Antonello 18 years:

Antonello knew what awaited him in his bedchamber. It was the sole reason he had wandered the gardens for hours in an attempt to clear his head and focus on what he had to do. His stomach was churning at the thought and his head was pounding.

He had failed to do his duty last time and the punishment was so severe he wouldn't allow it to occur again.

Antonellos hand rested upon the door handle as he took a final breath before he condemned both himself and the young innocent inside. His father had repeatedly sent women to him and his brothers over the last few years, the difference now was the woman in his chamber was an innocent. Not jaded like the other women who had been well versed in seduction. This was a young innocent.

The last innocent his father had sent him had been the young maid who assisted his nonna. He had not known her name but had been sickened to have to take the young girls virtue. In his ignorance he had believed he could lie to his father and stage their union. He had slit a small cut on his wrist and had rubbed blood along her thighs in an attempt to save the girl.

The plan hadn't succeeded.

His father had invited both Antonello and the maid into his chambers, he had questioned the girl on his sons performance and had asked to be shown evidence of the act. They had shown the linens and the young girls thighs. Antonello hadn't expected his father to check more intimately. A physician was in the chamber and was ordered to check the girl had lost her virtue. Antonellos heart had thundered at the news. He knew they would be found out and didn't want the young girl to go through the embarssment of an inspection. He had explained to his father he had been unable to take the girls innocence, and that he alone had staged the blood, the girl had only been following orders. His fathers lined face had become redden with his rage, before a smirk had appeared on his wicked face. Antonello was forced to watch in horror and outrage as his own father had deflowered the young maid on the bedchamber floor. He had attempted to reach the girl and offer her aid but his fathers most loyal guards had held him back. His father had left the girl weeping on the stone floor and had wiped the evidence of the girls lost virtue down Antonellos cheek where it had mingled with this tears. His father had warned him against such defiance again.

Antonello wouldn't allow such an atrocity to happen to the girl within. This time he would take her virtue but unlike his father he wouldn't take it on a cold stone floor with pain and humiliation, he would attempt to make it as painless as possible.

Antonello opened his bedchamber door without looking within and closed it silently behind him. He turned and had his first glimpse of the girl who would tonight share his bed. She was obviously a foreign girl, perhaps travelling through their lands. Her eyes unlike the women in the surrounding towns where blue, so blue in fact they appeared almost clear. Her eyes where what drew him the most. They where large pools of crystal blue and where most startling on such a small face. Bordered by thick lashes of black, buried in a perfect oval face. Her skin was also the palest he had seen. He had never travelled so he had never seen skin quite so pale, as most of the local women had olive skin. Her skin was so pale at first he worried she may be ill, but her skin was not grey with sickness instead more a incandescent porcelain white. Her body was small yet seductively curved and her height was much less than his. She would probably be no taller than his mid chest. He couldn't pin her age but he knew she was younger than he was, probably 16 or 17 but defiantly no older. Her blue eyes never left his dark eyes as he stared at her from the other side of the room.

He suddenly became quite self conscious of his own body, he had grown into his full height already but hadn't yet developed the weight for it as Giovanni had. He felt a wave of guilt at his thoughts when he wasn't the one in a strangers bedchamber dressed for seduction.

The young girl was only dressed in a white shift which was virtually see through and so slight of material it looked more like a thin mist surrounding her young form. Her eyes were still locked with his and he felt a sudden wave of protective impulses. He didn't want to harm this small creature but he knew he had no choice. She did remind him of a mystical creature from afar, she had the height and large eyes of a fairy, but a well formed rose bud mouth and seductive curves of a nymph. The way she stared straight at him reminded him of a cat, or in her case a kitten, her eyes never left his but he knew not what she was thinking or feeling. He whispered soothing into her mind that he had no intention of harming her. He had no idea why he showed her his strange gift or curse, but he felt the need to put her at rest, perhaps if she realised he was different from others as well she would be calmed.

Say what you will to calm your own mind, I have no need of your soothing words. I have no choice. I will not run.

