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Authors note: Came up with it this morning, 'what would happen if a werewolf had braces?'

Sam and Dean launched themselves through the trees towards the agonized screams that were coming from the woods ahead of them.

"Do you think it's found a victim?" Dean shouted to Sam as he jumped over a fallen log.

"The moon just came up; I don't think he's had time." Sam answered double checking the silver rounds in his gun.

"Then what the hell is that awful noise?" Dean asked as they split to go around a thick clump of vine maple, they met up on the other side and stopped, staring in astonishment and horror.

They were at the edge of a clearing and in the middle of it was the werewolf they were hunting, writhing in pain as it clutched its face.

It hadn't been hard to trace the seventeen year old Phillip Norris in the small Rocky Mountain community. They had found his picture on the wall of a werewolf they had wasted, with a big red X slashed across it. Seeming how little Philly wasn't pushing up daisies Sam and Dean had decided to be safe rather than sorry and watch the kid during the next moon. Like a dutiful little puppy the guy had marched out to the woods a few hours before moonrise, it hadn't really surprised them. He seemed like the type of guy to know about werewolves; Phil was the epitome of geek. Slicked back hair, thick rimmed glasses that had been taped at the bridge, a spray of freckles across his face just above his dorky smile that came complete with…

"Oh." It suddenly dawned on Sam as he watched the poor guy roll on the ground partially morphed and making some sort of inhuman noises of pain.

"What?" Dean asked transfixed by the strange site, his gun hanging loosely at his side. Sam looked from Dean to the kid with a disgusted look on his face.

"I think it's him um… braces." Sam said slowly gesturing at his mouth. Dean looked back at Phillip.

"Ooh, ouch!"

"Yeah, that's gotta hurt."