After much searching, I have noticed that there is a rather annoying (for me, at least) shortage of decent Vamp!Harry fics, and even fewer that are H/Hr, so I decided to make one of my own.

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One night, in Number 4 Privet Drive, Harry Potter was laying in his bed, deep in thought. Thinking about the previous year, and how everything had gone to Hell in a hand basket. Over the past few weeks, he had thought about his obsession with Malfoy, his strained friendship with Hermione, his short-lived relationship with Ginny Weasley, Dumbledore's death and Snape's betrayal, but right now, his daunting quest to find Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes plagued his mind. Harry had destroyed the first one – Riddle's diary – in his second year, with few repercussions. But Dumbledore destroyed the Gaunt family ring at the cost of his hand, and when they tried to retrieve Slytherin's locket, it turned out to be a fake, and Dumbledore was murdered for his troubles. Was that the price Harry would have to pay to destroy Voldemort? To watch helplessly as more friends and loved ones died for his cause?

Harry thought about the other four possible Horcruxes: Slytherin's locket, Hufflepuff's cup, something of Ravenclaw's or Gryffindor's, and finally, Voldemort's pet snake, Nagini. Nagini would probably be with Voldemort at all times, so her position was a given, if somewhat difficult to get to, and Slytherin's locket had been stolen by a mysterious R.A.B. and it, along with the other two Horcruxes, could be anywhere in the world.

As per Dumbledore's final wishes, Harry elected to stay at Privet Drive until his seventeenth birthday, at which time the blood wards would expire, and Harry would leave the Dursleys forever. Needless to say, it was a moment that Harry eagerly looked forward to.

Harry sighed as he thought about his friends. Ron and Hermione both said that they would be with him until the end, something that Harry wasn't entirely comfortable with. As soon as they stepped off the Hogwarts Express, Ron was pulled in by Molly Weasley to help prepare for the wedding of her eldest son Bill and Fleur Delacour, and Hermione wanted to spend a little more time with her parents before they went on their quest, something that Harry understood. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, they couldn't contact each other until they met at the Burrow.

After glancing at his clock, which read 11:43, he decided to go back to sleep. But as he faded into unconsciousness, he couldn't help but feel that something especially bad was going to happen.

And it would happen soon.

Unknown to Harry and his Order guard, he was being observed by the resident of Number 5 Privet Drive. Hidden by the shadows, he only opened the drapes to the second story window enough to peek out without being seen.

"Eight years. Eight long, boring, bloody years," the figure sighed, sipping a dark, viscous liquid from a plastic container, enjoying the metallic tingle on his tongue. "Why the hell is this kid so important anyway?" he wondered out loud to himself. "Oh well, orders are orders." The figure stood in silence for several minutes, rubbing the envelope that had been burning a hole in his pocket since he was assigned this task, before sighing again. "For the love of Merlin, I am bored."

Several weeks of dull monotony later, it was finally the eve of Harry's seventeenth birthday, the day he would be considered an adult by the wizarding world. After packing all his worldly possessions and releasing Hedwig to go the Burrow in anticipation for the Order members who would be escorting him later, he walked down to the sitting room, where Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were watching the telly.

"Well, I'll be leaving soon," Harry said. This immediately got both of his relatives' attention. "Tomorrow's my seventeenth birthday, and someone will probably be taking me in the middle of the night." Uncle Vernon just turned back towards the telly.

"Good riddance," he grunted. Not really expecting anything more, Harry just went back to his room and waited on his escort.

Harry's alarm chirped softly to alert him that it was midnight and he was now officially seventeen. Putting on his cloak, he grabbed his trunk and awaited for the Order to show up, and indeed, five minutes later, the door creaked open to show Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"Kingsley, professors," Harry said joyfully.

"For the last time, kid, we're not your professors. Ready to go, Potter?" Moody growled, his eye whizzing around in its socket. "Got your wand properly stowed?" Harry opened his cloak to show his wand shoved into his belt. Moody grunted dismissively. "Better than last time, kid. Grab your stuff, and we'll head off." Grabbing his trunk and his broom, Harry and the three Order members walked out into the street, being careful not to awaken the Dursleys.

The resident of Number 5 Privet Drive had been watching particularly intently, as that night signified the time that he would finally strike. Grabbing a long rifle, he looked through the crack in the drapes to see what he was dealing with.

"Three escorts," he muttered to himself, peering down the scope and taking aim. "Excellent."

Outside, Moody was doing one last check before they Disapparated to the Burrow.

"Okay, you've got your wand, your trunk, your broomstick," Moody checked off. "Now, what you need to do is shrink your junk before—" Moody was interrupted by a soft thump on his back. Swaying on his feet, Moody's real eye rolled in his head as he collapsed, a dart protruding from his shoulder. Before anyone could react, Remus and Shacklebolt were also shot and collapsed.

Harry whipped his wand out, frantically searching for a target. He heard a crack behind him, but before he could react, he felt a hand tug his head to the side and two sharp objects pierce into his neck. He tried to scream, but the hand that tugged his head had wrapped around his mouth, silencing him. Harry's vision started to blur, and his head felt fuzzy. He felt the two objects retract from his neck and he fell to the ground, his glasses falling off of his face. He saw a dark figure standing over him, and hold out a pale wrist with a deep cut on it to his face. Acting on instinct, Harry reached up and latched his lips onto the gash and began sucking greedily, reveling in the bittersweet, metallic taste. While he drank, he felt a rush of power surge through his body.

Finally, he had drunk his fill, and he dropped his head back onto the pavement. The last thing he felt before fading into unconsciousness was the figure kneeling next to him wiping a wet cloth on his bloody neck.

