Mr. Suoh was sitting at his desk, thinking about what had happened in the past few months since Haruhi's arrival and all of the paperwork that had just arrived at his desk. He would have to find his son, Tamaki Suoh, a wife suitable for him soon. The sound of knuckles clashing against his heavy oak doors, the sound of the highly polished silver door knob turning and the sound of somebody stepping onto the marble flooring of his huge office could be heard. Mr. Suoh's ears pricked up and faced whoever it was that had just allowed him, or herself, into his office.

"Ah, Tamaki, come, sit here."

"Yes Father." He sat down on a leather chair opposite the chairman. "I've been thinking… I know you want to find me a wife, so I went through all the trouble of finding one myself. I'm sure you'll be happy with my choice."

"Well then, let's see her."

"Come in."

In came Haruhi Fujioka, a bear in hand and in the proper girls uniform of Ouran High School.

The chairmans face lit up. He never knew his son could make such a good decision. "Is this your choice Tamaki?"

Tamaki gave a small nod. Haruhi kept walking towards the two men.

"Well then I approve."

Tamaki took the small bear from Haruhi's hand and pinched it cheeks. "Did you hear that Beary? He approved!"

"Well then Tamaki-senpai, I hope you enjoy the rest of your life with 'Beary' over there. If you will excuse me, I have to make my way back to the Club Room before Kyoya-senpai punishes me."

"Of course Haruhi."

The door shut closed after her.

"Wait, Tamaki, are you saying your new wife will be 'Beary'…?"

"Yes Father, it is! Aren't you just glad?" Tamaki said, followed by the sound of laughter, and then the sound of the chairman falling off his seat. "Is something wrong Father?"

"No Tamaki, no problem at all."

Author's Notes: Wowww… that was quite random… but I've always had this feeling that Suoh-senpai was always that dumb… in this fanfictin, he is.

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