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A/N: First and foremost, I want to apologize to those who shed their tears because of my story. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to. sobs Anyway, some were also asking if she died or what happen to her?

So I decided to make a short sequel to On Bended Knees. Here it is! Enjoy!


When You're Gone

Eriol's POV

I shot my eyes open and realized that I had slept. I don't know why and when had I fallen unconscious, but I just can't hold the pain inside my heart. I found myself in a cold room, so cold like a frozen bed of water surrounds me.

With walls all painted in white, I wished that it was heaven so I could reach for her and see her for the last time to tell her that I'm sorry and that I loved her. But no, it's just a hospital room, so empty and cold, like my heart now.

Shifting my gaze, I rested on my right side and saw the window of the hospital.

It was closed yet thank God, it was transparent. I could still see the dazzling sun rays pouring light upon my room, upon me, giving life to my lifeless heart that would never come alive anymore.

It was a dreamless sleep. All were dark.

As far as could remember, I was kneeling beside her while my sorrowful tears expressed my deepest emotions. That was the first time I cried helplessly; the first time I cried my heart out. I was so cold but then she got out the coldness out of me.

Oh, God, how I longed for her. I missed how her pale face brightens up whenever she curved her lips a sweet smile; how her raven hair danced with the rhythm of the wind and touched the contours of her angelic face; how her soft voice sings out a melody into my life.

But now, she's gone.

Her sweet smiles turned into bitter ones. Rhythm of the wind dancing with her hair was now inconsistent. Her soulful songs that fill my life were now out of tune. Gone were the sweet smiles, the touch of her hands, and the reason of my existence.

A single tear dropped from his eyes; a solemn tear that quantifies all the heartaches and regrets. The only tear that was left in his eyes saying, "You are forever in my heart."

I closed my eyes and slowly drifted to what they call the connection of reality and fantasy – dream.

The only bond I know that will lead me to caress her warm cheeks and to stare at her luminous eyes. Although it's just a dream, still my heart is so extreme that dreams could sometimes be so true.

I was beginning to fall asleep when suddenly I felt a presence.

Thinking it was only the nurse, I didn't bother to glimpse at her. Maybe she was here to check me, though I know I don't have any sickness at all.

The thing that really puzzled me is that why I had been sent to this lonely room when in fact, I had only lost consciousness.

With my eyes still closed, I could feel the soft cushion of my cradle gained weight slightly.

I realized there was something strange about this. If it was the nurse, I should have heard the door opened and then closed, but I haven't heard even a single crack sound. If it was someone from the hospital staff, I should have heard footsteps or any noise, but there was none.

Then it hit me.

I smiled at the thought she was with me. She came to see me. Maybe she wanted to say goodbye to me, but I can' find the words to say goodbye to her. I just couldn't and I wouldn't. I'm afraid of losing her.

Feeling more comfortable, I shifted my position as if I had someone beside my bed, like I was feeling her hands clasped with mine and her soft voices whispered silent words through my heart

I felt warmth on my forehead and it felt so heavenly good that I had wished for God to also take my life away and allow me to be with here forever.

She saw him in his sleeping form. With much love and concern, she sat down the bed as she caressed every inch of his face. She lightly kissed his forehead and slowly faded away while whispering, "You will be here forever in my heart."


A/N: aww… too short? I said this is going to be short, right? I'm sorry again. This is a true-to-life story (mine, actually) when I was sent to our school clinic, because of a bad stomach ache. I totally lose my stomach back there (hehe..kidding!). But yeah, there was something strange with the bed. Maybe there are ghosts in the clinic (oh my!).

So I just connected my love life story in the two fanfics. My unrequited loves and the ghost in the clinic. So sad, he really died. sobs

Someone gave me tips for this story so I edited it. I hope you like it!