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Warnings: Yaoi, post-mpreg (duh)…yeah, that's about it.


2:23 A.M.

At first, Edward wasn't quite sure what it was that had woken him so abruptly. He grimaced slightly as he eased himself up into a sitting position; his golden eyes only now fluttering open for the very first time. The alchemist waited a moment as he allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness before casting his gaze to the clock on the bedside table beside him, mumbling a soft, unenthusiastic curse as he registered the unholy hour he was up.

However, just as he was about to lay back down to fall back asleep, Edward's already expertly trained ears immediately picked up the sound that had brought him to his senses in the first place; a soft whimpering.

Ed closed his eyes wearily for a brief moment, before opening them once more to glance down beside him, taking in the sight of his lover tangled in the sheets, who wore a similar exhausted expression even in sleep.

With a soft sigh, the teen pulled back the covers and stumbled out of bed, glancing back worriedly to make sure he hadn't woken his companion in the process. Leaving the quiet of his bedroom, Edward padded down the dark hall, grateful (and not for the first time) for the carpeted floor that muffled every other step he took; or, more specifically, the soft clang of metal from his automail foot which accompanied it.

Pushing the already-ajar door open fully, he shuffled into the room, where the soft whimpers were steadily growing into louder mewls.

Edward maneuvered through the dark without a problem; knowing exactly where to step over a discarded toy or to sidestep in order to avoid slipping on a stray blanket.

At last the blonde reached his goal, and immediately reached down into the crib to lift his little girl and pull her into a gentle, loving embrace against his chest. Slowly, as not to disturb her further, he took a seat in the rocking chair set beside the crib and began to rock.

Almost at once, the baby's cries –which had been, up until this point, increasing in volume– lowered into soft hiccups; her sleepy amethyst eyes locked on to Edward's golden ones. He smiled down at her warmly, stroking her downy blond hair.

"Hey now, shh…it's alright."

Anyone who knew Edward would be shocked to discover the usually fiery teen was even capable of producing such a mellow, comforting voice. Of course, not just anyone would find out, as this voice in particular was reserved only for his daughter and, on occasion, his lover.

And yet, even with his best attempts, Edward could not quell the infant's snivels entirely; her small voice warbled slightly, as if she were torn between continuing her cries and calming down once more.

Just as it seemed as though matters were going to turn for the worse, Edward's sensitive ears picked up the nearly inaudible sound of his lover approaching. He stopped the rocking motion of the chair, closing his eyes in defeat.

Edward felt two strong hands carefully lift the babe from his grasp, and he finally looked up to see Envy cradling Serenity.

"What'sa matter, Renny, hmm?" Envy murmured, tracing a finger down her cheek; tenderly wiping away all traces of her tears.

Eventually the Sin looked up to meet Edward's tired gaze.

"Colic?" He asked, suppressing a large yawn.

"Colic," Edward affirmed, rubbing his face with his flesh hand.

With his question answered, the shape shifter returned his attention to his restless daughter.

"I dunno about you, but I think it's high time we let Mommy get some rest; don't you agree?" Envy asked Serenity, a playful edge in the way he spoke. In response Edward sent a halfhearted glare toward Envy, too drained to do anything more. Serenity merely sniffled pitifully.

"C'mon, Renny, that's enough of that. I think you've had your share of crying for tonight; you even got Mommy out of bed when Dr. Brian told him that's a no-no."

At this point, Envy shot Ed an expectant look –which Edward conveniently "missed"– before he continued.

"So whaddya say--no more tears. Fair enough?" Envy continued; smiling down at the infant in his arms who, as if response, let out a soft gurgle.

"That's a good girl… now go back to sleep, and no more crying until Mommy and Daddy get at least six more hours of sleep, got it?" Envy said, pressing a kiss to the baby's forehead before gingerly setting her back down in her crib; gently running his fingers back and forth across her belly until he heard her breaths become even in sleep.

Thus accomplishing his mission, Envy turned to acknowledge his blonde chibi once more. Edward sent him a dubious look.

"…How do you put up with it?" Edward asked at last, staring at the Homunculus incredulously. Envy smirked slightly.

"Why, the same way I put up with you, Chibi," he replied.

"Cut it out, Envy, I'm serious."

"I wasn't kidding."

Edward sent the smirking Sin a dark look before he collapsed back into his chair with a soft groan. Envy's smirk gradually turned into a small smile.

"C'mon, Edo, let's go back to bed."

"…Yeah, alright," Edward replied at last, taking the hand offered to him and allowing Envy to help him get back onto his feet.

Envy waited by the door as Edward leant over the side of the crib to press a feather-light kiss to his daughter's forehead himself, before the two made their way back to their bedroom.

The month-old parents settled back into their bed thankfully, eager to catch up on their sleep. As Envy flopped back, he realized just how tired he was; the past few weeks must've taken more out of him than he'd previously thought.

With a content sigh, Envy closed his eyes and settled himself more comfortably into the bed.


However, just as Envy found himself drifting off, he was brought back to his senses by the small, questioning voice beside him. Suppressing a groan, he turned onto his side to glance at Edward, who was hovering over him hesitantly.

"Ne?" Envy asked groggily. Surprisingly, Edward flushed in response before mumbling a quick "nothing, never mind" and hurriedly laying down.

"Oh, no--now that you've gotten me up, you're not getting away now, Chibi; what is it?" Envy asked; resting his chin on the palm of one hand, gazing intently at his lover's back.

There was silence for a few moments before Edward turned around to face the Sin, his face slightly flushed.

"Um…well, uh-I, um, just wanted to say thanks…and I love you," Ed mumbled.

Envy simply stared at the blonde for a few moments, before his eyes softened in understanding. Silently, he leant forward and captured the teen's lips in a soft kiss--which led to another one, slightly more passionate, and then another…

Finally, the two broke apart to find themselves comfortably tangled in each others' embrace. Envy smiled down at Edward, who was nestled up close against his chest.

"I love you, too, Chibi."

And after that, it was only natural that the two of them were easily able to fall back into a much needed slumber.


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