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Chapter 5

When I woke up I felt something was different. Then I realized that for the first time since I came to this orphanage, I didn't cry before I went to sleep.

I wondered why. It wasn't that I liked crying, but I wanted to know what caused this.

I thought about yesterday and instantly I realized that it was because of Edward. He had made me so happy since I had been stuck in this orphanage. I mean my friends in the orphanage made me happy too but this was a different kind of happiness. This kind of happiness made me go all fuzzy on the inside.

Just the thought of him made me genuinely happy. After thinking more about Edward, I realized something. There was no pain in my right hand. I looked down to see that it wasn't as bad as before. I felt so thankful for Edward and his father for helping me.

Then I started thinking if I would ever see Edward again. There was a slim chance of that happening. I mean I knew where he lived and it wasn't that far but I couldn't visit him whenever I pleased.

I also realized that maybe Edward didn't even like me. He was nice and even said that he hoped to see me again but he could have been just acting like a gentleman. Even if he did like me, we could never be together. He was in a different social class than I was and besides I was an orphan.

All my thoughts diminished as I heard the familiar screeching of Victoria to go downstairs. I looked to see that Angela was awake. We hurried down the stairs before she got angry.

She checked to make sure all of us were awake and downstairs. I waited for her usual shout to do our chores but I was surprised when she told me to follow her to her office.

As I followed her down, I was thinking if I had done anything wrong in the past few days but couldn't think of any.

When we finally got to her office and went inside, she sat on her chair and turned to me.

"Isabella we are going to have some very important guests tonight for dinner and since you are on kitchen duty, you are the one who better make a fabulous dinner. If this dinner does not go as planned than you will be severely punished. Understand."

I nodded quickly and waited to see if she was going to continue talking.

"James has already gone to the market and gotten the groceries. There are going to be about ten people coming, so you better make enough. They are coming at seven. Now leave."

I rushed out the door and went to the kitchen. I instantly saw the groceries and was surprised that Victoria had gotten James to do the groceries instead of me doing it.

With the ingredients James had gotten, I would be able to make roast beef, dinner rolls, soup, and salad.

I first marinated the beef then put it in the oven since that would take the longest to cook. Then I put all the ingredients I would need for the soup and took out a pot. I put everything I needed for to make the soup and put it in the pot. I put the pot over a fire and slowly mixed it around. I started making the dough and then cut it into tiny pieces and rolled them up into balls. Then I put them into the oven.

I could finally rest now and just wait for everything to cook. I would do the salad later. I felt even more gratitude to Edward and his father after doing all this work. If my hand was still burned, it would have been so much harder and probably painful to do all this work.

I kept waiting until it was time to check the soup, roast beef, and dinner rolls. They had all cooked perfectly and smelled delicious. For the salad, I just washed the lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. Then I cut them up and placed them in a bowl.

After I had finished doing everything, I saw that it was only fifteen minutes before the guests arrived. I walked out of the kitchen to Victoria's office and knocked softly on the door.

"What is it?"

"I finished cooking."

"Good. It better be delicious. Now go upstairs with the rest and don't make a sound when the guests are here."

I quickly went upstairs to my room and saw Angela there. I went to my bed and lied there for a few moments until I had fallen asleep. It seemed that the cooking had made far more tired than I thought.

I was still asleep until a knock at the front door woke me up.

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