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Gone. She was gone. Her scent gone, every part of her; gone. It made me feel hollow. Not all there. I'm the leader of the pack, I had to be responsible for everyone there, but how was I meant to do that, when I wasn't completely there.

I hear the crunches in the snow behind me; my pack. I glance behind me. Tsume was trudging along just a short distance away. Toboe leaping about behind him, trying to have a conversation with him; a very one sided conversation. Then a shorter distance away from them was Hige and Blue, who had joined up with us shortly after Cheza was taken. She and Hige had started their courtship straight away. At times it could be sickening, as they weren't very subtle.

They were all so close. Had talks, mock fought, and acted like a family. I just had Cheza, and now she's gone. To them I'm just the arrogant, probably selfish leader that only cares about his own future in paradise. How am I meant to go become part of that family? I'm not. I'm meant to just be first in the line of danger. I don't know why they decided to follow me, I'm not the biggest or strongest, I've just got more will power, and too much pride to ever give up.

I need her back. Other wise I may as well be dead. But with Darcia having so many hide outs it's near impossible to find her until we're close enough. Which could mean weeks of just walking fruitlessly.

Woods are looming in the distance. That should come in handy. We're just too noticeable. Three men, a boy and a woman with an excessively short skirt all walking through the wilderness, yeah that's normal.

Another glance back and they're all walking in a line, having one great big happy conversation. In their family. The slutty mother, the overly relaxed father, the child just discovering that there are two genders in the world, and the uncle that scares people on street corners. Their little family without me. I look away before they can catch me staring.

"..look at him up there. Who does he think he is? Why would Cheza go with him in the first place?" Blue muttered, one hand resting on her hip. Hige huffed as though he had heard it a million times before.

"Cheza likes him." Toboe butted in. The smaller wolf seemed to think this ended the argument.

"He's a loner. Why would the flower maiden open paradise to a loner?"

"Maybe you should stop talking for a while." Tsume growled.


"You heard me. In case you haven't noticed, the person you're bitching about had been listening for a while. If you would pay closer attention…" Tsume stated, I could hear the smirk on his face and smugness in his voice at putting Blue back in her place; right at the bottom.

"Tsume, be nice!" Toboe laughed. He began to apologise to Blue only to be hit by Tsume. When he wants someone to shut up, he can be a little…forceful?

"Will you two calm down?" Hige sighed, trying to keep the peace. "I mean, we can't do anything if you're at each other's throats all the time."

"She threw me off a building."

"He landed on me!"

"After you threw me off a building!"

And so the fight continued. There could only be one winner there…

"Shut up Scar!

"Make me bitch!"

By then we had reached the woods and I slowly slide over an unbedded root, walking under branches, and occasionally climbing over. These woods were thick with unearthed roots and low hung branches everywhere. Not allowing you to stop anywhere comfortably. Finally I found a large tree, with huge roots the curled around into a circle. It would be a reasonable place to rest for the night. I sit on one side looking at the others expectantly. They stared at me, then the basket of roots, then back to me. Hige shrugged, getting comfortable close to the trunk. Blue wrinkled her nose before following suit, curling up next to him. Most of the space was gone by then, but it didn't matter. Toboe squeezed in on top of their tails. Tsume and I shared a look. Before he could argue I moved to a leafy patch on the other side of the tree. I could hear Tsume sigh, before the crunching that meant that he had taken the space where the roots thinned. Toboe muttered slightly in his sleep and I could hear soft love filled murmurs from the couple of the pack.

Finally I closed my eyes, and dozed peacefully. That is until a voice echoed in my head.


I rolled over. Images of the pink haired flower maiden running through my mind. Red eyes staring back, unseeing. Delicate steps in bright pink boots. Running slim fingers through crystal clear water.

Kiba. Kiba. Kiba.

It echoes around me, bouncing off the trees, and coming at me from every direction, assaulting my senses. Her hands running through my fur, as she embraced me in a creek. Her falling through the sky; arms out stretched.

A melody started playing in my head distantly. It always used to calm me, relax me, make me fall asleep, but tonight it kept me awake. I raised myself up off the ground and quietly stalked away. Once I felt it was a safe distance, I threw my head back and howled to the tune in my head. It wasn't as soft and loving as Cheza's, but I needed to get the song out of me, into the night air. My throaty howl ended in a whimper. I need her. I yearn for paradise, and she's the key. I need her. I look up through the canopy of leaves, seeing only small sections of the moon. No chance to bask in it tonight. I lower my head to the dirt again. Slithers of moonlight danced across the ground as the leaves above moved.

I felt the puppyish need to pounce, catch…play. And now with no one to watch the level headed all business leader bounce about like a pup, I could. Jumping, leaping, rolling, pouncing, swooping, plunging, tumbling, bounding and vaulting. The slithers of moonlight were successfully taken care of in my pups opinion and with a final spurt of echoing laughter from the flower maiden of my mind; my restlessness came to an end.

Walking back to my sleeping pack, I swear I hear fast rustling, I shake it off. It must have been the wind, or a bird. Nothing's wrong. But either way I walk around the tree and gaze at my peacefully sleeping pack. Toboe was now on his back, limbs in the air, a black tail and a tan one flowing over his fluffy stomach. Hige had rolled into himself more, and seemed like a pile of thick tan fur. Blue was content at said lumps side. My gaze turns to the grey wolf. His breathing doesn't seem as smooth and even as the rest, but that could be anything. Shaking my snout I turn and pad away to find my dent in the leaves. I lower myself to the ground exhaustedly and fall into a deep sleep immediately, not registering the crunch of branches close by.

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