I'm such a idiot. I forgot to put a disclaimer:

Official Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of the characters, settings, etc. They are all owned by the amazing Stephenie Meyer.

I shouldn't have gone to that birthday party,

Everything would have been fine.

I gave myself a paper cut,


Jasper threw himself at me,

Everything was a blur,

The last thing I knew,

You said good-bye.

I missed you so much,

You told me you would never see me,

But inside,

I wished it was all a lie,






I waited.

Alice came one day,

Hoping to comfort Charlie,

She saw me die,

She saw you killing yourself,

That was what made me cry.

We tried to get there soon,

We hoped we weren't too late,

When I saw you,

I felt alive,

I saved you,

And you saved me,

We were together again,

For eternity.