped staying still.

A blonde girl with four piggy tails was on the other side of the gun. If one looked closely they could see dried blood on her shirt. "Move an inch and I'll shoot your brains out."

Naruto was thinking quickly about how to get his friend out of this position and why the hell there was a girl with the gun in the building. He lifted up his hands in an 'I mean no harm gesture.'

Ino was frozen in place with side eyes staring at the gun in shock. Sasuke's eyes were looking for something to attack the girl with that would finish her in one move.

Shino's hand was slowly moving into his trench coat reaching for his own gun. Even after he left his gang he always carried, maybe it was habit, or maybe it preservation of life.

The sandy haired blonde girl caught the movement, "Don't fucking move or I'll shot Damnit don't screw with me!" You could tell her hand was shaking slightly.

Naruto moved his hands slightly as if trying to calm her. "We mean no harm. Don't shot, we are just waiting to meet with our friends, and then we are leaving. Just put down the gun."

"Bullshit! No one in this fucking place is real. You're just like them! You're already dead!"

'What!?' Was a common thought racing through the groups' head.