Racing Death


By Boejangles

Temari glanced over at her brother Kankuro wondering just how he came up with this plan.

The black clad boy handed the dirty haired blonde a list, "Alright my group is Gaara, Sakon and Ukon. Temari your group is Tayuya, Jiroubou, and Kidomaru."

"Yeah, yeah Kankuro I know. The first person to get all the items on the list wins."

"Okay, good. Ready. Set. Go." The black clad boy ran into the hospital. His red headed younger brother shaking his head at his brother's rush and followed.

Temari smirked feeling she had this one in the bag. "Okay guys we are going to start at the top and work our way down." She said making her way to the elevator.

"Sounds like a fucking good plan to me." Tayuya said following along with the two boys.

Temari was the first to get off the elevator on the fifth floor and smirked looking at the list. "Alright if we split up we can find everything faster." They all agreed it was a good plan and went their separate ways.

Tayuya was on the search for an old patient file. She went into a room that looked promising considering all the drawers. She was able to get to the desk before the door slowly closed behind her. She rose and eyebrow and made her way over pulling on the door only to have it not open.

"Fucking hell?" She slammed against the door, "Hey guys it wont open from the inside! Someone needs to open it from the outside!" She waited before realizing no one was coming yet. Tayuya banged on the door; "Hey dickwads get your Asses over here and let me out!"

She turned around angry at her situation she picked up a chair and threw it at the door, "Fucking bitches! Open the fucking door! Fucking good for nothing friends." She turned around to search for something to pick the lock when she noticed a girl in the corner, "Fucking Christ!" She had jumped in fear having not seen anyone in the room.

Tayuya looked closer at the girl she didn't seem right, she wasn't moving. She glanced at the door and then back at the girl and there was two of them, "Christ Sakes!" Now she knew something was definitely wrong.

One of the girls looked up at her and then started talking, "This is the quiet room. This is where we have to go when we are bad. I've been really bad. I killed daddy when he hurt mommy. Now both mommy and daddy are dead. I don't know how to be good. That's what the doctors say. Do you think I can be good?"

Tayuya was staring in shock at what looked to be an eight-year-old girl, "I think you're fucking crazy!"

The other girl that looked to be five started laughed, "Wrong answer. Now you need to go meet with mommy and daddy."

Tayuya's eyes went wide, "I was joking, and I think you both a very good little girls. You did the right thing your daddy deserved to die."

The first girl the spoke laughed, "No…. I am a very bad girl." With that she ran forward clawing at the redhead's stomach.

A blood-chilling scream escaped her lips as she clutched her stomach.

Both girls approached her slowly. "She looks tasty…"

"Young and juicy…"

"After you?"

"No you first."

Tayuya could hear them but only saw a blinding white because of the pain. She felt like pieces of her were being torn off. She couldn't scream anymore, she couldn't see, and she stopped feeling. There was only a slight pressure and noises, but that soon faded into a warm comforting nothing.

Temari had started running when she heard a terrifying scream. She met the two boys on the way, which meant it had to be Tayuya. She located the sound and pounded at the locked door until she noticed all the blood coming from under the door. She screamed and backed away.

Kidomaru grabbed her wrist and pulled her along as he started to run to the stairs Jiroubou following them.

"Oh my God! We have to go back for her!" The blonde screamed.

The brunette pulling her shot a look at her, "With that much blood she was already dead."

"How are you fucking calm!" Temari screamed trying to jerk her hand away, but he had it in a death grip.

"Because I'm not going to die here." That's all he said jerking the girl down the stairs.

Jiroubou remained oddly silent. He had never told her, but he had always seen Tayuya as a little sister.

Temari was finally able to pull away from Kidomaru's grasp when they reached the second floor and had to cross to get to the stairs.

"Stop Damnit! Let me breathe!" She was having trouble breathing and crying at the same time.

"G…guys…wait for me." When they looked towards the voice they saw Tayuya. Except there was one thing very wrong, where her stomach should have been the skin was missing and it was completely hollow.

Jiroubou fell to his hands and knees vomiting at the sight. Kidomaru was backing away and Temari was completely frozen.

"What you fucking retards what's wrong!" The red head snapped.