Antonello had been startled by her soft feminine voice whispering in the intimate way he could, straight into his mind. Her voice was wavering slightly belying her strong words. Her voice was perfectly comprehensible although he could tell it was not her first language as her accent was unusual. Due to his inexperience he could not place it.

Antonello had already presumed his father held something over the young girls head, most likely a threat to kill her or her family. The girl was obviously not of high birth and her death or her families deaths would be easily overlooked.

Her words shook him like a blow though. She wouldn't run. Run from him and what he was forced to do to her.

The image of this beautiful girl wanting to run from him made him feel like a monster. His father was at fault but his weakness to oppose his father would mean the lost virtue of another innocent. He wished he had the strength to run away with the girl far from the palazzo but he knew he wouldn't survive, his father would send guards and armies to retrieve him and if he didn't he wouldn't survive the outdoor harshness, the robbers and thieves plaguing the surrounding hills. He might be able to protect himself but with a girl too he may fail and he wouldn't risk her life for such folly. He took of his jacket and wrapped it securely around her pale shoulders to shelter to her from the gentle breeze flowing through the chamber and from his gaze. He then sat in the chair in the corner of his bedchamber with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. The darkness of the room seemed to be surrounding him as he sat contemplating his predicament making him feel even more of a beast or monster waiting in the shadows. Hiding and stalking in the shadows.

Her crystal blue eyes where still watching him. He watched through his fingers as a light breeze lifted a strand of brown hair laced with gold across her delicate face. Looking at her in the moonlight made him truly understand the word ethereal.

For the first time since he had entered the room he saw her remove her gaze from him and stare momentarily at the floor, he could tell she also was contemplating the evening. He was so lost in thought he was only drawn back into the room as he saw her pale feet resting just in front of his, his jacket was now around her feet. He didn't lift his gaze as he saw the thin mist like shift float to join the jacket around her toes. He knew she was as cornered as he was, she needed to do this just as he did. Her cool, small hands lay gently over his. He could feel her trembling.

He tilted his head to look straight into her eyes. They where glazed with unshed tears, and for the first time he could read her. She was uncertain and fearful. This was as far as she would go alone, she had initiated as much as she could but her fear and innocent state couldn't provide her with the knowledge and courage to initiate further. He drew in a deep breath keeping his eyes firmly locked with hers. He didn't want to stand in case his height frightened her, so he cupped her oval face and brought in towards his. He feathered gentle kisses along her eyes and slowly down her cheek till he reached the corner of her mouth. In her nervousness she wetted her plump bottom lip with her tongue causing the moonlight to illuminate the rose offering. He placed his lips ever so tenderly over hers and waited for her to open to him. After a few gentle kisses she opened her mouth and kissed him fully. He sighed in relief. He had feared she wouldn't except him. He continued to kiss her until her trembling had stopped and her small hands had cupped his face as she kissed him back. He felt the chill in the room and picked her up, cradling her against his chest, as he continued to kiss her. She was now naked upon his lap, close to his thundering heart.

He had never felt such protective instincts before with the other women. He had always felt ashamed when they had seduced him till he had snapped and taken them to his bed. He had felt almost unclean at his actions and feelings; pure lust. They would caress and tease him until his body over rode his mind. Hearing the women answering his fathers probing questions always made him feel sick. He hated the way they described him, the way they compared him to others older than him and more experienced. The worst though was when his father would slap him on the back and whisper crude words and refer to him as a "dark horse". Antonello had always been the quiet one, it came with being the middle son, he wasn't important as Giovanni as the heir and he wasn't the baby as Vincente was. He made certain he blended into the background, but with his new height it was hard to blend when he was now taller than his father.

He cradled the young women safely in his arms. The taste and texture of her mouth was addictive. He was breathing heavily and his head was spinning. He was so engrossed with the kiss he had momentarily forgotten the situation they where in. Only her trembling which had begun again brought him crashing back into reality. He drew back from the kiss afraid he had startled her with his sudden passion. He stared into her eyes, and waited for her to condemn him. She was staring straight into his eyes yet he couldn't read her.

