This chapter is titled "Old Habits Die Hard" and, I'd also like to add that InuYasha's personality is based off a friend of mine (most of the crap pulled too). Though, with all the shit he's done, he's never O.D. thank god.

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"Thank god I'm out of this hospital." InuYasha left, without telling anyone where he was going. They had released him early, not even Sesshomaru knew.

InuYasha wanted everything to go back. Back to the way it was only a few weeks before. Before Kikyo had seen him. And before Kagome moved here.

"I haven't talked to Miroku for a while." he thought as he walked down the street. InuYasha walked down the paved road to Miroku's apartment building. Miroku lived on his own, both his parents had died, just like InuYasha.

"Miroku, you home?" InuYasha called as he knocked on the door. "What the hell is he doing in there?" InuYasha opened the door and walked in.

"Hey! InuYasha! What's up?" Miroku looked at him, obviously high. "Let's get ripped! Hahahaha..." InuYasha looked at him. This was how he'd been before, and how he'd always be. "Yeah, I'm in. That hospital was pretty fucked. Let's do this."

"Hey... have you ever noticed that... when you listen to the beatles when your tripped... it actually makes sense!?" yeah, they were high.

Both of them sat on Miroku's couch laughing at each other laughing. Finally, Miroku got an idea. "Hey.. let's go SIB'ing!" "Ahahahhh...ahaha...mannnn, I'm so NEVER gonna' leave this couch...!"

A couple of hours later, they both fell asleep. Oh the affects of marijuana.

When InuYasha woke up, Miroku was on top of him. Obviously, Miroku was so high, he'd actually thought InuYasha was a girl. Fortunately, he had fallen asleep, or things could've gotten messy. And by messy, I mean InuYasha kicking the shit out of Miroku, or, potentially killing him.

"All right Miroku... if you don't get off me in the next five minutes, I WILL MAKE YOU FIST YOURSELF!" yelled InuYasha.

"Whoahhhh... what the hell?" Miroku obviously didn't realize what he'd done. "InuYasha, why are you... sweatin on me?"

"Miroku, ...cut the fag language... and, you're the one on top of me you...queer!" InuYasha got up shoving Miroku on the floor. "Okay, this has gotten weird... so I'm out.."

"Yeah... alright. Seriously... we never speak of this again... cause' InuYasha, no offence but..."

"Save it. Do you honestly think I'd tell people I woke up with you on me? Yeah. WRONG."

InuYasha walked home. "I'm gonna have some shit to explain when I get home..." This was when he realized, Sesshomaru probably won't be home. He'll be at work.

"Kaaaaaaaaaaagomeeeeeeeeeee! PHONE!" Yelled her little brother Souta.

"Hey Kagome.. I kind of have something to tell you about Miroku.."

"What Sango.. does he actually have an STD!?" laughed Kagome

"No, it's not that... it's just he tried to make a move on me yesterday..."

"What!? When?"

"After we left the hospital, he left some shit at my house from our project for english. So he came to get it."

"So.. what happened...?"

"Well... I kind of ...let him kiss me... and then..."

"And then what???"

"He called me Kagome."


"Yeah... he's a pervert"

"So... then what happened...?"

"He apologized and said it wouldn't happen again..."

"What? Miroku apologize? The what!?"

"He tried to unhook my bra, so, I slapped him and told him to get out of my house."

"Ahahahaha!! Ohhhh wow, it never ends with him, does it?"

"God... I'm so embarrassed."

"Well... at least he never got your bra off!"...

Then there was silence, and a dial tone.

"Sango hung up on me!" Kagome just laughed... well she was a little bit disturbed by the whole Miroku thing. "Oh my god. Miroku wants me!" o.o'

"Tomorrow's Monday. The start of a new week!" thought Kagome. "Thank god I actually got my assignments done." then, she went off to sleep.

Mrs. Hurigeshi walked into her classroom early, because she liked to be ahead at the start of the week, also, because she preferred not to be around when her students arrived. "I just love a clean chalk board!" she was excited today. Unfortunately, that excitement would fade, into anger.

"InuYasha!?... Dude, you home?" yelled Miroku

"Yeaaaaaah...I'm coming..."

"Okay?" Miroku yelled back.

"Shit!" Miroku thought. "It's already 8:30! We're late!" He honked the horn. "I don't have time for this shit! InuYasha, I'm leaving."

Miroku sped off, in hopes of getting to school before he was really late.

InuYasha walked out the front door. And started to walk down the street. And for the fourth time since his hospital stay, he was high.

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