What Was Never Shown In Theaters

Summary: George Lucas never considered Padmé's feelings as Anakin took her (perfectly precious) pear on that fateful day in Naboo. Now, her feelings of desperation and despair are revealed.

A/N: This is sort of ridiculous. But what the heck.

"Right this way milady," Anakin took Padmé's elbow and sat her down in the ornately carved chair. He pushed her in and took his place across the table from her.

"Thank you," Padmé smiled and looked down at the plate, her finger tracing the painted blue designs around the rim.

"Something interesting, milady?" Anakin teased.

Padmé's head shot up and she looked into his bright blue eyes, "No," she said stoutly as she reached for a pear in the middle of the table.

"Then why were you staring at your plate?" he asked her.

"Because there's nothing better in the room to look at," she smiled evilly at his crest-fallen face.


Padmé smirked and picked up her fork and knife to cut into her tempting pear when Anakin got a deceiving look on his face.

His hand rose from beneath the table and he positioned it across from the pear. He wriggled his fingers and the pear lifted from the plate, much to Padmé's surprise and it slowly made it's journey to the other side of the table onto Anakin's plate.

"That would be my pear," Padmé told him through clenched teeth.

Anakin grinned and picked up his own fork and knife and stealthily cut the pear in half. Again, he wriggle his fingers and half the pear voyaged to the other side of the table.

Padmé looked down at her plate, half expecting the other of her pear to re-appear. It didn't. She had really been craving a pear—a whole pear.

"Looking for something?" Anakin asked, his voice light.

"Why yes, Anakin," she said with gritted teeth, "the other half of my pear."

"Well, I'm afraid it's mine now."

"Come on, Anakin, give it back," Padmé whined.

Anakin's smile only widened.

Padmé, however, was not smiling. Her eyes set hard she glared at him, "If I had wanted half a pear, I would've taken half a pear," she said saucily, "Now give me my pear!" she slammed her fist on the table, making the glasses clink.

"Nope." Anakin mockingly stabbed the pear with his fork.

"Give me back my pear, pretty-boy," by now, Padmé was on the verge of a mental breakdown, she wanted her pear and she wanted it now.

Anakin never did give Padmé her pear back but rather hid it in his room for future fun.

With the pear in a secretly hidden location, yet to be disclosed at this present time, Anakin drifted off to sleep. His dreams of his mother mercilessly haunted him and he woke early in a cold sweat.

He walked out onto the patio, waiting silently for Padmé to wake up. The sun rose quietly as she stepped out into the brisk morning air, her hair unnaturally perfect for having just woken up. She could almost feel the tension in the air and turned to leave.

"Don't go," he told her as he turned, his blue eyes crystal clear with sadness, "Your presence is soothing."

"I don't wish to disturb you," she answered him, "I heard you last night. You had another nightmare."

His eyes turned cold, "It was my mother again. She was in pain, dying." He clenched his teeth and looked at the pink and orange sky.

"I know I'm here to protect you, milady, but…she's my mother…I must know if she's all right. I have to go to her." He grabbed Padmé's arm and stared into her eyes, willing her to let him leave.

Padmé didn't know what to say. She didn't really mind if he went. She almost thought it noble of him to go after his mother in that way. But she did have one question for him, "Will you take my pear?"