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Authors Note: I was reading and this idea came to me. It is in Jaspers POV in case you didn't notice.

I watched as Edward and Bella sat on the couch doing nothing at all except enjoying each others presence. I was glad that Edward had found someone, even if she is a human. Before Bella came he wasn't unhappy, but he wasn't happy. I could tell that he knew that he was missing something and seeing Emmett and Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme, and Alice and I, it made it all the more apparent. Sometimes he would just leave for a little while. He said it was because he wanted to hunt, but we knew better. It got to be too much sometimes, hearing all of the thoughts of how much we loved each other. He started to believe that he would never have that, and I think that we started to think that too.

I heard Bella sigh and realized that she was starting to fall asleep. Edward was just sitting there, slowly running up and down her arm, humming the lullaby that he had written for her. Feeling the love that they had for each other made me wonder why Edward didn't want to change her. I wasn't sure that they could live without each other. Bella had a set lifespan and if she died then she would have known a great love, and that was it. For Edward though it would be worse. He would be doomed to an eternity of having known a love so great, but never enjoying it, and I wasn't sure if he could live with that. There are very few ways to kill a vampire and I am sure that he would find a way to end this existence.

Edward believed that he was saving his soul, that he had none, a monster, or demon. To her though Edward was perfection. He loves her, cares for her, protects her and a million other little things that come so naturally that I don't think that either of them even notice. Bella thinks that she is ordinary and doesn't deserve him. Edward feels that she is an angel sent down from heaven and doesn't know why she would choose to be with someone like him. When he looks at her though, he forgets that he thinks that he has no soul. When he looks at her he doesn't see redemption. When he looks at her he sees heaven.

One day he will change her, but he needs to come to that conclusion himself. Until then I am sure that they are content to wait. I feel Alice come from behind and wrap her arms around my waist.

"They make a cute couple."

"Yeah they do."

"He's going to change her."

"I know."

"Alice when you look at them what do you see?"

"For him, I see hope. For her I see happiness and love. She would do anything for him."

"She doesn't know that she saved him."

"I'm just glad that she did."

We walked back upstairs, and before we got past the landing, I took a last glance at them and nodded. Edward finally seemed to acknowledge my presence because he looked up at me and seemed to think for a moment and nodded.

"She is hope."

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