Author's note: I still don't own Riddick (sigh).

Anyway here is the start to the sequel. I have to warn you that the last story was completely written out before I started posting it and this one I am writing as I go along so it may take a little while to update. Also I am not an old movie kind of person (you know, guy falls for girl, girl falls for guy, something bad happens) but this is where the story led me so here it goes. Much more drama and intensity than the last one.

On with the story!

The next morning Jack expected to wake up happy, instead she woke up sick. It was Riddick's first day back at work and Jack was alone in the house.

She almost didn't make it to the bathroom on time before she threw up. She didn't want to bother Riddick again on his first day back so she went to the doctor by herself.

It was a cold and rainy morning; she would look back and realize that should mean something. The doctors told her and she couldn't believe it, wouldn't believe it. They asked her what she wanted to do about it. All she could say was that she needed to think. She was in shock, wandering around the city for hours.

She didn't know what to do; she knew she was making a life or death decision for someone. But deep down she already knew what she was going to do and she had a pretty good idea what is was going to cost her. At first she had the urge to just pack and leave but she knew that he would just come after her, make her explain. Might as well have the conversation now…and then leave.

"Riddick, I have something to tell you."

He had just walked in the door and she usually gave him time to relax before she talked to him but she had been working up her nerve all day and just needed to tell him.

"What kid?"

He thought she was going to talk to him about last night, about how big of a mistake it was and that she was just caught up in a moment and that it didn't mean anything. Instead he heard something that truly shocked him, and he had heard a lot of shocking stuff in his life.

"I'm pregnant."

At first he thought she must be joking.

"I know I'm good kid, but I'm not that good."

She looked like she was about to hyperventilate at any moment which made Riddick get real serious, real fast.

"How do you know?"

"I went to the doctor this morning because I was sick. They ran some test and then told me. Asked me what I wanted to do. I was so in shock I couldn't think, I just wandered around for a while before coming home."

"Well just go back and tell them you figured it out and get rid of it."

"I knew that is what you were going to say but I have decided to keep it."

Riddick's jaw became so clenched that Jack could see the veins in his neck throbbing.

"Why?" he asked through clenched teeth.

"Because Riddick, I want something good, just one thing to come out of my life. I want to be somebody's hero for once. I want someone to look at me and I be their world to them. I want to look in someone's eyes and see myself in there. I want to be a good person, a good parent, a good Mom. Give someone something that I never had."

She had been practicing her speech all day and she felt every word of it but she knew it was futile – Riddick wouldn't care. She knew how all of this was going to end the moment the doctor told her, and everything was working out the exact same way she knew it would. That's why it didn't surprise her to hear Riddick's next words.

"Get rid of it," he said, still through the clenched teeth. I was right, she thought, he doesn't care, well, here's where it gets ugly.

"I told you I am keeping it."

"And I told you to get rid of it," he said as he stepped closer to her. He was trying to intimidate her, but she knew his game. She had never been scared of him and she still wasn't.

"No," she said firmly. Riddick knew that as soon as it got down to one word sentences with Jack she wasn't kidding around. He knew there was nothing else he could say now, but that didn't stop him from trying. He picked her up and slammed her against the wall. With his face about an inch from hers he spoke.

"I can't take care of you and a baby." She had never heard someone yell so loud in her entire life. It rattled the windows and shook the walls of the house so much that she could feel the vibrations coming off the wall pressed against her back.

She could see the fear in his eyes. He did care, he cared so much that it terrified him, the thought of not being able to protect her. Richard B. Riddick, the most wanted man in the universe, scared down to the very core of the soul he didn't even know he had.