Gaara´s point of view.

I sit on the roof, and as the stars shine, I wonder what is love. I didn´t know what it was when I was six, and I still ignore many things about it. I know what family love is. What friendship is. I do know what it feels to fall in love.

But, I do not know how it feels to be loved back like that.

Temari and Kankuro love me, as his brother. The villagers love me as their Kazekage. Matsuri loves me as her sensei. And so on, I know what every kind of love feels, except the one I long the most.

I have never been kissed or touched in the way I see the young couples do.

For most of my childhood, I ignored what love could do. And then, when Yashamaru tried to kill me, I understood I was never loved, by no one. It hurt so much, I felt something in my chest breaking. I did not know it was my heart. I shattered into pieces, and became fragil and weak.

I couldn´t understand why the people hated me so much, why I was the only monster. Why they feared me. There was no one to explain me all this questions. I learned later, when I finally knew that I had Shukaku inside of me, and that made me different, unique, and fearsome. I never asked to have the demon inside of me, but the people hated me for that; for something I had no control on. I learned I was different, and because of that, I could not be loved.

I did the only thing I could do. Protect myself with a shield of hate and murder. Death was the only thing that kept me safe. As long as I could kill, I was protected, from everyone that tried to get close to me. The fear kept them at a safe distance. But it also made me forget all other emotions, sadness, longing, happiness, everything was forgotten, except the fear of feeling broken again. Killing made me feel alive, protected.

That is how it was until I was 12. When I first met him, I barely acknowledged him, since he looked so weak. I think about that now, and I laugh. Weak... no, he was never weak. We never were, are or will be weak. But we were fools sometimes. I was fool by pulling up that wall that kept everyone away from me. He was fool for putting up the happy-mask, the act of foolishness. But, what other option we had? We had grown with them, me with my wall and he with his mask. Sometimes I wondered who I really was behind the wall. I think he wondered about who he really was behind the mask. We had lived so much with them, we no longer recognized were the wall and mask ended or started. Everything was a bundle of lies, and every time we tried to find the truth behind the lie, we could not find it.

Anyway, as I was saying; I did not notice him at first. Until the day I saw him in the hospital. When he said he really had a monster inside of him, that took my attention, but I thought it was just rubbish. I thought that I was the only one.

But then, we fought, and I understood that I was not alone. He knew the pain, the hatred. And made me think that all I ever wanted was what he got. People that acknowledged him, that cared for him. That day I learned that I had to work for that, to fight for that.

He changed my world, completely. Uzumaki Naruto. I just did not know that he would be changing it even more, as the time passed.

It was not long before I saw him again, when the Uchiha ran with the snake. He is an idiot in my opinion, and even more for leaving the greatest thing he could ever have; for something as stupid as power. He did not realize that he was doing his brother´s wishes, he was becoming like the man he swore to kill. He left friendship and love behind. He is an idiot for not realizing it. Even now, he is still blind for what is the most important thing in life. He had know my story and also Uzumaki´s story; and he could not see that the thing that matters the most is love.

But, even when I wanted to kill him myself for leaving, I went to help Naruto, even if I could never repay what he did for me. I saved Rock Lee, the very boy I almost killed a few months before. He became a friend after that, like Naruto. I had two friends, and even when I could not express it, I was happy. We left a few months after, me feeling bitter about the Uchiha, who had left Naruto broken. I hated him for that, for hurting the one I cared the most about, and the one that cared about him more than anyone else.

The next time I saw Naruto, he was the one to come to my rescue. The Shitenshounin kidnapped my only pupil, Matsuri; in order to resurrect their founder by using Shukaku´s chakra. I tried my best, but could not help to be beaten and trapped. I began to change, but then I remembered our battle. Once again, he saved me from darkness and I was able to suppress Shukaku for the first time. And, I heard him faintly say that I was one of his precious comrades. It made me happy, really happy.

And, it gave me the opportunity to say goodbye, because he was leaving for two years, with the Sannin, Jiraiya. I´m glad I saw him that time.

And, two years later, he saved me; once again. He came for me, to rescue me from the hands of Akatsuki, and though he was a bit late, since I was already dead, I learned that he was mad when he saw me. That thought, even if it sounds selfish, made me so happy. He cared for me enough to let Kyubbi appear, and enough to yell at his comrades and at Chiyo, the village´s elder. Then, he gave his chakra to revive me, and he was the first thing I saw.

That was when I first felt my heart pounding heavily at Naruto´s sight. I did not know what it meant, and somehow scared me a bit. But, the during the small time we spent together, I realized he made me feel things nobody else did. They were funny and yet nice sensations, but scared me a bit.

After a while, I decided to ask Temari about it, and her eyes widened as she said "You are in love." It has been several years since then, and I have not seen him much, but I am happy he is the one I fell for.

Naruto´s point of view.

As I sit and think, my thoughts landed in two people. Sasuke and Gaara. The first one, I do not know what to think about him. It has been a while since I last saw him, but I no longer felt the butterflies in my stomach. I still care about him, there´s no doubt, but it is no longer that deep obssesion and love. Yes, I loved him, but I guess that after all he has done to me, I no longer can feel something like that.

He is still trying to kill his brother, somewhere far from here. Now I know is futile to try to get him back, so I will wait. He will come back by his own feet, when he feels like it. He said this to me, but I have not tell anyone.

And about Gaara, I am not sure either. I know I feel deep affection for him. Sometimes I found myself thinking about him more than often, and feeling a knot in my stomach too. Could he love me back? Would he be by my side?

Even so, it stills hurts to think about how Sasuke betrayed me, betrayed everyone. But Gaara would never do that. I know him, he is so much different than Sasuke.

He is like me; even if he no longer has the demon inside of him. But, I believe there is still a small connection between them. After all, I know for a fact that he can not sleep, even now and small facts like that.

But, he knows my pain, and understands me better than anyone. He knows that I am wearing a mask all the time, but accepts it, since he knows why I wear it. He knows what being alone and hated feels.

I remember, when I was a kid. I was furious, and I hated the villagers. But I did not understand why they hated me. Why I was called monster. Why they threw stones at me, why they closed their doors when I passed. Iruka saved me, and then, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura came. And after them, all my other friends, whom I treasure greatly. Gaara is between them.

I noticed that I felt something more than friendship for him when Akatsuki kidnapped him. I was more angry than when Sasuke left, and even more when I saw him dead. I wanted to kill so badly Deidara and Sasori I let Kyubbi appear, thing that I had not done in a long time.

When I learned Chiyo was the one that put Shukaku inside of him, I felt rage, wanting to kill Chiyo. If it hadn´t been for her, Gaara would not have died, but when I thought about it later, if she had not sealed it inside Gaara, I would have never met another one like me. I am glad she did, after all, even if it sounds selfish. But I am even more glad that she could revive him.

When I saw his aquamarine eyes open, my heart both raced quicker and slower. Quicker just because he looked and smiled at me and slower because he was safe now.

It´s been some years from that encounter, and I have seen him sometimes, but not much. I wished our vllages were closer.

I will talk with oba-chan tomorrow. I will go to Suna, and be with him, even if we are just friends. I know I love him. And, it´s been long since we had seen each other, so I want to go. Besides, now that I am the next Hokage in training, it will help me to learn more things. Not that I do not learn with oba-chan, but still, he is my age, and I think that he is an excellent Kazekage, so it will be really useful.

Many times I wonder; is he thinking of me? Does he remembers me? I really wished he did.

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