This story is placed back when people rode carriages and there was no technology. So it isn't present day and they aren't vampires in this story. So I'm sorry if you don't like that and I am not sure about what time in history that took place but if you might know please tell.

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Chapter 1

I am Isabella Marie Swan, I am seventeen and I have been orphaned since I was four. I was orphaned because both of my parents had died. My mother died first from a disease and my father followed after with suicide from depression.

Now I was stuck here in a house that was not in good condition with other kids who shared the same horrible fate. My best friend here was Angela. Usually orphanages weren't horrible but the lady who was in charge, Victoria; she scared all of us with her companion James. They made all the kids their slaves especially me.

It seemed she liked to cause pain to the people around her. The people who sent me here told me that it was a good place to stay (They were wrong) and gave me my belongings. Unfortunately Victoria took away all my belongings except one. It was my locket. I kept it hidden from her. It was very special to me since it had pictures of my mother on one side and my father on the other. When ever I would get sad about my life it sort of comforted me to see their faces smiling at me.

"ISABELLA GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!" That was Victoria. I went down the stairs quickly so she wouldn't yell at me.

"Yes Victoria." I said in the most polite tone. She could be very vicious if we did something wrong.

She scowled at me and told me what I had to do today. They usually consisted of me cleaning, cooking, or anything else that was too much work for kids my age. "You have to go into the marketplace and get these things. If you say anything about this orphanage that makes me look bad I will make sure you have been taught a lesson. Also you better come back by an hour. Understand." Going to the market wasn't that bad. I guess I got lucky today.

I just nodded fast since I was scared of what might happen to me. I quickly took the list and the money and left. I quickly walked to the marketplace and looked to see what was first. It was all groceries. Most were for Victoria and James and very little were for me and the kids back at the orphanage.

I walked to all the carts and got everything. I looked to see the big clock that loomed over the village to see what time it was. I still had fifteen minutes to walk back to the orphanage. That was enough time.

I checked for all the groceries and was satisfied that they were all there until I heard someone say "Get off the road." I looked to see a carriage almost run into me but the guy who was holding the reigns on the horse braked suddenly and barely hit me but still knocked me down.

I saw a guy come out of the carriage and he was the most gorgeous guy I ever saw. He had golden eyes that looked like topaz and messy bronze colored hair. He looked worried at me and helped me up. Fortunately the groceries were fine.

Then he talked in the most amazing voice ever. "Are you all right?"

I nodded and told him "I'm fine." He looked relieved. I would have loved to be with him longer but I looked at the clock and to my horror I only had one minute to get back.

He looked confused at my bewildered expression and was probably going to ask why but I said a quick bye and ran as fast as I could.

I was panting heavily by the time I got back and Victoria was waiting for me by the door with the most furious face I had ever seen.

"You're late." Her tone matched her expression.

I tried to explain but she dragged me by the hair inside. I knew what was going to happen next. James took the groceries away with a smile on his face probably happy that I was going to get punished. I saw Angela look at me with scared eyes as Victoria kept pulling me by the hair.

Victoria started yelling how I wasn't going to have a meal for a week and started her punishment. It consisted of her scratching me and she punched me in the arm so hard I could see the bruises coming already. The pain was unbearable but I had gotten used to it after multiple times that it didn't hurt as much. After she was satisfied she left me locked up in the room.

When I heard her footsteps go down I broke down. Tears came streaming down my face from the pain and how much my life spiraled down ever since my mother was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

I kept crying while I opened the locket to see my parents smiling up at me. I hoped that they were together in heaven and that they couldn't see what life I was in now. I started calming down as I imagined the good old days when we were together and a happy family.

I felt depressed that those days were over and that I would probably never be that happy ever again.

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