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A week had passed since Dean had seen Sam pull through the surgery. 5 days after that Sam had been lain up in the hospital bed, asleep and awake. Night and day. Whether he wanted to be there or not.

But he'd been released two days ago and they had gotten back on the road.

They were currently residing in Richardson, Texas. In a cramped motel room, while their father was preparing for a hunt.

Dean stood over the sink, his hands submerged in the soapy water as he washed the dishes up from dinner. He stood there, staring at the frothing foam and the shining bubbles as his father sat behind him at the kitchen table, head down as he read from his journal.

They remained silent, content with the way things had progressed over the past few days. The only regret was that they hadn't spoken to Bobby. After their episode at the hospital there had been no word from the old hunter and that made John a little sad.

Dean didn't blame Bobby for what had happened; he had. But he'd come to see the error of his thoughts and realized that this was the way things had happened and no one was really to blame.

In short, he'd gotten over it.

"DEEEEE!!" a squeal was heard from the room nearest to John.

A squeal form his little brother.

Dean looked up and over his shoulder at the noise and noticed that his father had done the same. Both of them watched the other room that concealed little Sammy.

"DEE-DEE!!" Sam yelled again and this time Dean moved.

He pulled his hands from the water and wiped them on the tea towel before moving past his father to the closed door.

"What's up?" he called through the wood.

He heard a frustrated growl from his baby brother and frowned slightly in bemusement.

"I need help!" Sam responded quickly and Dean's hand was on the door handle.

He pushed open the door and walked through, shutting it behind him. He swore he heard his father chuckle slightly.

Dean saw his little brother standing at the end of one of the three beds, a frustrated look upon his face.

"What have you done?" Dean sighed as he folded his arms.

Sam shot him a look before he looked back down.

"I've lost Woobie" he muttered tersely.

Dean raised an eye brow in silent question before he decided to ask the obvious.

"How'd you do that?" he asked.

"I was sitting on the floor, playing with him and that car…..then…then I accidentally threw him under the bed…and I can't reach him….cause my tummy hurts when I do" Sam explained.

Dean knew that Sam would usually crawl under the bed and retrieve the blanket, but since the operation Sam had found that he couldn't do a lot of things that he used to.

School was out of the question, so was playing in the park, climbing a tree, training, and even crawling into spaces only he could fit into.

Dean sighed in a melodramatic fashion and shifted his weight to his other leg.

"You are a dumbass you know that?" Dean asked.

"Then what does that make you?" Sam squeaked.

Dean couldn't hide the smirk that came onto his face when he heard his brother's retort. It had been so long since he'd heard that. God, how bad he'd missed it.

"Fine! On one condition!" Dean said, holding up a finger.

Sam nodded cautiously, knowing his brother was about to palm off some of his work load to him in exchange for retrieving the precious blanket.

"You…you have to help me wipe up" Dean said smugly.

Sam frowned and folded his little arms.

"That's not fair!" he huffed.

"Then you obviously don't want Woobie back" Dean said as he turned around.

Though he didn't move and would get the blanket even if Sammy didn't agree, Sammy sighed deeply.

"Alright…..I'll help…." Sam muttered, not enjoying the certain look of triumph on his older brother's face.

Dean turned around, grinning broadly.

"Sure. I'll get the blanket for you kiddo" he said, and walked over. He knelt down and lay on his belly, then reached under the bed and felt around for the material.

While he did so, he noticed his little brother fall silent, oddly silent.

But before he was able to say a word, his fingers brushed up against the familiar material of the old blanket and he grabbed onto it and dragged it out.

He got back onto his knees and then turned to Sam with a knowing smile on his face as he waved the blanket around.

"Here we are" he said, but stopped his act when he saw the troubled look on Sam's young face.

The kid had his head down low, his eyes obscured by his longish honey brown bangs. He was twisting the hem of his T-Shirt nervously around his small fingers as he bit his lip.

"Hey…what's that look for?" Dean asked, leaning forwards.

Sam looked up slightly, then looked back at the ground.

"I've been thinking" he said softly, barely above the noise of passing cars outside.

Dean lowered his head slightly, trying to catch Sam's eyes.

"That's never a good thing. What about Sammy?" he asked gently, proclaiming his willingness to listen.

Slowly, Sam raised his head and gazed at Dean's eyes.

