"Gaara…" Naruto said smiling, holding the redhead's close to him. How he had missed his smiles, those aqua eyes looking at him like that. He felt his beloved holding him close, to the point where it was his chest against the redhead's chest, his hands around the other's back, so intimately connected that he wasn't sure where he ended or where Gaara started. The movements were so slow, and yet so intense, how the redhead drove himself into his body, gentle but powerful, making Naruto only aware of everything that was Gaara, his hair, his eyes, his skin, his smell.

There was nothing but them, the soft gasps and moans as they continued to move as one. The feeling was so strong, so amazing, the blond knew that soon his sight would be blinded by white pleasure. The heat kept growing in his belly, spreading to his body, into his mind, so deeply that he had to close his eyes, and the movements inside him became faster, slightly uncontrolled. He opened his eyes once more, to lose himself into aqua eyes, and then he-

"Naruto, stop fucking your pillow!" A voice suddenly jerked awake him and the blond opened his eyes, only to find that there was no Gaara above him, but his own pillow. He groaned, his member still stiff from the dream, and he blinked several times in disappointment before looking around his room, trying to find the owner of the bloody voice.

Of course, he found his best friend, the one and only Uchiha Sasuke, smirking quite widely from the door of the bedroom. The Uchiha was leaning against the door, holding a cup of tea to his lips, already dressed.

"Couldn't you have waited a little longer to wake me up?" Naruto growled, willing his body to relax and his erection to go away.

"You were about to wake the neighbors with your 'Gaara, please, Gaara!'" Sasuke answered, still smirking, and then added,

"I should have known you were the girl in the relationship."

"Yeah, well, we all know whose ass was used during the meeting with the kages, Sasuke." Naruto answered, growling, and finally getting up from bed, ready to kick Sasuke's balls for waking him up during such a pleasurable dream.

Sasuke had the dignity to blush slightly, but just grunted in response. Naruto smiled, he had won this argument; and after stealing Sasuke's cup, he went to find breakfast ready.

The two friends sat calmly to eat; the morning was quite peaceful. The birds were singing, and the sun came through the windows as any other lovely winter day. After getting ready, the two of them went to the Hokage tower, where the usual amount of paperwork awaited them, and if it hadn't been for the fact that another man was missing; one would say that there was no war to worry about.

Yet, under the apparent tranquility, both Naruto and Sasuke were nervous. It was the morning after the day in which the attack should have ended, and if everything had gone according to plan, they should be getting news from their shinobis that morning or sometime along the day.

"Sai, come on, stay with us!" Sakura pleaded as she and Hinata tried their best to keep their dying friend on Earth.

The poison had been running through his body for several minutes while Neji carried him to the ship, and had already gotten to his lungs. The ship was deep enough into the sea to be guarded from any enemy that might think of striking the injured, but close enough for the shinobi to get into it as quickly as possible. Even if neither Hinata nor the pink-haired girl knew what sort of poison it was, they did know how to treat any sort of poisoning, meaning pulling it out from the body.

Yet, even if they had taken most of the substance out of Sai's body, the injuries in the shinobi had not helped at all to make him survive the treatment easily, as several gashes and deep cuts were all over his pale skin; and in order to take out the poison from his blood quickly enough, they had to take some of his blood out as well.

Sakura was exhausted, she had been healing wounds for three days and her chakra reserves were quite empty, as any other shinobi around them, to be truthful. The past three days had been terrible, longer than any other mission she had had, tiring to no end. But happily, it was coming to and end now, as she could sense that most of the shinobi were returning, surely because they had conquered the last island, and killed plenty of enemy shinobi. Even if some of their allies had died, and even if all of them had been killed, they knew that they couldn't retreat from this attack, for it was likely that the survival of the shinobi world depended on them.

But now… one of them was on the verge of dying, and not just any shinobi, but Sai; the very person they had at first hated and now was pretty much like a brother for most of them. Hinata knew how much Sasuke cared for Sai as she was good friends with the Uchiha, and she would die for his friend if necessary. But Sai's heartbeat kept getting weaker with every breath, and his pale skin seemed whiter than snow now.

"Come on, Sai, stay with us!" She cried softly.

He did not know what to do. What he had seen… what was going on now? He could not believe that the blond was doing what he thought he was doing. But… how could it happen? It was just impossible to imagine Naruto doing something like that.

