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Chapter nine

About ten minutes later there was an ear piercing scream, and everyone jumped slightly. "Uh oh..." muttered Kagome, looking warily at Sango. Rin burped cutely and continued playing in her applesauce as if she hadn't heard a thing. "SESSHOMARU YOU BASTARD! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" yelled Inuyasha in a frenzy.

Inuyasha stood with his hands in the air and his hair clinging to his body, soaking through his clothes. He was covered in water from head to toe, little droplets of water falling off of his long mane onto the carpet; the thick rug soaking up the water greedily. Steely golden eyes shone with anger, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!"

Sesshomaru sneered slightly, "You should wake up at a more appropriate time, little brother." came his arrogant reply.

"AHH!" Inuyasha lunged for his brother, revenge his only thought. Sesshomaru quickly side stepped Inuyasha's 'attack', surprising the hanyou who began fumbling and fell to the ground in a heap. "Dammit!" he cursed from his spot on the ground, glaring angrily at Sesshomaru's foot that was currently resting on his face.

Sesshomaru smirked, cracking his knuckles. Inuyasha gulped.



"I wonder if Inuyasha is alright..." Kagome wondered aloud, shrugging her shoulders and exclaimed "Oh well! Rin, do you want to play toys?" Kagome said brightly, her eyes shining with enthusiasm. Rin blinked owlishly before throwing up her arms wildly, giggling happily. Taking that as a sign that Rin wanted to play, Kagome hoisted her out of her highchair.

"Barbies?" Kagome suggested, a twinkle in her eye. Rin nodded 'yes' and screamed, "Goooo!"

Kagome giggled and ran from the kitchen, flying past Sango startling her into spilling her precious macaroni and cheese. "HEY!" she yelled indignantly, hugging her bowl tightly to her chest while glowering.

Laughing maniacally, the two girls made their way up the winding staircase and almost ran into Sesshomaru's bulky form in their haste. Quirking a brow, Sesshomaru said nothing and moved out of the way, watching Kagome carry Rin towards Rin's room. Following behind them, 'what is that onna up to?' he wondered, stopping at the doorway.

Rin was sitting in the middle of her floor, surrounded by hundreds of little barbie dolls, some half dressed, some with little chunks of hair cut out, and some without any clothes on at all. Kagome was digging through a big pink chest next to the bed, throwing out all of the dolls she could find. Watching them fly through the air and land around Rin while she giggled happily at the raining dolls, Sesshomaru began to question this womans sanity.

Finally, Kagome got to the bottom of the trunk, pulling out the last doll. "Okay Rin-chan! LET US PLAY!" she yelled excitedly swinging around, faltering slightly whenever she saw Sesshomaru at the door. Blushing, she quickly covered up, "A nice quiet game of barbies?" she suggested, smiling innocently.

Sesshomaru 'Hned' and sat down on the bed. 'Uhh...okay? Is he just gonna sit there and watch? What a weirdo...' thought Kagome. Shrugging, she picked up a particularly mangled barbie doll. The hair was falling off in an unhealthy manner, her left arm was missing (most likely amputated), and she had the ugliest red vest on she had ever seen. "Her name will be Yuri!" Kagome stated, nodding her head in agreement with herself. Yuri was a fitting name.

Rin had two dolls, one was a boy with black hair that had some kind of odd red goo int it and the other was a girl with curly brown hair. The boy had on a pink tutu that barely fit, and the girl was without clothes. 'Poor doll..' thought Kagome sadly. "Here Rin-chan! How about you put this on?" she suggested, handing Rin a pretty pink ball gown. "They can match!"

Rin squealed excitedly, grabbing the dress and putting it on the boy doll. Kagome sweat dropped, "That works too.."

After they had all the dolls in place, they began acting out scenarios.

"Oh but my dear love! You cannot go to the ball without me!" cried 'Yuri' dramatically, while Kagome bent the dolls knees so she could fall down to the ground in distress. Rin giggled, and squealed, "Ugly!" making her doll, whose name was, after much debate, 'Mr. Fluffly', point at her doll. Gasping in shock, 'Yuri' wailed in despair. "I can't live without you, Mr. Fluffy!"

Sesshomaru sat on his daughters pink bed, staring blankly at the scene before him. At some point in time, Inuyasha and Sango had made their way onto the bed as well and they were now perched on either side of him, completely enthralled in the scene.

"You have to take her!" yelled Sango frantically, grabbing a doll so she could join. She grabbed a small doll which was supposed to be a child, and flung it next to 'Yuri's' side. "You have a child together!"

Rin laughed, "Sanyo you no play!" she said, shaking her head. Sango slumped, moping back over to the bed. Inuyasha snickered at her misfortune, to which Sango punched him in the head. Wailing at the pain, Inuyasha glared at her, sulking.

Sesshomaru sat quietly, watching Kagome interact with Rin. Noticing her father watching them, Rin yelled excitedly, "Come play daddy!" handing him 'Mr. Fluffly' in the process. Guffawing, Inuyasha slapped his knee while laughing loudly. "Hahahaha! Yeah daddy, go play barbies!"

Sesshmaru growled threateningly at him, punching him again, effectively knocking him unconscious. Sango stuck her bottom lip out, pouting. 'How come he gets to play?' she thought sulkily.

Noticing he hadn't moved, Kagome said "Yeah come and play! Rin-chan you can be the baby." Rin clapped her hands in excitement before grabbing the offered baby doll, cradling it lovingly. Kagome smiled at the little girl.

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to sigh, and sat down next to the two females. Sango perked up on the bed, hiding her laughter behind her hand. Her and Kagome made eye contact, both nearly bursting out in laughter.

Kagome cleared her throat, and said in a dramatic voice "Oh Mr. Fluffly, I need you with all my heart! Please don't leave me! Take me with you!" she said, sighing after her words. Sesshomaru glared at her, continued to sit silently. "DADDY! Talk!" Rin yelled, smiling widely.

Finally sighing, Sesshomaru bit out "I am going to the ball, you may come if you wish to accompany me."

Rin squealed happily while clapping her hands together, "THE END!" she screamed, flinging herself into her fathers arms. Snuggling into his embrace, she smiled. "Rin sweepy." she mumbled, making him smile.

"It is time you take a nap then, Rin. Say bye to Kagome." Rin peeked open her doe brown eyes and ran over to Kagome and kissed her on the cheek. "Goodnap Ka-ho-ge! Rin talk to you after."

Kagome smiled and kissed her on her cheek, before heading towards the door. Pausing to wait for Sango, she looked back as Sesshomaru tucked the little girl in her bed, kissing her on the forehead.

Sesshomaru reached over on the night stand and turned off the lamp, and turned to the floor to grab Inuyasha by his ear and dragged him out of the room, closing the door behind him.

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