"Bobby hasn't called….where is he?" he asked, obviously scared.

This was a question that Dean had hoped Sam would ignore, at least until John and Bobby made up. But this little kid had an over active mind and this had been bugging him for some time by the looks of things.

"Erm….well….you see….Dad and Bobby…kinda….kinda had this…this fight" Dean said hesitantly, scratching at the back of his neck.

Sam seemed to slump forwards slightly.

"Oh…" he muttered.

Suspicious of something else bugging Sam, Dean put a hand on his little shoulder.

"What is it?" he asked.

Sam took a deep breath and then let it out.

"Everyone fights around me….you….and me….you and Dad…..Dad and Bobby….why do I cause so much trouble?" Sam asked.

Dean frowned, wondering why on earth this could be bothering Sam, why on earth it could possibly bother anyone. But he reminded himself that Sam was a child and his logic was not as apt as someone older. So he decided to explain slowly.

"Sammy….you don't cause trouble…it's not your fault" Dean said.

"But why does it happen?!" Sam asked hurriedly, almost as if he was trying to prove his point to Dean.

"Well….we don't fight because of you…we fight about you…sometimes….it's just cause we were worried about you. Dad and Bobby were really worried and angry about what happened and they wanted to blame someone. Both of them saw failure in the other and they butted heads. That's all it was Sammy. Nothing more. They'll be alright. They always are." Dean said.

Sam shook his head.

"But what about you and Dad….you always fight and are always yelling or not talking to each other….I hate it" Sam muttered.

Dean sighed, tilting his head to one side.

"Well…..its tricky to explain Sammy. Especially to you….cause you're so little. It just happens…..I suppose when you get to my age….hopefully you'll fight less with Dad. And you'll just accept what he does and get along. But….then…I'm going through a little period of rebellion and I can't help it. But…It's not your fault….it never is" Dean said, ruffling his hair softly.

Sam gave him a shifty look before returning to his fiddling with his shirt.

"You're supposed to say that…'re my big brother" Sam muttered angrily.

Dean could see that this was going to take a while, so he decided to get comfortable. He shifted from his knees to a sitting position where he crossed his legs and set Woobie down in his lap.

"Come here" he said, gently patting his lap.

Sam crawled over and nestled deeply into the small ditch that Dean's long legs made. Dean then handed Woobie back to Sam and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, before gently resting his chin on the top of Sam's soft hair.

"You know that I don't have to. Didn't we already have this conversation a few weeks ago….when Joey bullied you." Dean said.

Sam squirmed slightly in his lap, before huffing again and puffing his little chest out.

"This is different" he claimed.

"How?" Dean asked curiously, interested in Sam's possible logic.

Sam twisted in his lap and looked up at him with huge puppy dog eyes.

"I'm not being bullied by anyone… and Daddy are fighting because of me…..there not the same." Sam said, forgetting about the main point of argument.

It made Dean chuckle at this and Sammy frowned.

"Did I do something funny?" he asked.

Dean shook his head and laughed again.

"No kiddo….just….you gotta believe that this isn't your fault….that you're too young to be causing any of this. You have to understand that." Dean said softly.

He felt Sammy relax slightly, his mentality was usually to listen and believe Dean. He was being convinced that Dean was right.

"Dean! Finish the Washing up!" John's gruff voice sounded in the other room and Dean groaned.

"Friggin….why can't he get off his ass and do it" Dean muttered angrily.

"Don't" Sam said softly.

"Huh?" Dean asked, bending around to see Sammy close to tears again.

"Don't fight with him…please….I don't like it when you fight….it makes me sad….please Dean….for me?" Sam asked, rubbing at his eyes.

It was a little overwhelming to see his little brother so torn up about the fact that he and his father fought. Sam didn't cry about too much, he mainly cried about something that was painful, terrifying or close to his heart. This was close to his heart.

Dean sighed, remembering his outburst at Sam a week and a few days ago. When this whole thing had started, how he'd snapped at Sam and made him cry.

He instantly felt like a failure that was drowning in his own guilt.

"Alright…..I won't fight with him….promise" Dean said softly, hiding the crack in his voice.

With that statement, Sammy grinned childishly and looked down at Woobie in his hands.

"In that case, could I have my blanket back?" Sam asked, reaching out to him.

