Dear readers,

Yes, I'm quite alive and well! So what's going on with your lazy-bum authoress? School is starting in three days, ouch, and I'm currently working on a old and new project. I know, I know! What the hell am I thinking? How am I going to end this story? Well, that's the thing. I'm not going finish this, that's the point. Now before you explode on me, I'll tell you my reason.

I'm simply re-writing this lame-ass story.


I was terrible when I started.

And now, I want to start the story all over again with a familiar, yet different plot from this story.

So I will be posting the new version of this story pretty soon under the name

"Blue Heart". Now, why the hell am I restarting this whole thing?

Well, I cant' stand my past mistakes, but I would think that if I let it hanging, a lot of my readers will hate me. Yet I can't stand continue this. So why not start afresh, but leave this story to show how different my writing became?

Yep. That's what I'm going to do, so leave your eyes wide and open for my new version.

And trust me, this will be a lot different.

Blue Heart


Nothing ever disturbed her peaceful, yet exciting life at the gifted academy.

From lab explosions to failed dates, nothing ever got her this unsettled.

They're only dreams, her best friend said, but why

does it leave her sick to her stomach?

Only the new boys could answer that.

From their sexy looks to their dark past,

they're the new school's heartthrobs and

just plain sexy, bad boys.

But why would they move in the middle of the school year when they

can stay in a place where they are pampered from head to toe?

Why does his blood-like eyes stare right through her as if

he knows every good and bad bone in her body?

He makes her shiver with dangerous delight.

Was he dangerous?

She doesn't want to find out.

"Just lie to me like you did many other times."

"I will lie to you over and over again, you know that."

"Tell me everything will be alright. Lie. Lie to me always. Lie to me, Natsume."


Well, I hope you'll enjoy the new version! So what do you think of the little summary?