"You can't be alive," Temari was the first to break out of her stupor.

"Don't I look fucking alive?" The other girl snapped.

Kidomaru was still backing away and shaking his head viciously. Jiroubou was coughing up the last of the dinner he had eaten.

"No you don't," Temari shook her head, "Your hollow."

"Pussies! This is nothing I'm fine."

Temari just stared at the empty space where all the red heads organs should have been. "You aren't Tayuya."

"Did you hit your fucking head? Of course I am Tayuya, who else would I be?"

Temari shook her head and looked around frantically once the bloody thing started approaching them. She bashed her elbow onto the glass breaking away the emergency covering for the emergency fire axe. She held it as if warning not wanting the 'thing' to come any closer.

"Tems are you actually going to swing that thing at me?" Tayuya smirked, "You got it in you to kill your best friends?" She kept advancing on the group.

The blonde haired girl let out an enraged battle and swung at the red head. The axe made contact with a sickening crunch and in return the other girl just erupted into laughter.

Temari yanked the axe back and swung it down again, "AHHHHHHH!" She barely pulled the weapon back before bringing it back down with more force. She didn't stop when the thing stopped moving. She didn't stop when the others were yelling at her. She didn't stop when her clothes were stained red. "Ahhhhhhhh!" The only things keeping her from looking like a deranged killer were the tears pouring down her face.

Kidomaru had finally grabbed both of her arms from behind, "That's enough Temari, that's enough." The once girl was now in unrecognizable pieces. "It won't change anything. It's enough."

Temari dropped the bloody axe and fell into Kidomaru sobbing not able to support herself. Jiroubou walked over to them looking up at the ceiling not trusting himself to keep it together if he looked down.

The brunette boy turned to the much larger boy, "Help me with her, she's not responding and I can't carry her by myself." He said speaking of the babbling and sobbing girl in his arms.

Jiroubou nodded and put a hand around the girl's waist helping carry her to the elevator. Kidomaru pressed the one button once inside and leaned Temari against the wall.

Temari's mind was reeling and her hands were shaking she couldn't believe what had happened, what she had done. The beeping and banging snapped her back to reality to see both males in her group banging on the elevator controls and doors. "What?"

"Fucking piece of crap!" Kidomaru kicking the door, "It's taking us up!"

Temari looked traumatized as she saw the number four glow and then die down before the five lit up and the doors opened. "Take us back down!"

Jiroubou hit the first floor button again and the door didn't even close. "It must be short circuited."

A child's laughter erupted from near by cause all three to jump. Temari's feet started moving first and she was running across the floor towards the stairs. The other two didn't take long to follow. She saw Jiroubou in her peripheral vision and then heard a scream.

Temari whirled around in time to see Kidomaru being grabbed by things and yanked back, "Kidomaru!" She ran towards him only to be pulled back by Jiroubou, "Let me the fuck go!"

Kidomaru was running behind the group one minute and the next what seemed like evil children jumped on him. He then realized he was being dragged. "Ahhhhh! Help!" He tried digging his hands into the floor to stop, but the things were too strong. He was flipped onto his back as he was pulled into the elevator followed by the doors slamming shut and a scream escaping them.

Jiroubou finally let go of Temari now that the creature were gone and she ran to the elevator. She banged on the doors, "Kidomaru!" She whirled around and advanced on the boy, "Why did you hold me back?! I could have helped him!"

He answered quietly, "I didn't want to see both of you die."

Kankuro grinned looking over the list, "This will be a piece of cake, and we will beat them no problem." He looked over at his younger brother, "Hey cheer up this is fun."

Gaara looked at Kankuro with a blank face, "I don't like it here."

"Well I'm pretty sure the first floor has been cleared out let head to the second floor the elevator is this way." The brown haired boy said leading them towards the elevator.

Sakon stopped and looked at the elevator noticing it dinging, "It's coming down."

The doors slid open slowly and a bloody figure walked out of the elevator.

"Kidomaru!" Ukon gasped and ran to help him. "What happened? Ughh…" He gasped slightly in shock as he felt pain in his stomach. Ukon looked down and noticed a blade of a knife sticking into him.