And Sasuke… well, all right, he had betrayed plenty of people before, but to do it like that? He had thought that the Uchiha had changed, but it seemed that underneath it all, he was still a snake.

Either way, he could not believe that he had seen Naruto kissing Sasuke. There had to be an explanation to it all, one that he could not conceive; because the alternative was just… devastating and completely unbelievable. Naruto just did not do such things; especially not to someone he loved as dearly as Gaara. He knew that this love was true, but then… how did Sasuke fit into all this?

And Sai, he had been Naruto's best friend for the longest of times, how could he do this to him as well? It just didn't fit at all.

He knew that there was only one thing to do, confront Naruto. And so, the green-clayed ninja went to the hokage's tower.

Sasuke had gone to over see something at the academy, when a bird suddenly appeared at the window and Naruto stared at it in fear. It was summon bird that belonged to Hinata, not an ink bird. He knew that bird because Hinata had sent it several times as a report of missions before. But why was it here? Hadn't Sai written the message? What had happened?, Naruto immediately asked himself.

The bird flew to the desk and said,

"Hinata-san sends you greetings, Hokage-sama. The attack was successful, and the troups are now retreating with the prisoners. As soon as they get the information about where Lord Osamu is, the Mizukage will send a message to all the kages to gather again."

"Thanks for bringing those news. Are all of our ninjas well?" Naruto asked Hinata's summon.

"I only saw Hinata-chan and Shikamaru-san when I was summoned to bring you this message." The bird answered. Naruto gulped in fear, but then he growled,

"Go back to Hinata in this instant and ask her about the others. Come back quickly."

"Of course, Hokage-sama." The bird answered, before popping into a cloud of smoke.

Naruto hid his face with his hands. The fact alone that it had been Hinata the one that sent the message was enough to worry. Sai was the one in charge of the communication and if he had not sent the message then he had to be… No, he couldn't think that.

Perhaps it was that he was just injured, or too tired to do his ink techniques, he couldn't think that Sai was… After the few minutes his mind went on and on the same thoughts, the bird finally popped back to the desk, and Naruto looked at it earnestly.

"Hinata-chan says that everyone is alive and four of them are well, though injured. But Sai-san is in a coma; and that he was gravely injured and poisoned. She does not know whether he'll survive or not, Hokage-sama." The bird told him.

Naruto stared at it for several seconds. Sai, gravely injured and poisoned. Poisoned. Injured.

The words kept replaying it his mind for several seconds, until the bird asked,


Naruto blinked, not quite sure of why his vision had blurred and then said,

"You're dismissed."

The bird nodded before disappearing and Naruto was left alone in the office once again, and he just crumbled into the table, hiding this head behind his arms. What he had done? Gods, how terrible it had to be for Hinata to say that she did not know whether Sai would live or not? What would he say to Sasuke? Should he say anything at all? What was he supposed to do with this information?

If Sasuke had been right there when the bird had come, it would have been another matter, but now… it was in his hands. It was something that could destroy Sasuke. That could end their friendship, as he had been the one that had commanded Sai to go to that mission. He had known the risks, and now the consequences were fatal.

What had he done? What would he do now? Sai, injured and poisoned. Gods, how he hated those words.

Gaara was nervous as he watched the Sun go down that day. He should get a message from his brother quite soon, and he prayed that all had gone well. His brother, Baki, his ninja… what if it had all been in vain? What if they had nothing to do but to wait the ships of the Temujin land appear on the horizon and know everything was over?

And what would happen if the attack had been successful? Another meeting of the kages and then what? Attack the Temujin land? Kill Lord Osamu and declare war between the two continents? Could there be a diplomatic arragement?

Though they knew that killing the rogue ninja was in their best interests, what would happen afterwards? He knew that the likely answer was war. Even if he prayed that it all happened as they had forseen and the Temujin lords would back off after receiving notice of the massacre of the ninja they had hired, he knew that humans weren't so sensible.

The redhead wasn't quite sure of what to do with himself in those moments. He was sitting on the rooftop of his office, and a sudden presence sat next to him.

"Hey, little-brother."

"Temari." Gaara acknowledged her.

"Thinking about Naruto?" She asked, smiling at him.

"Yeah…" He lied.

Even if she was one of the people he trusted the most, he knew that he had to show confidence. Besides, even if he hadn't exactly been thinking about the blond in that second, it was likely that his thoughts would have wandered into that direction any moment.

