I have had this story in my head for years now. I just never got around to putting it on paper. It is a very long story, as the story developed in my head over time. It has been a while since I have written anything (reports don't count), or have actually watched the anime, so bear with me please. This is an AU, so most things will not be the same as in the anime!! Furthermore, there is NO Mushra in this story! As in my perspective Mushra and Mushrambo are the same person, so one soul.

Disclaimer: I do not own Shinzo, or the original characters.


In the twenty-first century nations worldwide experimented with animals in hope to find cures for diseases through genetic manipulation. The results of the experiments were very promising and as time went on more and more diseases became treatable. Nevertheless, an unknown terrorist group located in the USA broke into one of the USA genetic labs and stole a sample of a genetically manipulated disease. They threatened the US government to stop all genetic manipulation experiments or they would release the disease among the population. The US government did not respond as their policy forbids them to negotiate with terrorists.

The disease was released on the population, and in the time span of two years two thirds of the global population was wiped out, with in some cases entire nations. A genetic laboratory in Japan found the cure just in time as with the rate the disease was going the rest of human kind would be gone in just under a year.

The populace who survived demanded of their emergency governments to put a stop to genetic manipulation, as they were afraid that history would repeat itself. After the almost wipe out three major nations had remained, namely the USA, UN and Japan. These three major nations and the smaller ones that remained, closed down their genetic laboratories, and a worldwide agreement was signed by all to never experiment with genetics of any kind again.

Human kind started to restore itself, and as time went on former nations were divided between existing nations without much difficulty, cities were rebuild as the world population started to increase rapidly, and lives were build up again. Like this human kind moved into the twenty-second century living peaceful and healthy lives.

However in the year of 2147 tension between the UN and the USA started to build as they both claimed the land of a nation in the former Sovjet Union which was entirely wiped out by the disease. The land they both claim had high natural resources that are beneficial for both nations. The situation escalated when it leaked out that the USA had secretly started to genetically manipulate humans and animals to use them as weapons of war as they felt threatened by the UN. These experiments were highly successful as the genetically manipulated animals and humans showed better resistance to diseases, fast healing, incredible speed and strength, intelligence and in some cases abilities that humans could only dream of. The human-like Enterrans aged similarly to humans, as was the same for animal-like Enterrans, who aged similarly to their animal specie. These genetically manipulated animals and humans were named Enterrans.

The UN who felt threatened by the USA, stole their knowledge through espionage and started to experiment successfully, creating their own Enterrans. The USA was outraged and declared war. On the 3rd of January 2149 the Enterran forces of the USA and UN collided on the former Sovjet Union nation's land, the war had officially started.

The years went by, as the USA and the UN waged war, forcing other nations to choose sides. Japan who wanted to be neutral, but was pressured to take sides with either the UN or the USA, started their own Enterran experiments with the intention to create seven extremely powerful Enterrans to put a stop to the war. Finally after ten years since Japan started with the experiments, the last and most powerful Enterran of them all was created. All these seven Enterrans would be trained from infancy at secret locations inside Japan as from then on these Enterrans had to be trained for war. 17 years went by and the war had turned even bloodier and almost all nations were involved by now, as the two great nations commanded their Enterrans to attack cities. Entire cities were destroyed, and slaughtered by the Enterrans as the leaders of both nations argued, the original dispute long forgotten. It was during this time that Japan sent their seven Enterrans to the battlefield as their training was finally complete.

The Enterran soldiers of both great nations did not stand a chance as they were crushed, and wiped out by the seven Enterrans. The USA and the UN were shocked as they saw their forces fall in a matter of hours, with Japan demanding that they would cease their war waging. From then on the seven Enterrans were named the Seven Enterrans Generals, as they were far above any Enterrans ever created. The leaders of the USA, UN and Japan came to the table in Kyoto to negotiate a peace treaty, and after almost a year of peace talks they came to an agreement. It was agreed upon that the land in the former Sovjet Union would be equally divided between the USA and the UN, each nation would not claim damages in money to each other, and most importantly the destruction of all weapons of war for all nations, meaning that all Enterrans were to be destroyed.

During the years of war, the Enterrans had reproduced and with the continuous creation of new Enterrans, the Enterran population had grown reaching five hundred thousand souls all around the world. The nations, however, put their treaty into action as they saw Enterrans as disposable. The Enterrans fought back and rebelled against their human creators led by the Seven Enterran Generals as war broke out again, but this time between Enterrans and their Human creators. This new war continued for two years when Humans, who were loosing, decided to let a nearby asteroid crash into the Earth to destroy or at least slow down the Enterrans. They had built hidden and barricaded cities to protect the rest of the human population, and as the last of humankind entered the hidden cities, human scientists used a specially designed technology to pull down the asteroid onto the Earth.

As the Earth started to recover from the asteroid impact, cities send out probes to scan for any possible remaining Enterrans. When they found none, the humans rejoiced thinking they had won and started to leave the cities to reclaim Earth. However, their joy was short lived as out of nowhere the Enterrans remerged again stronger and more powerful than ever. As they started to attack again, Humans fled back to their hidden cities, many dying along the way.

But the asteroid had not only effected Enterrans, as the asteroid crashed into the Earth, a few hundred miles away a young scientist and his daughter were running to reach the underground shelter made specially for the occasion by the scientist. Among the pieces of the asteroid and soil were thrown high into the sky and descended everywhere in the vicinity of hundreds of miles from the impact, there was a clear crystal that had broken into two flying among them. One piece of the broken crystal hit the young girl and merged with her, while the other piece had flown a few hundred miles away, hitting and merging with the strongest of the Seven Enterran Generals, Mushrambo.

And so their story begins as humankind pull back into their hidden cities, with the Enterrans on their tail with the intention to destroy them once and for all.

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