My name is Sarah

She whispered her name softly into his mind, it was an intimacy he hadn't expected and it was humbly. It felt as if she was handing herself into his caring and trusting him with a part of herself. He cupped her face with one hand, whilst the other drew her closer into his warm embrace.

Sarah. He whispered her name softly back to her as he ingrained it into his memory. My name is Antonello. I am sorry my father has placed you in this ….situation. I will not harm you. I swear.

He watched her eyes become tear filled and he silently cursed himself for bringing up the reality of why she was here. A single tear fell from her left eye and he watched a man in agony as it fell slowly down her creamy cheek leaving a trail of despair. He leaned down and kissed gently along the trail, and pressed his lips against her eyes. He whispered directly into her ear "Forgive me"

Her eyes opened and she lifted his face to star straight into his eyes, one hand left his cheek to lay tentatively against his chest. She would feel his heart beating rapidly, in his shame, guilt and desire.

Antonello His name was whispered with a sweet shadow of desire through his mind and body. He lifted her into his arms as he moved from the cushioned armchair to his bed. He lay her upon the bed and laid upon his side next to her. And for the first time he looked upon her exposed body.

Her skin was illuminated by the moonlight and the stained glass of the windows cast a rainbow of colour over sections of her exposed creamy skin. Her neck was a pale column, which led to small shoulders. One of her arms lay docile at her side while the other curved across her waist. Her hands where small and he could see traces of hard labour, the slight cuts along her fingers indicated she was a worker. Not that he cared in the least. He had given himself up to the experience, he was no longer going to make love to her due to his fathers orders, he would make love to her because he wanted her, and it a strange way he knew it was all he could do to protect her from his fathers wicked embrace. Her nails where short and her fingers where lacing together in her nervousness. Her breast where small yet perfectly shaped, her waist was tucked in and small. This was different from the other women who had had large breast and rounded bodies. He found he much preferred hers to any of the others. Her body was pure, perfectly formed and slim. Her waist flared into slightly rounded hips, and quite long shapely legs for such a small frame.

He ran a hesitant finger along her cheek, once over her plump bottom lip before trailing down the column of her neck. He felt her tremble and he hoped it was more from desire than fear. He traced the roundness of her breast before sliding his finger gently over her nipple, which grow firmer under his fingertip. He heard her sharp intake of breath as he feathered his fingertip back and forth across her rose coloured nipple, before descending to her waist. He snaked his finger along her flat stomach till he reached her belly button. He whirled his finger tip around it, and felt her shudder as he rubbed his finger along her hip bone close to her brown curls at the juncture of her thighs.

He was feeling light headed with his need to trail the same path with his tongue but he wanted to make this night last and remove the pain of their joining. He was hoping he would be able to make her desire him and remove the fear and pain.

His finger stroked the curls reverently as he stared into her eyes. She had been watching his finger caress her body but brought her eyes up to meet his. He kept her fearful gaze locked to his as he run his finger lower through the curls. He found her most sensitive part, and in slow circles caressed her. He could feel her thighs begin to shudder as he continued the slow circles. And watched her eyes become half lidded and desire begin to cloud her blue depths. Her thighs slowly opened to allow him more access and his heart flipped. He could feel the evidence of her desire now, the sweet wetness that was beginning to coat his finger. Her body was trembling more and more and he was beginning to shudder himself. He ran his finger between her moisten folds and listened to her sharp intake of breath. He continued to rub his finger back and forth between her legs until she began to undulate her hips to gain more of his touch. He slowly as not to startle her slid his finger deep inside her. He nearly lost all control at the feel of how tight and wet she was. His finger was being enveloped in a warm, wet paradise. He shuddered next to her as her body reached its peak and tiny tight feminine muscles exquisitely squeezed his finger. Her quiet cries of ecstasy filled his ears. He closed his eyes as he worked to regain his control. Right at that moment he felt like the beast he had called himself earlier and it was taking all of his control not to fit himself between her spread thighs and relieve the fire scorching his insides.

He opened his eyes when he heard her crying. He looked down upon her and his own desires where forgotten, tears where rolling down her cheeks.

Tell me what is wrong picolla. Did I hurt you?