Kidomaru had pulled a knife out from his own chest and stabbed the boy that rushed to help him. He pulled the blade out and stabbed it into the boy again rapidly.

Kankuro was shocked at first but reached his hand behind his back into his pants and yanked out a gun before firing two rapid shots into Kidomaru's head. The boy fell back onto the ground and Ukon fell next to him.

Sakon ran and grabbed his brother, "Ukon! No!" His twin's eyes were glazed over and lifeless, he was already dead. He pulled the other boy close hugging him and shaking back and fourth his brothers blood soaking into him. "No Ukon. Why! Why you!"

Gaara remained where he was standing in the back and bit shaken and extremely confused.

Kankuro took a few deep breaths, "Come on let's get out of here. Sakon we need to get out of here."

"I don't want to leave him here." Sakon said looking down at his brother's body in his arms.

"We can't bring him with us we've got to move."

Temari reached down to her pant and lifted it up before pulling out a gun. She was still shaking slightly.

Jiroubou looked at her with strange eyes, "Temari, why do you have a gun?"

The blonde looked over at him before standing upright again, "I always carry a gun, ever since a year ago. My little brother Gaara witnessed a murder and they've been coming after him to try and keep him from testifying. I wont let anyone hurt my family, so I carry a gun."

"Alright, lets move then." The large boy said and started to move towards the stairs looking over at the girl every once in awhile.

Temari was shaking, things were going smoothly and they were able to reach the third floor without a problem. However once they were on the third floor small children started appearing everywhere.

Jiroubou looked around in a panic, "What are they?"

"I don't know, maybe we shouldn't move and they'll go away." Temari responded.

A small girl with red hair tilted her head looking at the two. The larger male looked to his blonde friend, "We can't stay here." The small girl took a step towards him, "I have to get out of here!" With that he took off running pushing the children out of his way, but they seemed to just watch him run without moving. He slammed the elevator button and ran when the doors slid open, "Ahhh!" The elevator hadn't been there; it was just an empty shaft. His spine cracked and head split open when he hit the bottom.

Temari's eyes were wide and her breathing was frantic that she barely noticed the demons that she now knew they were leaving. She was alone all her friends had died. They were all gone.

Kankuro was leading the group and keeping a close eye on his brother. They reached a door that read "Employees Only" and decided it was their best bet. "Come on, let's hope this works."

"Guys wait up." Sakon was the first to turn around and see Ukon racing to reach them, "I'm feeling much better now."

Sakon was shaking his head, "You're not my brother. I saw you die. You were dead! Don't play me like that!" He growled and launched onto the thing that looked like his brother.

Kankuro has his gun up and was moving from one to the other he didn't know which one to shoot. "Gah!" He pulled the trigger and the movement of the twins stopped. He took a step towards them and realized he had hit Sakon in the forehead and it had gone through and caught Ukon in the chest.

Kankuro whirled around and faced Gaara, "You're like them aren't you! You're not real! You're trying to kill me." He had his gun pointed at the redhead.

Gaara shook his head, "I'm right here. You're going to shoot me?" He was trying to remain calm even after seeing three people die. "I'm not going to hurt you, let's just go home."

"No! You're trying to trick me! Where's my brother? Where's my sister! Why isn't anyone real! Give them back." He pulled the gun up aiming it at his brother's head.

Gaara moved on instinct and got in close to his brother using his elbow to push away the gun and flicked his other wrist slipping out his blade before slicing his brothers throat. He took a few steps back shaking. He had killed his brother, but Kankuro was going to kill him.

He stumbled into the next room and shut the door before sliding down the wall shaking uncontrollably. His brother was dead and he had killed him.

Temari ran down the stairs onto the first floor and ran to where she remembered the door was, but everything felt wrong. Everything looked the same. That's when she noticed she was still on the second floor.

She growled and ran down the stairs to the first floor, but the same thing happened and she was on the second floor again. "Why!" She screamed and tried again running down the stairs as fast as she could.

The results were the same she was trapped on the second floor. Blood started appearing on the wall and she watched it form letters. 'Kill yourself', she started crying and walked slowly towards the nurse's station.

"No! I wont let you win. I wont let you win." She sat down behind the counter and grabbed onto her knees, "I wont let you win."

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