-1Ahh. . . the end of the crazy tale of Saavedro's insanity. I like this chapter for no particular crazy. It's not really funny, it's just. . . odd. Like someone changed the colors on a picture and you're trying to figure out what's wrong. Ok, bad analogy.

Saavedro's Lost FireMarbles

Part Seven

Bonding Through PEZ


The End

I cried. I admit, I did. I had to trap him! I knew he wouldn't give me Releeshahn if I didn't! And he cried. He cried for his family, his home. . .and now, I have the book. I have the Tohmanah linking book. I could leave. But I can't. I can't leave him here.

So I switch the lever around. I walk back up to the top, thinking about what I'm doing. I know. I need to free him. And so I turn the power back on. He sits up suddenly. Getting to his feet, he looks slowly around him. He's free, and it shows in his face as he turns to me. The years and pain dropped from his face, and I get a glimpse of what he must have been like before all this.

He doesn't try to speak. He just waves. I wave back. Saavedro turns to go back to the gondola, then stops. He pulls something out of him pocket, looking at it for a few moments. Then, he threw it at me. I let out a yelp, assuming he was making one last ditch attempt to do some damage. But I still caught the dang thing, thinking it to be a rock. But it wasn't. It was that frog-type PEZ dispenser I found in his room on J'nanin. It was special to him, I think. I look up to thank him, but he's already gone.

Smiling, I open the Tohmanah book Time to go home. With the PEZ dispenser clutched firmly in my hand, I linked.

The first person I saw when arriving was Catherine, who shouted to Atrus and. . . Alexandra? Oh. . . crap. . . my sister's here. Damn.

I now find my vision blocked by my thirty-five year old sister. I think Atrus called her as soon as I left. She soon confirmed this in her ten minute rant about safety and Linking Books and how I was going to die and how glad she was that I'm alive and how much James was worrying. James is my older brother. He's twenty two.

Anyway, I eventually wiggled out of her grasp long enough to hand Atrus Releeshahn. He seemed rather shocked that I had got it back, but he's better now. He's smiling! Yay! And then he started lecturing me about safety and Linking Books and how glad he was that I'm alive and how much he and Catherine were worrying.

I just grinned. When the two of them stopped ranting/lecturing/fretting, they asked me for my story.

"Well, it all started when I found all this PEZ. . ."

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