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Edward Elric has been beyond the gate for the past three years. He is now 18.

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As soon as Hawkeye got off the phone, she returned to the colonel's office. "Sir, I have informed Miss. Winry Rockbell and Alphonse Elric about the current state of Full Metal. They will be arriving at ten a. m. two days from now."

"Yes it's a miracle that he's back but I heard he's in bad shape. You want to go check up on the runt? "

"That sounds agreeable"

The two of them made there to the hospital which was just two blocks from headquarters. It was a little past ten in the morning air felt refreshing and hopefully meant today would be go well . . . how dishonest the weather was . . .

At the front desk they were informed that Edward was located on the third floor in room 317. He was in a stable condition but he was not out of the woods yet. Before entering his room, they had to gain clearance from his attending nurse. Only she could determine if Edward was up to visitors or not.

"Maybe we should come back tomorrow. After all, Ed did just get back and he is probably in no condition to talk and it might be hard to see him. The report said he was extremely injured . . ."

"Nonsense, I want to see Full Metal even if he can't talk; I just want it make sure it's him."

"But what if the nurse says we cannot enter?"

"Well I'm sure with my charm she won't be able to resist my request!" He said standing in a dorky pose, with one knee bent on the ground and his arm stretched out.

What an idiot . . . "Colonel I highly doubt she'll be impressed by you and your stance. Besides what if it's a man? Are you going to charm him too?" Riza said smirking.

"That's what you are for, my lovely assistant!"

"Sir, do you prefer your right side or your left?"

"Uh my left, why?"

"Because I'm going to shoot your left arm off" she said with no emotion while aiming her gun at his arm.

"Hehe . . . remember this is a hospital. No shooting. And these people are already overloaded, you wouldn't want to increase their workload?" he inquired while waving his hands up in a sign of apology.

"One more person wouldn't hurt. But I wouldn't want you enjoying being catered to by a nurse"

"Whew." The two got on the elevator, the colonel being extra cautious since if Riza shot him, there would be no witnesses. At the third floor, they went to the information desk to inquire which way room 317 was.

"Before you may enter, I need to some proof of identification and I was alert Mr. Elric's nurse of your arrival. This is a special ward reserved for patients with severe injuries that require an intensive amount of recovery time. With that being said, the nurse might not allow you to visit with Mr. Elric."

Riza and Roy gave their badges to the secretary as she pressed the intercom button and called out: "Paging Nurse Ruiz room 317. Paging Nurse Ruiz room 317."

With the nurse:

Down the hall Jacqueline had already gotten up at ten to check on Edward. She checked his vitals and emptied his catheter before redressing his bandages. She then opted to go get Edward's file and read it since she was going to be his nurse for a very long time. What she found was far from pleasing.

Apparently Mr. Elric had been in the hospital several times in his shirt life. His stays were always cut short by him demanding to be released and his actions approved by one colonel Roy Mustang. He once tried to escape from the hospital! His emergency contact persons were his brother Alphonse Elric and his automail mechanic Winry Rockbell. It was also noted that he didn't like to be reminded about his height, or lack thereof, and that his colonel and him argued profusely. His chart showed a deficiency in calcium and his brain scan showed several deformities on his skull. These 'lumps' were old, probably spanning over several years and looked to be caused by some type of metal instrument. Maybe she could ask what they were caused by when her patient woke up.

Before she had time to contemplate further action, she heard her name being called to the front desk over the intercom. She sighed, got up and rushed off towards to answer her call. What now?


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