Kingdom Hearts: The Fullmetal Dog and the Keyblade Master

Chapter 1

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Rating: PG—PG-13 Due To Violence and Bad Language.

Pairings: EdxWinry and SoraxKairi

A/N: This fic is a crossover between FMA and Kingdom Hearts, if you haven't figured it out. By the way, Ed and Winry are 16, Al is 15 and all KH characters are from 2nd game. The title above, 'Fullmetal Dog', refers to Ed's 'Dog of the Military' thing. Anyway, let the story begin…


Sora, Kairi, Donald and Goofy had just finished going through a gate in their Gummi Ship. Their last world was Twilight Town, where they had met King Mickey but they then departed and Riku went with the King.

The four of them looked down to the new world ahead of them. Sora looked down on the ship's radar; Amestris it read. "The world is called 'Amestris'" Sora stated as he looked back to his three friends. The trio looked at each other and then back to the Keyblade Master.

"Well, land already!" Donald complained. Sora looked to the control panel and pushed a button which caused all four to be transported down to the planet.


Once the four friends reached the world they looked around and examined their surroundings. There were beautiful hills and fields of green grass, a dirt road which led up to a light-yellow, two story house.

"EDWARD!" they suddenly heard someone call out worriedly. They looked to their right to see three people; two blondes and a bronze-haired boy surrounded by Heartless. One of the blondes, a young, teenage boy with long hair tied back in a braid and with black clothes, was lying on the ground; apparently he had just gotten hit by one of the Heartless and a blonde girl was at his side. The bronze-haired boy was standing in front of them defensively.

"We have to help them!" Sora declared as his Keyblade appeared in his hand suddenly. The other three friends nodded. Kairi's Keyblade, the one Riku gave her, magically appeared in her hand. Donald pulled out his staff and Goofy, his shield. The four of them then quickly ran over to the three people in need of help.


"EDWARD!" Winry called out worriedly as she ran over to the young teen who had just gotten hit by one of those…things. She, Ed, and Al were just out for a walk; something they would do since the two brothers had returned a few days ago with Al's body and Ed's leg restored.

Today was different though. As they were walking back to their home, some black, tall, shadow things with glowing yellow eyes and long antennas appeared out of nowhere and attacked them! Ed and Al then fought them, which is what led to this.

Ed leaned up and glared at the shadow figures ahead of him. "Damn it; what are these things!?" Ed asked irately. Winry knelt down beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. Al ran in front of them and stood in his fighting stance, defensively.

"Some sort of chimera?" Al suggested. Ed thought but shook his head. "Doubtful; they don't look like any chimera I've ever seen" he replied.

Al went to throw a punch but the creature went down…What the? Al thought as he saw it melt into the ground. Ed tensed slightly. The being then popped up once more behind Al, pushing him away, and then looked down at Ed and Winry.

Ed quickly stood up and transmuted his Automail arm into a hand-blade. Suddenly, two teens, a duck and some dog thing came to his side.

"We'll help you out!" the brunette teen stated as he stood ready to fight with a blade that looked like a giant key. Ed looked at them curiously but then turned stern and turned back to the shadow creature.

Winry stood up next to Ed, her wrench at the ready. Al regained himself and got ready for a fight.

The three shadow beings looked at their opponents and quickly ran, sloppily, towards them.

The brunette teen ran up to one of them and swiped his blade through it, the impact making it dissolve completely. Ed smiled triumphantly and ran up to another one, striking his hand-blade through the things chest and, as he did, it dissolved as well.

The final one went over to Ed and scratched his back with its claws. Ed screamed in pain and spun on a heel with his other leg in the air for a kick. The being became slightly dazed after Ed kicked it in the face and the blonde Alchemist took the opportunity and swiped his blade, making it dissolve.

Ed panted for breath a minute before transmuting his arm back to normal.

The brunette looked back to Ed, the strange blade still at his side. "You OK?" he asked worriedly. Ed looked to him and nodded slightly. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine" he replied. Al and Winry ran over next to Ed.

"Who are you guys anyway? You don't look like from around here" Ed asked. The brunette looked back to his friends and then turned to the blonde ahead of him.

"I'm Sora" he stated. "I'm Kairi" the girl with dark red hair and a pink dress behind him said. "Donald Duck" the duck stated in a strange voice. "And I'm Goofy" the dog thing said cheerfully.

