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Chapter One: Dreams

(Nor POV)

'A girl of the age seventeen stood in front of a large, beautiful lake. Her honey-brown orbs watched the glistening waters as her long brown hair gently swayed with the soft breeze as cherry blossom petals circled her as her eyes danced with fascination by just watching the beautiful petals in front of her. She sighed contently as her eye softly closed, listening to the soft rush of the water. 'Oi, Polka-dots.' a voice called out. Her eyes snapped open as she saw a figure standing on the calm, still waters of the lake. 'Nat...sume...' the boy's name left the girl's delicate soft pink lips as she took a step forward.

She looked reluctant as she looked at the blue, clear waters of the lake. She shook her head softly as she then held a face filled with determination while the petals continued to circle her as she then took another step forward. She closed her eyes as she held her breath, afraid of falling into the deep, freezing waters, as she then took another step, expecting to fall into the water, she didn't. All she felt the cool liquid under her feet, creating small ripples around her.

She opened her eyes in astonishment. She blinked and blinked again. 'I can walk...on water...' she said softly as she took another step towards the boy. The boy stared at her with his beautiful crimson orbs as his raven hair swayed along with the soft winds while he whispered softly, 'Hurry up, little girl.'

The girl lifted up her head as she then nodded, walking towards him in a slow pace. 'You're slow.' the boy said as he turned around, his back facing her. 'Natsume...Natsume!!' the girl yelled as she saw the boy walking away. She ran towards him as beads of water was lifted up in the air as they fell softly back to the water.

'Natsume!!!' the girl continued to yell as she ran after him. The boy stopped on his tracks as he then looked over to his shoulder, staring at the girl with his ruby red eyes. 'Natsume...Natsume...' the girl whispered softly as she found herself right behind him.

She lifted up her hand to put it on his shoulder. Her fingers trembled as she drew closer. 'Natsume...please...' the girl's soft voice pleaded as she placed her trembling hand on his shoulder.

The boy continued to stare at her as he turn around facing her.

He grabbed her hand as he tugged her towards him, making her fall into his arms. 'Mikan...' the boy whispered softly as he set his head on her shoulder. Tears rolled down the girl's cheeks as she hugged the boy. 'Nat...sume...' the girl cried softly. 'Mikan...I'm sorry...' the boy whispered softly as fangs were visible as he drew closer to her delicate neck.

Fear filled the girl's eyes as she tried to escape, but she was held in place as the boy's arms held her. 'No...no...NATSUME!!!!! NO!!!' she yelled as everything but her and the boy shattered like glass.

(Mikan's POV)

I screamed in my sleep as I thrashed in my bed. Beads of sweat covered my body as I gasped for air. My eyes looked around the dark, cold room that I call my bedroom. I sat up straight as I then curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth. I buried my head in my hands as I cried softly. "Mikan?" a fimilar voice called out. My head snapped up to see a girl with ivory skin, beautiful raven hair, and violet orbs. "Hotaru...It's the same dream! It keep happening! Over and over again!!" I cried as I rocked back and forth. I heard my friend sigh as she sat on my bed, next to me. She gently put a hand on my shoulder.

"Is it about that boy again?" she asked. I nodded as my eyes were puffy and red from my sobbing. "I-I don't know him!! He keeps appearing!" I exclaimed as I covered my ears as if I heard a terrible screech. Hotaru sighed once more as she put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me back gently on my bed. "It's okay, idiot. Just sleep." Hotaru said with a yawn. She got off the bed as she walked out of my room.

"And no more screaming tonight. You could have woke up everyone. Even the boys' dorms." Hotaru said with a soft smile. "Oh and here." she said as she threw a stuff animal at my direction. It landed on my stomach. I grabbed it gently as I held up in front of my face. It was a black cat with two red eyes for buttons and a stitched up mouth. On it's tail was a white ribbon tied around it, making a small bow.

"Thanks, Hotaru." I whispered softly. "Oh and you owe my fifty rabbits for borrowing Himeka." Hotaru stated as I could hear a smirk forming on her lips as she said this. "HOTARU!!!!" I yelled, but to only get hit by that damn baka gun. "Shut up and go to sleep. Night." she said nonchantly as she closed my door. I rubbed the top of my head as I smiled softly. I hugged Himeka in my hand as I closed my eyes softly, falling into the world of sleep.

Next morning (Mikan's POV)

The sun's rays passed through the large, opened window that was in my room as I smelled the scent of cherry blossoms filling the air. My eyes were stilled closed as I lay in bed, not wanting to get up, but was awoken by a painful greeting. "AAHHHH!!!! HOTARUUUUU!!!!" I yelled as I jumped up, standing on my bed as I used my pillow for a shield.

I peeked behind my soft, blue pillow only to see Hotaru holding up that stupid Baka Gun of hers. "Come on, idiot. Jinno-sensei won't be happy if you're late.Again."Hotaru said nonchalantly. I groaned as I jumped off my bed as I then fixed my bed. "How much time I have left?" I asked my friend in a tired tone. "Five minutes." Hotaru stated in a emotionless tone as she looked at the silver watch that was on her right wrist.