"I think he'll be real happy to hear that you want to live with him." Temari said, adding after a second thought,

"Perhaps you can tell him that when I marry in Konoha, right?"

"Perhaps." He answered softly, and a smile graced his features at the thought.

Perhaps Temari was right. Perhaps, in less than a month, he would be with his most beloved person.

Naruto still did not know what to do with the information he had just received when there was a soft knock on the door.

"Come in." He called as he tried to re-arrange himself.

Surprisingly, it was Lee the one that entered the room; but he was abnormally serious. Naruto stared at him and asked,

"Lee! What a surprise for you to come by… is there anything you needed?"

"Naruto-kun… we've been friends for the longest of times. And you also know that I've been friends with Gaara for practically the same time. So, for the sake of my friendship with him, I must ask you something." Lee answered, standing quite stiff in front of the desk.

Naruto raised his eyebrow, not know what could Lee possibly want to ask about Gaara. The other male stared at him for some seconds, and then took a deep breath,

"Why did you kiss Sasuke the other night, in this very office?"

Naruto was so surprised hat he could only stare at the other ninja for some seconds, before asking,


"I was having a routine exercise with my team, running around the village and up the Hokage's tower in the shortest possible amount of time; and I chose to ran up over your window, when I suddenly saw Sasuke-san sitting on your lap. I couldn't help to watch and then you kissed him. Why are you doing this to Gaara-kun and Sai-san?" Lee asked, impatiently.

Naruto had his mouth open, and just thought that the fates were simply fucking with him. Lee had seen that? Well, at least it had been him and not some random shinobi.

"I… Lee, please sit down. It is not what you think." Naruto finally answered, gathering himself. Lee sat on one of the desks, and looked at him expectantly.

"Sasuke and I are not having an affair, not at all. We… enjoy each other's company and agree on having a somewhat closer physical relationship with one another, but it's not lust; nor is the love you have for Sakura."

Lee asked,

"What do you mean by that?"

"Look, you loved Gai-sensei as your sensei, almost like a father, right? And you love Sakura, right? But just because it's love, it doesn't mean you felt the same thing for Sakura and for Gai-sensei, right?" Naruto explained. Lee immediately shook his head,

"Of course not."

"But you did like to hug Gai-sensei whenever you saw each other as greeting, because you felt comfortable and… well, appreciated when he did, right?" Naruto asked, and hoped he was going on the right track.

"Yes, exactly."

"Well… what Sasuke and I feel for each other is more or less the same thing, but slightly deeper, so… the kiss was to comfort me. That night I was extremely nervous because of the mission to the Land of Water and Sasuke was just trying to reassure me that I had done the right thing… now I'm not sure of that." Naruto answered with a bitter smile.

Lee kept looking at him, and then asked,

"So… you aren't doing this because you actually want Sasuke? Does Gaara and Sai know about this?" Lee asked.

"No, I don't want Sasuke in that way. And Sai does know, but Gaara doesn't. I know that it's unfair, but I will explain it to him as soon as the war affair is over."

The two men were silent for several seconds, as Lee evaluated what he had been told and what he could see in Naruto's face, and he finally spoke,

"It is unfair, Naruto-kun. I'm bound by our friendship and Hokage-shinobi relationship to keep this secret for you, but I don't like it. I do hope you keep your promise to tell Gaara-kun as soon as possible, for he do not deserves this lie."

"I will do it, Lee. You know that I wouldn't do this to Gaara if it wasn't because things are already too complicated." Naruto answered.

Lee nodded, and they remained in silence for some more seconds, not really knowing what to say. While Naruto was simply too out of it because of what he knew about Sai, Lee was still feeling that he was betraying one of his oldest friends, Gaara; but what he had said to Naruto still stood. He was bound not only by their friendship, but also by their work relationship. Even if Sand and Leaf had been allies for practically decades now, he was still a Konoha shinobi and what happened in the village stayed in the village, even more because this concerned his leader.

After some minutes of silence, Lee inquired about his wife; and Naruto told him that she was fine and would come back soon, but kept silent about Sai. The less people knew about this, the least chances of Sasuke finding out by mistake.

Finally, as Lee left, Sasuke came back, and asked,

"Have you gotten the message yet?"

"Yes, I have. The attack was a success and they are all alive." Naruto answered. He prayed to the gods that Sai would recover and then he would tell Sasuke about the mission himself. If not… well, he had already lost Sasuke.

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