Summer Time In The Taishio House

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Chapter one: Beach House.

Love is a thing

someone in this world can bring (world can bring)

but when it goes away

it will be a darkest day (your darkest day)

She was the love of my life

and i gave her my heart (gave her my heart)

But she left one day

and she tore it all apart (ohhhhhhoh thats why Im)

I'm sitting in my room wonderin where

My babys gone, Im feelin blue

I'm sitting in my room

wonderin if

She'll come back to my life again

I still love you baby

and you know I do (you know I do)

This feelings that I have

Are only meant for you (this is how I feel)

Roses are red violets are blue

Honey is sweet

but not as sweet as you

Roses are red violets are blue

Cant you see, My love is true

Baby come back and forth one day

tears rolling all the way down me face

did you think all the years we had come to waste

their will never be no one to take your place

with your sweet sweet kiss & carress

my bliss is gone since the day you left

woman don't you know your love is the best

there is no one who can contest

-Zack Kekona

Kagome sat in her room singing along to one of her favorite songs. She had visited Hawaii last summer, and loved it.

(AU: I thought I would put that in there, I live in Hawaii, and that's one of my favorite songs. Go look it up on Imeem if you've never heard it before, It's pretty cool) She stood up quickly then stretched out her limbs; she had been sitting down for a long time. She walked over to the door, opened in, then proceeded to walk down the hallway towards the stairway.

Kagome walked into the kitchen with nothing on but a large white button up Tee shirt, and some not very noticeable short boxer shorts underneath. She got to work on fixing a healthy breakfast which consisted of: Eggs, bacon, orange juice, spam, and rice. She got accustomed to the Hawaiian style of eating while over there, now she eats rice with everything.

She sat down at the table to eat her breakfast in peace when she heard her doorbell ring. She sighed and stood up, not remembering her current attire, and rushed to the door. She opened it and spotted her elder sister, Inuyasha, her sisters boyfriend, her best friend Sango, and Sango's boyfriend Miroku. All of them were good friends.

"Hey guys, what's up?" questioned Kagome. It was really early in the morning. They never showed up this early.

"Well, Kagome-san, how beautiful you look with your long silky legs and that nice firm botto-" Miroku was cut off by Sango smacking him over the head with her fist.

"Kagome-Chan! Sorry to come by so early, I know how you like to enjoy your breakfast this early…but uh…we kind of have a problem." Sango said with a wince.

"What happened? Is everyone okay?" Kagome asked hurridly.

"Oh, yes, yes, everyone's fine…It's just that…well, you know how you told us to tell you if…um…you know who, came back into town?" Sango asked.

Kagome's aura flared out suddenly, startling everyone. She was very powerful, even to an extent they could not understand. "He's back?" Kagome's eyes narrowed.

"Calm down Kagome-San, we wont let him find you." Miroku soothed.

"Oh ha, don't worry. I'll be fine, I just wasn't expecting him to come back here. So, what shall we do today?" Kagome beamed, obviously trying to change the subject. "Keh, what is there to do at the crack of ass? You always wake up so damn early; I don't understand what you do this early let alone how you do it." Inuyasha said, breaking the tension.

Kagome sent him a quick smile in thanks then invited them into her home

Her house was spacious enough, it was a beach house. Her father, who was the second richest man in Tokyo, bought it for her on her 17th birthday. That was just a couple of weeks ago. It was currently summer, and she and her friends graduated high school not a week before. She graduated early, she was smart enough. Though her friends were older than her, she never felt left out. They were the best friends anyone could have.

The houses décor was simple. Pale, hardwood floors all throughout the house, with tan paint along the walls. She had various pictures hung or laid about fashionably, all of her family and friends. She had a huge area rug that blended in with the ocean, a blue rug that had various swirls here and there on it. She had two couches, one facing the plasma TV that hung on the wall, and one facing horizontal of the TV. Both couches were cotton white, with different shades of blue pillows on them, just like the area rug. The kitchen was painted a calming crimson with steel appliances. The dining room had a beautiful glass table that had metal bars holding it up, and the surrounding chairs were steel with cotton white seats and back covers. The Deck was the main attraction; all wooden deck with a marbled circular table with a brown umbrella above it. There was also random chairs here and there with white cushions and brown weaved in seats. On the far off corner, facing towards the ocean was a bar. Now, Kagome was not a drinker, but she didn't mind whipping up a non-alcoholic drink every know and then. Last but not least, her room. It was a light blue color with huge white French doors open with a personal balcony to view the ocean. The bed was a black metal bed, with a comfy white comforter and pillows. She had a leather chair in the corner with a fluffy blanket draped over the back of it with a leather foot rest in front of it. There was a huge walk in closet that was filled with all types of casual summer clothes, with the occasional dress. To top it of the room had a huge rug almost covering the wooden floor, it was a fluffy white rug.

Once inside the home all of them immediately went into the living room and took up their usual seats. Kagome smiled at her friends and offered them drinks. Once everyone was settled down, Kagome turned on the TV. Every one except Sango shrieked when she turned on Boomerang. This was Saturday morning; Kagome always watched cartoons on Saturday. No one would keep that from her; she would go berserk and make them leave. Sango chuckled at the thought of a berserk Kagome.

"What the hell's this Kagome?! We're not little kids! I wanna watch comedy central!" yelled Inuyasha.

Miroku nodded in agreement while Kikyo and Sango sat back and watched with a smirk on their face.

"No. This is my Saturday, and I'll watch what I want to." Kagome huffed.

Inuyasha growled and lunged for the remote.

"Ha! It's mine!" he said while jumping across the living room for it.

Miroku raised a brow. This was a little extreme…

Kagome stood and dodged Inuyasha's attack, making him sail over the couch and into the wall. Everyone except Kagome laughed, she just glared even harder.

"Teaches you, this is MY remote, MY Saturday, and MY cartoons." She sneered. She was serious about this. She rarely ever had a break anymore, and she'd be damned if some mutt tried to take that from her.

Inuyasha stood up and turned to face off with the Miko. He knew it wasn't a smart decision, after already witnessing her strength first hand. He cringed at the memory. But! He had to. She always won, no matter what. It was time for him to stand up and face her like a man…err…hanyou.

"You'll change the channel, or I'll do it for you." Growled Inuyasha.

"I think not puppy." Kagome giggled, her mood suddenly changing from sour, to happy.

The three watchers quickly went to grab some slim jims out of the pantry along with a few sodas, ran back into the living room, sat down, and watched their 'fight' like it was some sort of soap opera.

Inuyasha did a double take at them. "What the hell! You guys are supposed to be helping me! Kagome always gets her way whenever she asks for something! That's not fair!" Inuyasha whined.

All three looked at him in disbelief while Kagome giggled. "Inuyasha, Kagome rarely asks for anything. She is an angel. With a heavenly bottom…nice, long, shapely legs. And don't forget those huge, perky-" "MIROKU HOSHI!" bellowed out a demon.

Oh wait, never mind.

It was just Sango.

"Oh please forgive me my lovely Sango, I was only pointing out the—" He never got a chance to finish. The next thing everyone knew was that they heard a painful yell, then a loud splash.

Sango had thrown him into the ocean.

Once again.


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