Lord Cynic: "I don't own Robot Wars. This was written way back when I was watching Series Four. Australians got screwed with the broadcasts. No VHS/DVD releases either. Craig Charles ruled the show, though."

A sucky poem

Velocirippa is spinning around, no drive to go forward,

Firestorm 2 is flipping up the all-but-dead Morgue.

Razer is tearing apart poor Milly Ann Bug,

Chaos 2 is dancing around, cocky and smug.

Hypnodisc is creating destructive mayhem,

The fiery pits are giving Diotoir and the Dublin blokes a trim.

Panic Attack is handy with its pitchforks,

Steg 2 is waiting to strike like a hawk.

They step up to the arena, waiting their fate,

As the countdown begins: "3... 2... 1... ACTIVATE!"

The End