Okay first of all, yes, I know I'm a douch for not updating sooner. Second, there may not be anyone reading this anymore but I thought I should finish it just to be fair to all those who for some crazy reason actually read my un-beta'd stories. Thanks guys! Now on to finishing my Moonlight story.

"You don't look so good yourself Riddick, come lay down okay?" He eyed the baby next to her.

"Don't worry Riddick, you're a light sleeper, you won't hurt her." With that Riddick laid down and fell quickly asleep. He woke hours later to a small wailing next to his ear. He was a light sleeper but Jack was not. Riddick decided to let Jack sleep. How hard could this be?

"Okay kid, what's the problem?" he whispered as he put his hand gently on the baby's stomach. He's gently rubbing of her stomach did not stop the small cries. He couldn't feed her so the only other thing he could think of was to see if she needed changing.

"It would be that wouldn't it?" he stated to the baby with a frown as he stumbled out of the bed with a limp to find a wash cloth and some material he could make into a diaper.

Hours later Jack woke to a weird sensation of panic. Once some of the drowsiness cleared she realized that her baby was no longer in the bed with her. Jumping up she was almost immediately knocked back down with pain. From her doubled over position she looked up to see Riddick sitting in the pilot's chair. His profile half in the dark yet she could still see the smirk fall from his lips. He turned to get up and help her and if she hadn't been so out of it at the moment she would notice two things.

First, that the sight was hilariously ridiculous because the baby literally fit into one of Riddick's hands and second how adorable the picture of the two of them together was. If she had been coherent and had a camera she would have taken a picture.

"Lost something?" he said as he saw her recover and get back up under her own power to come sit in the co-pilots chair.

"Good morning to you to sunshine," she replied as she sat heavily down in the chair, " no one followed us?" she asked him hoping she hadn't been so out of she missed a fight. "Nope," he said. "No tracking devices?" she asked becoming more confused. "Nope," he said in that irritating one word guy answer tone. "How is that even possible?" He didn't even answer that time, just handed her the communications pad. It had one message on it, picked up around the time of their escape.

"Sorry we were not able to see the baby but we know you will both be well taken care of. You are one of us now - they will pay." She had to clamp her hand over her mouth to stifle her cry as she burst into tears.

"They made sure this ship was open and clear Jack," Riddick stated slowly with a unreadable look on his face. Well, unreadable to anyone but her that is. She reached over and kissed him. "What was that for?" "Do you need a reason?" Before he could open his mouth and respond she spoke again with a teasing tone. "Guilt looks good on you."

"Is that in insult or a complement?" he asked narrowing his eyes at her…she just kissed him again.

"What do you want from me Jack?" he asked after she pulled away from him a second time. "Way to kill the mood," she said jokingly, trying to lessen the tension. He didn't bite.

"I've tired to tell myself that we would be safer for both of us to be separate but you can see how long I lasted with that so it looks like you are stuck with me." She slowly got up from her seat and came and sat in Riddick's lap, gently touching the baby's sleeping face as she did. "Do you really want to know?" she asked settling into Riddick's chest with a smile and a sigh.

Four months later John Hammond, the most famous actor in the known universe sat down at his kitchen counter with a cup of coffee and the morning paper and got the shock of his life…even though it did solve the mystery of where his best body guard had run off to.

The announcement read…

Richard B. Riddick & Jacqueline Thorpe

Married 09.07.89

The picture below showed Riddick, or Richard as John knew him, wearing a black wife beater, goggles and a large wedding band, holding up a baby on his knee. The woman standing next to him was tall and thin. She wore a light blue sundress and had her hair up. The diamond on her finger reviled the size of the one his wife wore. Even though Riddick and the baby weren't frowning they weren't smiling either. Riddick looked deadly serious as usual. But that didn't stop the woman from having the warmest sweetest smile on her face.

He didn't know if the text under the photo was hilarious to him because they actually had the guts to print it in a universally read newspaper or that the newspaper choose to edit it.

It read "F U Mercs"

-The End-