These are just a collection of thoughts I had about Exile. I might make it multi-chapter, but they'd be really short, so I dunno. . . I guess I'll do it anyway.

As always, I own nothing but my own version of the Stranger.

Saavedro's Lost FireMarbles

Part One

The Non-Existent Wristwatch

He'd been pacing there for about an hour. I know. I've been watching him.

Why? I'm bored and frustrated. When (if?) I get back to Tohmahna, I am so complaining to Atrus about the difficulty of the puzzles here. And I'm still on the same Age I arrived at! So here I am, watching this freaky guy pace back and forth with that book.

I don't even know his name! All I know is, he's got something against Atrus. Just like Sirrus and Achenar had something against Atrus, and Ghen had something against Atrus. Cripes, how is it that he's still alive?

Oh! Hide! He's coming this way! I duck behind the door window. I hear his footsteps. They stop. I take a peek through the window. He's. . . just standing there. Then, he lifts his arm and looks at his wrist. I look there, too. Nothing. It's kinda like he's looking at a wristwatch. Except there isn't one.

Wow. Not only is this guy dangerous, but he seems to be a few pages short of a Linking Book. And I'm stuck here with him. Great.