Jared Simmons was strumming his fingers on his desk. During the day time, the Hilton hotel was bursting with activity, but at night, business was usually rather slow. He shot straight up when he saw a twenty-something man dressed in black walk in carrying an unconscious teenager in his arms and struggling to pull a suitcase.

"Oh my God, is he okay?" Jared exclaimed. The man just nodded dismissively.

"He's okay, he flew in from out of town and we went partying. Kid sleeps like the dead after all that excitement. He'll be staying in room 713." Jared punched the room number into his computer and came back with a name.

"Of course, Mister Darknight. Do you need any help taking your friend to your room?" he asked politely.

"No thanks, I got it covered," Darknight said. Before Jared could answer, Darknight left for the lift and punched the number to take him to the seventh level.

When Darknight reached the seventh floor of the hotel, he dragged Harry and his trunk to his room, where he set Harry down on a bed and, after checking to make sure the drapes were closed, scribbled something on a piece of parchment and laid it on the table. He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and dropped it on top of the note with a heavy thump. He turned to the still sleeping Harry and sighed.

"I hate to have to do this to you, kid, to make you spend an eternity like this, but I have my orders. I'm sorry," Darknight whispered before exiting the hotel room, hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob.

When Darknight reached the hotel lobby, he turned to Jared.

"I just received an urgent business call, and I need to leave. My friend will be staying in my room for the remainder of my bill."

"Okay, Mister Darknight. Have a pleasant evening," Jared said. Nodding politely, Darknight strolled out of the lobby and into the night.

The next day, Harry stirred with a groan. He blindly groped for his glasses, but couldn't find them. He opened his eyes to find that he could now see perfectly. He turned his head to see a ray of sunshine pouring from a crack in the drapes, and an irrational fear gripped Harry's heart, and he fell out of his bed and crawled into a far corner in an attempt to get away from it.

As he huddled in his corner, terrified, he suddenly remembered a story, even though he didn't remember it ever being told to him. He remembered a story about a woman who tried to find her lover, only to find heartache. The details were fuzzy at the moment, and he didn't think too hard about it. He looked up and saw a letter lying on the table. After carefully stepping towards the table, as if the sunlight would jump up and attack him, he lifted the surprisingly heavy envelope to see a hastily scribbled note. Setting the letter aside, he read the note first.

Your friends were tranquilized last night, and are probably looking for you now. It's probably wise to NOT let them know where you are right now. Suddenly, Harry remembered what happened the night before, and rushed to the bathroom, and gasped at what he saw in the mirror.

He saw himself, but his skin had turned deathly pale, his scar standing out even more prominently. His normally deep green eyes had turned pale green, almost gray. He felt his neck to feel two scars on his neck, and bared his teeth to see that his canines were long and pointed. Panicking, he ran back into the main room and tore open the letter, ignoring the object that fell out as he pulled out and hastily unfolded the letter, which was written in much neater handwriting than the note.

If you're reading this letter, then you are now a vampire, like myself, and for that I am truly sorry. The only explanation I can give is that I was acting under orders, whose orders you will learn eventually.

The pendant enclosed with this letter will act as an emergency portkey to the nearest vampire clan when activated, and can transport up to three people. However, as it is a one-way portkey, it is highly recommended that you only use it if you have absolutely no other option.

That story that you remember in the back of your head is the story of our founding. More details will emerge within the next few days, so don't worry about it.

The room you're in is paid off until August 24, so I suggest you collect your bearings and figure out a plan of action before then. By the way, you're in the Hilton hotel, so magic is not recommended.

You cannot die from poison, drowning, suffocation, or the Avada Kedavara curse. If injured by normal objects, the wounds will heal quickly. If you're injured by silver or spells or enchantments, it will heal as if you were human. Get fatally hit in the heart or head, and you're screwed. That was probably a given, but it never hurts to let you know.

Finally, you must know the laws of the vampires. A few have been laid down by our kind, but most have been determined by our very existence.

Firstly, you must drink blood at least once every two weeks. Human, animal, it does not matter. The longer you wait the more hungry you become, until you become little more than a wild animal. Then, very few things other than the sun's rays can stop your rampage as you slake your thirst for blood. Animal blood is less nutritious than human blood, but with feasting on humans comes certain…repercussions. I'll let you figure them out on your own.

Secondly, stay out of the sunlight. I think this is fairly self-explanatory.

Thirdly, do not kill another vampire unless you have to. A vampire killing other vampires is not kindly looked upon, so don't do it unless it's your hide or his.

Fourthly, do not feed from or turn a child. This will get you in serious trouble with the higher-ups, so just don't do it.

Finally, be careful. It's a harsh world out there for a vampire, so you need to do whatever it takes to survive.

I am not asking for your forgiveness, as I will probably not receive it, but this is a little primer for the things to come. And be warned, it is not the act of becoming a vampire that rids you of your humanity, but of what happens afterwards.


Harry stared at the letter, shocked to the core. He was a vampire now, cursed to walk the earth forever. He'd never see his parents, Sirius or Dumbledore again; he would have to watch as all his friends fade away while he remained. Setting the letter down, he picked up the pendant and looked at it. It was a silver image of a bat with a single ruby eye, swinging from a silver chain. Harry sighed in defeat. He was already a vampire, what else did he have to lose by putting on a little necklace, he thought as he hung the pendant around his neck. It ended in the middle of his chest, level to where his heart was. He walked back into the bathroom and looked at himself again, and thought that when he got past the fact that he wasn't alive anymore, he didn't really look all that different…except he probably shouldn't smile in public anymore. Harry sighed again. Well, he was stuck in a hotel room for the day, and he had no idea where to go, or even where he was. He found a notepad and a pen and decided to start constructing a bare semblance of a plan with one thought on his mind.

Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Once-Lived, was having a bad day.


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