World's Finest

By Andrew J. Talon

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Hi. My name's Keitaro Urashima. I'm 22 years old and live in Hinata Springs, Japan. And right now, I've managed to (yet again) piss off my "study buddy", Naru Narusegawa.


WHAM! Despite the intended effect of her fist against my temple, I barely feel Naru's punch even push against me. And most of any movement occurring is from me moving back.

As I give an automatic scream, my body hurled through the roof and into the open sky, I mentally sigh.

Stupid bitch, I think bitterly. First she tells me she loves me, then she tells me she doesn't, and now we're back to how things were at the beginning.

The blows don't hurt physically, but they do plenty of damage to my heart.

I strip at super-speed, yanking off my jeans, sneakers, and sweater, letting them fall away as my cape is freed. The boots of my costume were designed by Suu to shrink when exposed to my freeze breath, and as I apply some heat vision they expand back to normal. I slip them on, tugging my glasses off and shoving them into a compartment on said boots. I shake out my hair, and smile in the brilliant sun above.

"Guess I can start my patrol early today," I decided, accelerating and flying among the clouds. In a twisted sort of way, I have to appreciate Naru. She definitely gives me an excuse to get out of the house. Of course, I can't exactly always show my alter-ego when she punches me out...

People might get suspicious. Make connections... Ah ha! Car chase. That will do nicely.

I dive down at high speed and follow the action, my enhanced vision easily picking out the lone van with the police cruisers behind it. I roll my eyes.

"Damnit Seta, how the hell do you keep getting into these messes?" I mutter, accelerating until I'm flying right over the van. My eyes widen as Seta pokes his head out and opens fire with a machine gun at me.

"Back off Superman!" He shouts, still firing even as the bullets bounce off my skin. I sigh.

"Dr. Noriyasu, enough," I state. I fly ahead of the van and simply stand in the road. I then run backwards, easily matching the van's speed and catching it with my hands. I raise an eyebrow at

the shocked-looking Sarah behind the wheel, as I stop, stopping the van despite her frantic stomps on the accelerator. The police catch up as I lift up the van, grabbing the axels and crushing them, before setting the van back down.

Seta comes out and tries to punch me, but I catch his fist with another eye-roll.

"Dr. Noriyasu, please try to remember. What's happened the last ten times you've done this?"

"Uh... I defeated you and you let me go?" He said hopefully. I smile cheerfully back.

"Wrong answer," I say, before I flick his forehead with just enough force to knock him out.

"YOU ALIEN BASTARD!" Sarah screams, rushing me with a baseball bat. I roll my eyes again.


"Yes, I'm an alien. No, I'm not a bastard. And for the last time," I state, picking her up and staring her in the eyes, "that doesn't work on me."

"Thanks Superman," says one of the officers. "We'll take it from here."

Smiling I hand over the screeching Sarah and unconscious Seta to the police, before X-Raying

the van. I whistle.

"Man, how'd they manage to steal THAT?"

It's advanced, whatever it is. The circuitry controlling the - reactor? - looks out of this world.

And coming from me, that says a lot.

"It was being held in a Sakata Corporation warehouse, apparently it's a demonstrator of some kind," one of the officers said.

"That it is," said a familiar voice behind me, and I almost jumped. Who the hell could sneak up on...?

Oh yeah.

"Mr. Sakata," I say politely. My best (male) friend smiled confidently, hands behind his back. A few guys in Sakata Corporation uniforms go to the van, examining the merchandise.

"Thank you Superman. You've kept this demonstrator out of the wrong hands," he

complimented, striding forward and holding his own hand out. I took it and shook it firmly with a smile back.

"Not a problem, just doing my civic duty. By the way, what is that thing?"

"Nothing much, Superman. Just something that'll change human history," he winked at the reporters now flocking the scene. Always a bit camera shy, I give a few last nods and smiles before flying off to resume my patrol.

A few muggings prevented, a bank robbery, and it's time to head back home. I make a quick stop around the forest surrounding the inn and dig out my clothes, letting myself sink down in posture a little. My hair is fixed and my glasses are back on, as I walk slowly up the steps to the Hinata Sou.

Shinobu is sweeping outside, and she smiles radiantly as she spots me.

"H-Hello, sempai! Have a good day?"

