"Jesus, what the hell is wrong with you. It's eight fricken a.m. and your blitzed!" yelled Miroku.

"Hahahha, lay off, ... hahaha." said InuYasha in a random laughing fit, obviously drug induced.

"Seriously, you need to cut this shit. Last week you came in too stoned to walk." Miroku yelled back.

"Miroku, take him home." said Kikyo, the well known ice queen and InuYasha's ex.

"Excuse me, what exactly is going on here !?" said Mrs. Hurigashi.

"Ohh...nothing Mrs. Hurry...geshhiiii..." InuYasha started laughing again.

"Are..you okay?" she asked him.

"Ohhhh yeahhh... totally chill." said InuYasha as he flipped his aviators over his bloodshot eyes.

"Oh not again. Miroku, take him to the office please." said Mrs. Hurigashi.

Ten minutes later, Miroku finally managed to drag a struggling InuYasha to the office. When he walked in the door, InuYasha fell into a dark haired girl. She was obviously scared, and screamed.

"Wha...what...WHO ARE YOUU...??" yelled InuYasha

"Uhhh... I'm, uhh, uhh, I have to go !" She yelled before running down the hall.

"Way to go loser. You scared her away." said Miroku. He was obviously upset about losing "tail" as he liked to call it.

"Dude, whatever. I'm leaving. ... so... were's the door...?" InuYasha started laughing again.

Miroku dragged him out into the parking lot, and stuffed him in the back seat of his car, which, on occasion was reserved for his lady friends. While InuYasha had his problems, Miroku could rival him for bad boy of the year. Everyone seemed to know about InuYasha's growing drug addiction. He came into school high so often it wasn't an unusual occurrence. Then again, who could forget the time he came back from lunch drunk and staggering? Considering he was only 17 years old, he had already been arrested twice, and sent to juvi. Yeah, he was pretty bad. No one really knew why he did these things to himself. Though, no one really cared.

"Alright let's go moron." said Miroku.

"...cool..." InuYasha managed to say.

Miroku practically carried him through the front door, knocking over almost everything in his bare living room. He left him on the couch, and left. He knew InuYasha would call him later, asking what had happened.

The next morning, InuYasha woke up early.

"What the hell? How did I get here...?" said InuYasha to himself.

He got into the shower and managed to find some soap and shampoo.

"Dammit! No towels. I'll kill Sesshomaru !" he said angrily

Sesshomaru was InuYasha's older half brother. When InuYasha's parents died, he became InuYasha's legal guardian. Unfortunately, he could have cared less about him. He was already 24 years old, and working in a law firm.

"Hey.. what did I do yesterday..?" InuYasha asked Miroku.

"Only about half a kilo of weed, why do you ask?" Miroku replied sarcastically.

Just then the morning announcements came on.

"GOOOOOD Morning students, teachers, annnnnd new friends!" said the high pitched annoying voice over the P.A.

They sat through around ten minutes of this. Then, Mrs. Hurigashi spoke.

"Good morning class. We have a new student." as she turned to the dark haired girl "Would you care to introduce yourself?"

"Oh, sure ! Hi.. I'm Kagome ! I uhh.. just moved from Tokyo." she said, and awkwardly sat down.

InuYasha suddenly looked over, it was the same girl he knocked over yesterday.

"Hey, I remember you, you're the girl from the office" he said to Kagome.

"Uh yeah.. and.. I never exactly caught you're name...?" she said back

"Oh, right, I'm InuYasha. So, what brings you to this lame school?" he asked

"Uhm.. learning..?" she replied, and turned around. She already knew he was bad news.