Perhaps he had been too passionate with an innocent. And then it dawned on him, he was a stupid fool, she had never been touched like that, that was probably why she was crying, he had breached her. He feathered kisses down her cheeks in an attempt to stop her tears.

I am sorry Picolla. He whispered his apology again and again as he held her to him.

When her tears where ebbed he refused to remove his hold of her. He wanted her to understand he was sorry for causing her tears. He thought he was dreaming when he felt her hand stroking at his dark hair. He lifted his face, and she immediately kissed him. He pulled her body under his and held her as she kissed him. She was kissing him. He kissed her, putting his apology and passion into the kiss. Her hands where trailing uncertainly down his back. He knew she was unsure of what to do, but her untutored innocent touch rocked him more than any other. His hand trailed down her side, shaping the contours of her little form, until he slowly eased her legs to open and welcome him in-between. She instinctively bent her legs so her knees where either side of his hips and he was nestled against her. He pressed his hard length against her wet invitation until only the tip was embraced inside her. The tight pressure that greeted him was almost more than he could bare, but he wouldn't proceed until he was granted her permission. His hands began to mould her perfect breasts, and he watched in awe as she arched her back and clung to his arms as an anchor. He slowly pressed further into her until he met her resistance. Immediately he stopped and waited for her to look at him. She broke the kiss and stared into his eyes. He rolled her rose nipple and caressed her thigh as he waited. He was sweating with the effort and his desire. It wasn't helping his control that one of her hands was running up and down his wet back, tracing the beginnings of muscles straining to remain motionless.

She pulled his head towards hers until her forehead rested against his. All he could see was the crystal blue of her eyes. He slowly pushed through her innocent barrier and filled her completely. He couldn't stop her name falling from his mouth and resounding into her mind at the pleasure he felt. He had felt her cringe beneath him at the invasion of his body within hers, so he waited for her body to adjust to his. He held himself above her, and in an attempt to prevent himself thrusting, he began to stare at the art above his bed. He traced the curves of the serpents and the swirls of the sea with his mind, but nothing helped. His body was being squeezed exquisitely by her body. The tightness was almost unbearable and painful to him, and the wet heat and liquid need surrounding him was a pleasure so intense he knew this was the worst kind of torture. He felt her move her hips towards him, which caused his hard thick length to penetrate deeper. A groan of bliss was forced from his mouth. His hands moved to cradle her hips to him and stop her moving against him again, he wanted her to feel comfortable and he knew she would need some time to become adjusted to his size.

Sarah please He didn't recognise his voice and hadn't realised he had spoken.

It was a pleading ache he whispered to her and both knew it. He wasn't sure if he was pleading with her to allow him to take her, or a plea to stop her increasing his torment by moving against him until she was ready. Her muscles where beginning to squeeze around him again and he couldn't stop his response. He could no longer remain motionless, so he prayed she was ready as he knew he was past his control. He pulled out of her welcoming body, nearly completely than thrust back inside. The friction was too much to bare passively and he was forced to pull out once more and thrust again and again. Her cries of pleasure where drifting to his ears and his answering moans where becoming more insistent.

He lifted himself off of her body to watch her face as he took her. She was withering beneath him, and was beginning to tremble with the coming orgasm. Her eyes remain on where they where joining and he became even harder at the image of her watching them. His movements became more erratic and he lowered his head to her breast. The temptation of her nipple was too much and he licked the peak as she cried out. He rolled the rose tipped nipple with his tongue until her back was arching once more to place her breast further to his hunger mouth. He sucked on the offering as the wave of pleasure took them both. The answering pool of liquid bathing him as her muscle clutched and released frantically made him pour his seed deep within her with one final thrust. His body was rigid above hers as he experienced heaven, colours seemed to dance behind his eyes and his muscles was pulsating with pleasure. He collapsed on top of her and was breathing heavily against her neck in an attempt to calm his body and mind. She was cradling him with her arms and legs and was breathing as heavily as he was.

Lying in the moon lit room, Antonello wondered absently who was ruined. The beautiful nymph beneath him with her lost virtue, or him, a boy just into manhood who knew he would never find another like Sarah and would be plagued by her always.