"Pretty slow," I return. Shinobu nods, out of habit reaching up and grasping the kryptonite necklace she wore. I'd managed to finally find it after throwing it so far away the day we met, and Suu had treated it with a lead seal to protect me.

"Same here," she sighs, shaking her head. "Oh! By the way, your parents called, they wanted to know how you were doing."

"Aw damn, I forgot to call them didn't I?" I groan, holding my forehead. I sigh and shake my head. "Guess I'll just have to visit them in person to make up for it."

"I hope so," Shinobu returned. She then frowned.

"Sempai... Exactly how do Sarah and Dr. Noriyasu get out of jail so often?"

"Wish I knew," I smiled, shaking my head as I walked back to the inn. I paused and frowned, turning and looking out into the forest.

Shinobu noticed and blinked at me in concern.

"Sempai? Are you allright?"

"I'm fine Shinobu-chan," I reply, raising an eyebrow. Whatever I heard... It was gone now. I shake my head and open the door before walking back in.

Naru is in the sitting room near the lobby, studying with books out on the coffee table. She looks up long enough to glare and snort, before resuming her scribbling. I roll my eyes and head up the stairs to my room. I've got finances to look after, not to mention the repairs from my latest "exit"...

"Keitaro!" Cried a familiar blonde as she leapt up to kick me. I ducked and smirked as she sailed over my back, landing in a giggling heap against the wall.

"Nice to see you too, Suu-chan," I teased, "though you should watch where you're going next time." Suu leapt up and took my hand, chattering excitedly.

"Did you hear Keitaro? You could hear probably, Suu was happy about it, but then Suu

remembered she put up the sonic jammer today because termites were gnawing in the trees and it was TOO LOUD for Suu to sleep so Suu decided to try ear muffs but the sonic jammer is SO much better and so I..."

Good-naturedly I let her lead me to her room as her monologue bounced from one tangent to the next. She opened the door to the jungle-like interior and led me to one of the grassy clearings inside. I shake my head at the fact that this room is a LOT bigger than it should be according to the plans...

"... so they made Suu their chief and-OH! Suu lost train of thought. Here Suu go!" She

rummaged around in the bushes and pulled out a strange, silvery box. She opened it, revealing it to be a mini-computer laptop.

"Suu got this message from Suu's Big Brother Ramba!" She squealed happily, indicating an open email window on the small screen. "Ramba coming to visit Suu!"

"Oh, he is huh?" I chuckle. "You've warned him about Motoko and Naru, right?"

Suu grins, and I recognize what kind of grin it is. Not the usual "devil-may-care" grin she wears often, but the one that clearly states "Suu-is-about-to-blow-something-up, run-for-the-hills". I instinctively back away.

"Er... Suu? What's with that look on your face?"

Suu giggled.

"Suu not think that Ramba worry about those two," the blonde girl said craftily. "Ramba is VERY fast."

"Fast? How fast?" I asked, that sinking feeling in my stomach increasing.

"Yo," said a deep, masculine voice behind me. I spun around in shock at the tall, dark-skinned, bleach blonde man standing before me, a jaguar's grin on his face. He was dressed in a bizarre, red and white body armor, almost like the kind you'd see on Sentai Ranger shows. Save for the face he didn't have a motorcycle helmet on-Just a neon-yellow visor with two red fins on either side. He was leaning back against the door frame, casually, arms crossed over his chest.

"You're... Wait. You're Ramba right?"

The man grinned and nodded.

"Yep. And you... Superman, correct?"

I swore my heart stopped beating for an instant. I turned around and glared at Suu, my eyes glowing slightly red.


"Because Ramba would show you secret as well!" Suu cheered. I blinked and saw that Ramba was now behind his little sister, still grinning.

"... Fwuh?"

The pictures from a half-dozen tabloid newspapers came into my mind, as my mouth dropped open.

"You're... Him?"

"Ramba Suu," he said with a bow. "Though you can call me 'The Flash', if you'd prefer...?"

- - - - - - - -

Just a few quick notes. There will be more DC/anime heros appearing, and not just from Love Hina. Mutsumi will be Batwoman (the original Bat-person in this universe, not the lame one that bastard Didio's got running around right now), and various other characters will appear. You'll just have to wait and see everything that happens. I intend for this to be a seven-chapter limited series, so don't think I'm abandoning my other stories... Again. I mean it this time.

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