Kingdom Hearts: The Fullmetal Dog and the Keyblade Master

Chapter 4

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After fighting off several Heartless ships in the passage to a new world, the Gummi Ship now hovered over said world. When they had first boarded, Ed and his brother and friend were quite intrigued with the technology. Especially Winry, considering she was a mechanic, it did not surprise the Elric brother's but it took Sora, Donald, Goofy and Kairi aback a bit.

Sora looked down at the radar and his eyes widened happily.

"It's Radiant Garden!" Sora said excitedly as he looked back to his friends.

Ed's eyes widened. There really are other worlds he thought, surprised and interested.

"I wonder how everyone's doing!" Goofy said cheerfully.

"Yeah, let's land and see!" Donald said.

Sora nodded and looked to Ed, Al, and Winry. "Ready?" he asked them.

The three looked at each other and then nodded surely to the brunette.

"Alright then" Sora said as he turned back to the control panel. He pushed the button which caused the seven to be transported down to the world.


Once his feet were on the ground of this new world, Ed could feel the excitement in him build up, as did Winry and Al.

They seemed to be in a town square; small item shops surrounded them as did shoppers and, the occasional…"What is that?" Ed asked as he pointed to a small beige creature with a big red nose and a single antenna with a giant red ball as well as small purple wings on its back.

Sora looked at it and smiled at Ed. "That's a Moogle; they do item and weapon synthesis if you have the right ingredients and recipe's" he explained.

Ed, Al and Winry's eyes widened, obviously interested.

The group continued walking.

"I wonder where Leon and his friends are" Donald said suddenly.

"I'm sure they're fine; everything here seems to be OK, after all" Sora replied. "It'd be nice to see everyone, anyway" he said.

"Hey, Sora?" Ed asked. Sora looked back at him.

"Who's Leon?" Ed asked. Sora smiled.

"Leon is a friend of ours; he's helped us along our journey lots of times, along with his friends; Yuffie, Aerith, Merlin, Cloud, Tifa, and Cid" the spiky-haired brunette explained.

"Can't wait to meet them!" Al said suddenly. Sora laughed a little.

"We just have to find them first" Sora told them.

"OK, where are they usually?" Ed asked.

Sora turned back around. "Merlin's house; that's where they do all their research, plus, they keep a close eye on the Heartless that come in and out of this world" Sora explained.

"Well, let's go" Ed said excitedly. The group then ran down the stairs to the Borough.

Once there, they all looked around. To Sora, that place hadn't changed much since the last time he had been there. Ed, Al and Winry just seemed to be happy to be on a new world. They took a few more steps before being surrounded by Heartless that just popped up from nowhere.

Ed and Al went into fighting stance, Winry pulled out her backhand blade from a holster in her back pocket that Ed had made for her through Alchemy before they left their world, Sora and Kairi's Keyblade's appeared in their hands and Donald and Goofy prepared themselves with their weapons.

"So, do these things just pop up, or do they follow you around all day?" Ed asked sternly.

"Their attracted to the Keyblade, so, they follow me around to try and turn me into a Heartless" Sora replied. Ed shrugged in response to that.

"Sora!" someone from overhead called out. All eyes looked up to see a girl with short black hair and dark eyes.

"Yuffie!" Sora said happily.

"Guys need some help?" Yuffie asked sarcastically. Sora nodded. "Alright!" the onyx-haired girl said cheerfully. She magically pulled out her ninja weapon, the four bladed one, and jumped down to help out.

"Let's get them!" she ordered.

The Heartless, some tall Neoshadow's and normal, smaller and weaker, Shadow's, began closing in on them.

Yuffie threw her weapon at one of them, going through it and few others before returning to her hand. The Heartless continued towards them nonetheless.

Ed clapped his hands together and, shockingly, when he placed his hand on his Automail, it transmuted to a hand-blade. He ran up to a Neoshadow and struck it twice, causing it to vanish.

Sora swiped his Keyblade through another; it dissolved into small pieces of darkness.

The group continued with this, until after a few minutes after when they were all gone. Ed transmuted his arm back to normal and Winry placed her blade back in her holster. Everyone looked to Yuffie once more.

"How are you doing, Yuffie?" Sora asked.

"Everything's been OK, but, as you can see, the Heartless are back" the ninja-girl replied. She then looked to Ed, Al and Winry curiously. "Who are they?" she asked.

Sora looked back to the three and smiled back at Yuffie. "These are our new friends" he replied as he walked next to Ed. "This is Ed" he stated.

"'Sup?" Ed said, plainly with slight cheerfulness.

"His younger brother, Al" Sora said as he pointed to the younger Elric.

"Hi there!" Al said cheerfully.

"And their friend, Winry" Sora said, pointing to the blonde mechanic.

"Hello" Winry said politely.

"Hi there!" Yuffie said happily. "I'm sure Leon would like to meet them, too! They did a great job with defeating those Heartless just now" she stated.

"Where is everyone, anyway?" Sora asked curiously.

"They're at Merlin's right now, all except Cloud" Yuffie declared.

"Well then, let's go see them!" Sora said happily. Yuffie nodded and began walking. Sora began walking and everyone followed. Soon after, they reached the house and entered.

Cid, who was at the large computer, turned around to see who came in. Aerith walked over as did Leon and Merlin.

"Well, looked who it is" Cid said, the toothpick he never seemed to get rid of still in his mouth as always.

"You're back" Aerith said, kindly as always.

"Hey" Leon said, plainly.

"Hi guys" Sora said happily.

Leon and everyone else looked to the three new people. "Who are they?" Leon asked first.

An annoyed expression came across Ed's face; were they going to have to put up with that with each world they visit? He sighed quietly.

"I'm Ed" he stated.

"I'm his younger brother, Al" Al said.

"My name is Winry, I'm their friend" Winry told them.

"Hmm, nice to meet you, I'm Leon" Leon stated.

"I'm Aerith" Aerith said in her always soft voice.

"Name's Cid" the Gummi Ship Pilot and engineer at the computer said.

"And my name is Merlin" the old wizard declared.

They all looked back to Leon.

"The Heartless are back, if you haven't noticed" Leon told Sora and his friends.

"Actually, we have, we just beat a few outside" Sora told him. "Any ideas as to why, though?" he asked.

It was silent for a moment. "We have a feeling it's Maleficent" Leon told them suddenly.

"Maleficent?" Sora asked but, then, the memories came flooding in; she came back and they never defeated her. "Oh, right…" he said, annoyed.

"Um, Sora?" Ed perked up nervously.

The brunette shrugged, indicating Ed speak.

"Maleficent; who's that?" the Alchemist asked.

"A witch who can control Heartless" Sora explained.

Ed shrugged in response; this adventure was going to be interesting.


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