Yet Dean, a cunning idea forming in his mind, shied away from his touch.

"Erm….I think you'll remember that this was originally my blanket. And I think I will be taking it back now" Dean said as he got to his feet.

Sam seemed to freeze for a second, staring at Dean with something resembling contempt and the shock that came with the statement. It was hard for the 8 year old to swallow that the 12 year old brother was taking back his blanket that he had given to Sam 4 years ago.

That was not on.

"Give it back!" Sam cried, jumping to his feet.

He made wild swipes for the tattered old blanket, but Dean simply held it up above his head and grinned wolfishly.

"Like I said before. You'll have to catch me if you want it back" Dean said and then, bolted to the door, opened it in one swift motion and shot out of Sam's room.

He passed a bemused looking father and opened the front door, running off down the second floor balcony.

He heard the giggles and slapping of Sam's bare feet on the concrete behind him and laughed to himself. This was what real brothers did. Or its what Dean and Sam did.

They had simple fun.

Nothing bothered their simple fun and Dean was cautious about Sammy's stitches, but Sam was still laughing, so Dean kept going.

Seeing that he was running out of spaces to flee to, Dean shot off down the stairs and into the car park. He skirted the edge of the lot and ran around to the grass park side of the motel where he slowed to a jog.

Yet upon turning around, Dean found that there was no Sammy in sight. Sam wasn't following him.

And from the looks of things, Sam was gone.

Dean cast his gaze around, a little concerned that Sam had disappeared. It was all that the small family needed right now.

His laughter quietened and he continued to walk backwards.

Where, he promptly tripped over Sam's little leg.

He landed on his back on the ground and Sam plucked the blanket from his grip. Giving Dean a little smile in the process.

"Thank you" he said, smirking.

Dean couldn't help but laugh. Sam had managed to get around behind him and trip him up. The kid would be an excellent hunter if he could sneak up on Dean.

"Yeah well….I wasn't looking….." Dean chuckled as he got to his feet again.

"Doesn't matter if you were looking or you weren't. Monsters won't wait for you to look before they eat you" Sam said matter of factly.

Dean shrugged at the little kid and began to walk back to the house.

"Come on, Dad will be wondering what we are doing" Dean said as he took Sam's little hand to lead him across the darkening park.

By the time they got back to their motel room, their father was on the phone.

Both of them peered curiously at him before John turned to them and held out a pre written message.

'Sam, go take a bath. Dean, finish the washing.'

Dean nodded dutifully and shooed Sam off to get his clothes.

"Yep…okay…sure. Thanks dude…..yeah we'll swing by real soon. Okay….see you later" John said and then hung the phone back on the hook.

Dean followed the movements with his eyes and cast his father a quizzical look.

"That was Bobby." John said simply.

Relief filled Dean like a tidal wave.

So the old crook hadn't completely washed his hands of them.

"What did he say?" Dean asked, hiding his happiness by returning to the washing.

"He said sorry and wanted to know if Sammy was alright" John said, sitting down at his journal again.

That was a very good thing to Dean. Hunters rarely ever said sorry to anyone and if they did, it was one of the best outcomes.

"We'll be going to see him some time tomorrow" John said.

But before Dean could reply, Sam appeared in the doorway.

"Dee-Dee! I'm ready!!" Sammy called, his pyjamas in his little arms and a small rubber duck set on top of them.

Dean chuckled to himself.

"I'll go and bathe Sammy and then come and finish this" Dean said and he dried his hands.

John looked up and then at the dishes.

"Don't worry about them. I'll finish it for ya" John said as he stood up.

"You will?" Dean asked, confused that his father was offering help.

"So you can take your time washing Sam. He needs to be looked after in that tub with all those stitches." John said.

"Yes sir" Dean responded and turned to Sam.

"Oh. And You might wanna tell Sammy where we are going tomorrow. I think he'll be happy about it….almost as happy as you are Dean" John said wisely.

Dean smirked and nodded.

"Yes sir. Come on Sammy. I have a story to tell you. When you are in the tub" Dean said as he ushered him down the hall.

"What is it!? Will I like it?!" Sam asked quickly as he gazed up at Dean.

The eldest smiled and nodded slightly, looking down into the liquid hazel eyes of his sibling.

"You're gonna love it" Dean said as he closed the bathroom door behind him.


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