"GAAAHHH!! I'M GOING TO BE LATE!!!! NO!!!! YOU DIDN'T WAKE ME UP EARLIER!!!" I yelled as I pointed an accusing finger towards Hotaru who was sitting on my bed, eating. She swallowed as she then wiped her mouth with a blue napkin. "I tried to, but you wouldn't wake up." she explained with no emotion in her tone as I quickly got dressed into my uniform.It consists with a white buttoned blouse, a long sleeved black jacket, a blue ribbon under the collar, a blue and black checkered skirt, and a pair of black boots that had no laces or heels. Just plain.

I look in my mirror as my eye widen. "MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE A DEAD SHEEP!!!" I yelled as I pointed at my reflection. I saw Hotaru look at me as she then shrugged. "Just brush it. I doubt there will be any mice living in there, but then again it's just an assumption." she said as I brushed my hair.

"Owowowowowowowowooowwwww!!!" I winced as I brushed my hair until it was straight enough. I sighed as I looked at my brush only to see a handful of my brown hair.

(Hotaru's POV)

I watched the idiot try to fix her hair as I wrinkled my nose. "Not going to take a shower?" She looked at me with her honey-brown orbs as she put her hair up into two small pigtails, but left the rest of her brown locks down.

"I took one last night!! Come on!! WE'RE LATE!!!!" she yelled as she ran out the door. Typical.

I followed in suit, but only not yelling along the way.

(Mikan's POV)

Okay, so you must be thinking 'Who the hell is this girl?', right? Well, my name is Mikan Sakura, I'm seventeen, and I live in Alice Academy with my best friend Hotaru. What's Alice Academy, you ask? It's a school for kids,teens, and maybe some older people who has these special abilities called 'Alices.'

Each ability is unique, but some may have the same Alice. There are five types of Alices. There's the Latent Type, it's like super powers like mind reading, super speed, super strength, illusion, and all that good stuff.

There's the Technical Type, Hotaru has that type of Alice. Her Alice is Nanotechnology which allows her to create inventions of all kinds. The Technical type doesn't stop with technology though. The Technical Type is based on inventions and research fields. Like drawings coming to life, stuff animals coming alive, and so much more.

Then there's the Somatic Type which is based on the body,animals, or other living things. It's like Animal Pheromone,Human Pheromone, and such.

There's the Special Ability, which I'm in the Special Ability class. I have Nullification that cancels others' Alices. The Special AbiliyType is when one Alice does not fit in with the other categories


And then there's the Dangerous Type. These Alices may be considered one of the other, but they are considered dangerous.

"Oi, baka. Are you just going to stand there all day?" Hotaru asked me as she looked at me over her shoulder. I blinked a few times as realization hits me like a tone of bricks. "AAAAHHH!!!! WE'RE LATE!!!!!" I screamed as I ran fulled speed, laeving dust behind me. "No, it's going to be YOU." Hotaru said nonchantly as she rode on a scooter as she stepped on the gas, leaving me to bite the dust.

"HOTARUUUUU!!!!" I let a yell escape my lips. I ran towards the classroom as I slammed the door open, only to see Jinno-sensei and my peers staring at me.

"Well, I see Miss Sakura finally graced us with her prescence." Jinno-sensei said with a scowl on his face as some of my claassmates snickered. "Take a seat. We have two new students and they WERE introducing themselves, but SOMEBODY interruptted them." he glared at me as he let my head hang, not looking at the two students.

I walked towards my seat as I did not look up.


You could hear Jinno-sensei clear his throat as he nodded his head, telling the two new students to continue. "Hn...Natsume Hyuuga. 17. My Alice is fire. Leave me alone." a boy said icily. All the girls, except Mikan and Hotaru, squealed in delight. The boy had black-night hair, snow white skin, and crimson orbs that held a firey personality. The boy was lean, but had somewhat mascular while his raven hair was messy yet perfect. Such heavenly beauty and graceful and fluid movements would have made the Greek Gods and Goddess envy this boy. The other boy was beautiful as well, but not as gorgeous as the raven haired male.

The other boy had silky blond hair, beautiful blue eyes that could make you drown in them, snow white skin, and a kind smile on his lips. He was lean, but had some muscles as well, but was leaner than the other boy. "Ruka Nogi. 17. My Alice is Animal Pheromone. Nice to meet you all." he said with a soft smile that made all the girl go crazy.

Mikan lifted up her head as she just noticed all the screams. She held back a gasp as she looked at the two new students. 'THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!' she thought as her honey-brown eyes widen upon seeing the raven-haired boy. She let her hands drop to her side as she made eye contact with the boy. She held his gaze as she stared at him. It's the same boy...And he was staring, no glaring, at her with pure hatred.

She had a bad feeling about this...