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Dead, she was dead. That was all that Jess could think about. Leslie was dead and there was nothing bringing her back. There was nothing left that Jess took joy in. He enjoyed passing Tarabithia down to his sister, but other than that he hadn't found anything to keep going. All he did was the routine he did every day, nothing more, nothing less. Jess had become nothing more than an empty shell and he didn't know how to handle it. Maybelle knew it though.

His parents didn't see the change in him, and they wouldn't listen to the pleading of his younger sister. He seemed normal to all of the teachers at school, and again no one listened to the pleading of little Maybelle. She alone was the one that knew that Jess wasn't there. Jess seemed to have died shortly after Leslie and only Maybelle noticed. He passed his classes and he did his chores. He went to church and he went to Tarabithia. Maybelle watched his artistry become better and better, but more and more disturbing. She couldn't show their parents though because Jess seemed to have some sort of sixth sense about what ever she was doing when regarding him and his things. Maybelle knew

When Jess started his first year of college Maybelle wondered if he would really be able to make it without Tarabithia. Some how he did, but when he returned home for break, she knew that he was even more dead, if that was possible, than he was before he left. The next time he returned home the deterioration of his soul was even worse. And Maybelle knew

So when the day came, Maybelle wasn't all that sad or surprised to find Jess on the swing below the mighty palace of Tarabithia, no longer breathing. He was just sitting there, his head tilted back, and blank empty eyes still staring up at the clear blue sky. Maybelle carried her brother home, he being just skin and bones. She didn't cry at his funeral either, all she could do was smile for him, because he was now able to truly live in Tarabithia along with his queen, because there could be no other heaven for them than living eternally in Tarabithia. Maybelle knew that.

Her parents asked why she didn't cry, and she told them, " I cried way back when he first died and watched as faded slowly. Jess is in a better place with his Queen." No one ever really knew what she meant by what she said but little Maybelle did and that was all she needed. Because Maybelle knew.

Her brother was happy with his queen. Maybelle knew.

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