Ed looked back to his brother and friend before looking back at the four. "Well, I'm Edward Elric!" he stated in that confident tone of his. "I'm his younger brother, Alphonse" Al said kindly. "And I'm their friend, Winry Rockbell" Winry told them.

"Nice to meet you all" Sora said. Ed walked up to the spiky-haired brunette. "Sora, right?" he asked. Sora nodded. "OK, seeing as you knew what was going on here two seconds ago…WHAT THE HELL WERE THOSE THINGS!!??" Ed demanded, obviously wanting answers.

Sora stared at him blankly for a moment and then shook his head. "Those shadow things you fought are called 'Heartless'" he replied finally.

The three looked at Sora curiously. "Heart…less?" Ed asked curiously and his shoulders slumped back in puzzled defeat. Sora nodded. "Yeah, a Heartless; it's what gets created when someone losses their heart to the darkness" he explained.

Ed's eyes widened. "Lose you heart…to the darkness?" he asked, clearly intrigued. He brushed it off and crossed his arms. "What's that blade anyway? It's unlike anything I've ever seen" he asked.

Sora looked down at his weapon and then back to Ed. "It's called a Keyblade; only the person with the strongest heart can possess it" he explained as he held the blade in front of him.

"Keyblade?" Ed asked.

"Yeah and I, as the Keyblade Master, have to lock the heart of this world so that those Heartless can't hurt anyone" Sora said.

"What are the Heartless after, exactly?" Al asked suddenly. Sora looked to him. "They want to take a persons heart and take it to the darkness, turning them into another Heartless" he replied and then looked back to Ed.

"When was the last time you saw them? The Heartless?" Sora asked him. Ed looked back to Winry and Al before responding. "Today was the first; we've never seen those creatures before" he declared.

"Then we have to find the heart of this world and lock it before the Heartless can find it and start coming in themselves" Sora said.

Ed, Al and Winry nodded approvingly.

Before anything else could be said, the group suddenly heard a loud explosion coming from Resembol's caves. They looked in the direction. "What was that?" Ed asked, surprised. "It could be a Heartless!" Sora said urgently.

"Well, whatever it is, we better find out and stop it!" Ed declared. Sora and his friends nodded and all of them ran towards the cave, not entirely sure what to expect.


The group of seven looked up at the large entrance before going in.

"I can't see anything!" Donald complained, trying to look through the caves darkness. "Whatever that explosion was must've come from deeper inside" Ed stated.

"Aww" Donald complained. "We're just going to have to find it then" Sora declared.

Ed looked over at Winry suddenly.

"You stay out here" he told her. The mechanic looked at him heatedly.

"No! I won't let you go in there without me!" Winry complained.

"It could be dangerous, Win, I don't want you to get hurt" Ed explained. "Edward, I'm about as likely as getting hurt as you are with not breaking your Automail!" Winry declared scornfully. A vein popped.

"Excuse me!? My Automail hasn't been broken ever since I got back!" Ed told her heatedly. Winry glared at him and the two blondes began arguing.

Sora and his friends watched, slightly shocked. "Do they always fight like this?" Sora asked nervously.

Al looked to him and shook his head. "Nah; sometimes Winry hits him with a wrench" Al replied and, as if on cue, Winry whacked Ed over the head with her infamous wrench. "There it is" the Alchemist stated.

Sora and his friends, again, looked surprised. "This world is a little different from the rest" Sora whispered to his acquaintances and they all nodded in agreement.

Ed rubbed his sore head and looked up at his mechanic angrily. "Damn it, Winry!" he said heatedly.

Kairi quickly ran over to the two and interjected. "Edward, Winry, please, calm down!" she pleaded. The two blondes looked at her, confused. "Winry" Kairi began once more, looking to the blonde mechanic. "I'll stay out here with you and wait as the guys go ahead inside" she explained.

Winry lowered her head and nodded. Kairi then looked to Ed. "Is that OK?" she asked him. Ed turned form confused to stern. "How can I trust you?" he asked.

"It's OK" Sora interjected suddenly. Ed looked to him. "Kairi's my friend; and we helped you out, right? We just wanna help" Sora said kindly. Ed lessened the tension in his shoulders and nodded. "OK" he agreed finally.

Winry and Kairi leaned on the entrance of the cave and watched as Donald, Goofy, Ed, and Al walked in. Ed and Winry gave each other one final glance before looking away and Ed continued.


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