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Prologue: It was almost winter, and TK was still in class. It had been 6 years since the digidestin retired from their duties; TK was now 17 and the older digidestin were in college.

TK stared at the clock, tapping his foot in anticipation. 15minitues left…man this cant take any longer… he thought to himself. He took a quick glance at Kari only to find that she was looking at him too. They both smiles at each other, as they usually do. You see, TK had known Kari since he was 3years old. But just recently started to have feelings for her, he struggled with this for a long time, asking everyone for advice. He was her best friend and she was his, he wouldn't want to do anything to compromise the friendship they have. Just when he was deep within thought the bell rang. The class stood up as it always did, and he waited for Kari so they could walk home together. After school TK usually walked Kari home since it was on his way to his apartment.

"Hey, what cha waiting for?" said a familiar voice

TK snapped out of his though to see Kari stand there. "Ah, nothing much" he said as the ystarted walking "Hey, Kari what cha doin tomorrow?"

"Hmm…nothing, not that I know of? Why?"

"Good! Meet me at the park around 2 tomorrow" TK said with a grin on his face.

She looked at him curiously "Ok, why?"

"It's a surprise," he said grinning even larger then before

"You really shouldn't keep secrets you know" she said teasing him

"Yeah, bu-" TK started but was cut off by the intercom

"Ms. Kamiya, Please come by to the office," said the booming voice of the intercom

"Well, I guess that's me…" she said looking worried

"You in trouble?" TK asked worried

"I don't think so"

"Well I'll wait for you on the breeze way" TK said grinning

"Alright" Kari shouted back. While she was fast pace walking toward the office

TK sat on the bench in the breeze way and wait for her to come out.

15 minutes pass. She's still not here

30 minutes pass. She's still not here

45 minutes pass. She's still not here

TK looked down at his cell phone. Almost 4…I got to get going, the stores gonna close soon. He said to himself as he stood up and walked away.

TK made his way toward the jewelry shop and went in.

"Ah, TK! Didn't think you were gonna get here today" the store clerk said

"Heh, yeah, I was delayed a bit" Tk said as he walked up to the counter.

"Well, Here you go, it came out great! I'd say it was master piece!" The female clerk said handing TK a black 2 inch box.

"Great!" TK said smiling ear to ear

"So…When you gonna give it to her" The clerk said, now smiling as big as TK

"Tomorrow…" he said looking extremely nervous

"Hey, don't be nervous, she's very lucky to have a guy like you" she said giving a sincere smile

"Thanks" He said. Grabbing the box and running out of the store

TK walked into his apartment. "Hey mom, I'm home!" he said.

"All right, TK, There's dinner in the fridge, I'm leaving soon." she yelled from the other room.

That's right, she's leaving tonight for that business meeting. TK said to himself.

TK sat on the couch and looked at the box. He then pulled out a sheet of paper and started writing.

"What cha writing dear" TK's mom said.

"Wha-uh? Da…n-nothing…" TK said quickly hiding the paper and box.

She smiled at him, "You're a horrible liar you know."

"Yea…I know…" TK said hanging his head down

"Well, I'm leaving now, and Matt's gonna come pick you up tonight and take you to his place" she said

"Alright" TK said walking over to her and giving her a hug and kiss goodbye.

'"See ya" TK's mom said leaving the apartment.

TK sat back down and finished writing on the paper. He then picked up the box. The box let him set a password lock on it. He thought to himself for a moment and set the box password. He opened it, stuck the note in then picked up the phone to call Matt. He dialed his number, and it rang twice before someone picked up


"Hey Matt, it's TK"

"Oh, hey, what's up?"

"I was just wondering when you're gonna pick me up?"

"Pick you up? Why?"

"Because mom left… for that meeting… in Kyoto!"

"…OH! Right, sorry lil bro, I totally forgot"

"Well now you know, come pick me up!"

"Sorry, I can't"

"Cant? Why not?"

"Because I'm gonna be doin a concert in 5"

"WHAT?! What about me?"

"Ah, You can cook, Ill pick up tomorrow"

"…Alright…see ya later -beep-" he put down the phone

TK stood up and went to go take a shower. When in the shower he could only think about one thing, or rather one person. Kari. "I'm so lucky to have a best friend like her…" He closed his eyes "And tomorrow, I'm gonna tell her. Everything." He got out of the shower, ate, and went to sleep.

The next morning TK woke up. "Nghss…" TK grunted. He looked at the time it was 12. "Man, I slept in…" He slowly got up and walked to the shower. After a quick shower he got dressed. He put on a white T-shirt and a pair jean and green track jacket. He then went to grab his "lucky" hat. As He was about to put it on he started thinking about when he got it.


It was a coupe of months after they got back from the digital world, they were still eight and Kari bought him that hat as a just-because-present.

"Hey TK!" a young Kari yelled running toward a blonde eight year old.

"Huh? Hey!" TK said waving

"I got you something…" she said timidly

"Huh? You…got me something?" he said with a curious smile

She smiled and held out the hat. TK took the hat and put it on

"Oh, wow! Its so cool!" he said hugging her

"Really? You like it!?!"

"Of coarse! I'll always wear it!"

"Really you promise?"

"I promise," he said cheerfully


Even to this day, he still kept that promise. He put the hat on and grabbed a basketball. "Oh" he said turning around to grab the black box. He looked at the box once more before putting it in his jacket pocket.

He started leaving the apartment, and heading toward the park smiling to himself. This is it, finally the day. He said trying to calm his nerves. When he got to the park he sat on the bench. He looked up at the sky, it was really cloudy, it was gray, TK just started at it. He didn't hate this kind of weather like most other people, while it was true he loved sunny days and clear skies better, he didn't mid this either. He just sat there staring and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. It was now 3:30 and she still was nowhere to be seen.

He started to get worried so he decided to head toward her house. He was dribbling his ball while walking down the sidewalk toward Kari's apartment. I hope she's all right; I haven't seen her since yesterday. When they called her to the office… suddenly his thoughts were broken by a very familiar sound. He heard Kari's giggle, the same giggle that would always brighten his day when ever he need it. He listened again and heard it was coming from around the corner, suddenly hope filled him again as he started to walk faster to turn the corner. But what he saw was not what he expected.

He saw the love of his life holding hands, giggling to a tall, blonde boy whispering in her ear. She giggled more and kissed on the cheek. Shock over took TK's body; he dropped his ball as it went rolling into the street. He couldn't move. He knew this boy. He knew him from somewhere…but where…then it hit him…

The American Digidestin…