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Tk and Kari were about 2 blocks away from Kari's apartment. It was still raining out. And Kari had been unusually quiet lately, Tk wanted to know what's up. After all, he didn't exactly get a straight answer before.

Tk was about to ask her, he opened his mouth, but was cut off, before he even started.

"So, you're not going to the dance?" Kari asked, looking down.

"Ah…" Tk had to think, he wasn't exactly planning on going, but he could just as easily go. "Not that I know of. Why?"

"Well…I was just making sure…" she paused and let out a gasp of air "Truth is, Willis asked me to the dance…I said yes…"

If Tk were to say he wasn't shocked at the moment, he would be a liar. But for some reason, the surprise wasn't as great as it would have been a year ago.

Tk gave her a warm, sincere smile. "That's good. There's no one else I'd rather see you with. Willis is a good-no, great guy." Tk said, reassuring her.

And like magic, Kari's concerned face faded and only the genuine smile, that only Kari could give, was left. By this time they had reached Kari's apartment.

"Thanks Tk" Kari said, as she leaned forward and gave him a light peck on the cheek. "I mean it"

Tk was left speechless and red, bright red. "Y-yeah…no…problem?" Tk stuttered, but Kari was already walking up the steps.

The weeks rolled by from there, and soon it was the week of the highly anticipated Senior Dance. Everyone was excited about, everyone except Tk…

Tk couldn't walk through the halls without hearing the annoying chattering of the girls talking about the dance. 'Who's going with who' seemed to be the only thing the girls giggled about.

"HEY, TR!" a voice called to Tk. Without even turning around he already knew who it was.

"Hey Davis." Tk said without even turning around.

"Hey!" Davis repeated, putting his arm around Tk "Who are you taking to the dance? I'm gonna ask Kari!" Davis exclaimed with his usual vigor.

"I'm not going to the dance" Tk said flatly "And you can't ask Kari, Willis already asked her. And she said 'yes'"

"WHAUUTT!??!" Davis screamed as he fell over on his back. "W-w-willis?" Davis was in the fetal position now.

"Come on, stop your whining." Tk said, grabbing Davis by the collar and dragging him to the lunchroom.

"Davis, you've had your head in your soup for like…the whole lunch" Ken said noting Davis' behavior.

Little bubbles started to come up from Davis' soup.

"Davis, you have to lift your head out of the soup if you want to talk." Ken said.

"I think he's still depressed about the dance…" Tk said, sitting down next to Ken. "Willis got to Kari before he did." Tk said, laughing.

"Easy for you to say!" Davis exclaimed. His head finally out of the soup bowl. "I wanted to ask her for Her Last Dance…!" Davis mopped as his head fell back in the soup.

"Her Last Dance?" Tk asked

"You don't know what the Last Dance is?" Ken asked


"Even I know what that is and I only transferred from here a year ago. I'm pretty sure everyone here knows about it. No one shuts up about it actually."

"Ok, but what is it?"

"The 'Last Dance' is apparently a tradition this school has. Something like, whoever your Last Dance is with is supposedly your 'soul mate' or something. I don't quite understand it myself." Ken finished explaining.

"Yeah! And I was suppose to be with KARI!!!" Davis yelled, lifting his head from the bowl momentarily then letting it drop again.

"Last…Dance…" Tk repeated to himself, opening a new pair of chopsticks.

"THAT'S IT!" Davis exclaimed, jumping out of his chair and spilling his miso soup on the table.

"What's it, dare may I ask?" Tk asked, pulling out some paper towels to clean up Davis' mess.

"A noodle cart!"

"A…noodle cart?" Ken asked, actually surprised, which was rare for Ken.

"Yeah, yeah! You all know how that was my dream right? Well, perfect chance to get started! Oh man! Just wait until Veemon hears about this!"

"Do...you even know how to cook noodles? Ken asked, suspiciously.

"Well, yeah! Kinda, who do think fed that glutton Veemon when he was here." Davis announced proudly

The days passed, and the week seemed an eternity to some. But finally, the Friday of the Senior Dance had arrived. Davis was really psyched about opening his noodle cart, although it took him awhile to convince the administration to let him do it. But Davis was the child of miracles, and some how, pulled it off.

Everyone was going nuts in anticipation. The guys were all meeting for a get-together, the girls were all going out after school to get their hair done. Seemed like to waste of time to Tk. He couldn't care less one way or another.

And finally, the bell rang. Everyone was in a hurry to get ready for the dance at 8. Everyone rushed out of the classrooms, Tk on the other hand, just took his time, he wasn't in a rush.

He was walking home looking at the gray sky, which was unusual for this time of day, when he saw Willis ahead of him.

"Hey!" Tk called out "Wait up!"

"Huh?" Willis turned around as Tk jogged up to him. "Oh, hey what's up?"

"Not much, you?"

"Ah, not much either, I'm just excited about tonight!"

Tk gave a nervous laugh "Ha, who isn't."

"I know, I got a beautiful date, a pocket full of money, and my perfect 'Last Dance'"

Tk just let out another nervous laugh "Speaking of which, where is Kari?"

"I dunno, I think she said she was going with some of her friend to get ready…or something" Willis shrugged

"Ah…I see" Tk said as Willis turned to corner to go to his apartment and Tk moved strait to his apartment.

When Tk got home he was greeted by the usual love of his mom…. still on the computer, hadn't moved a muscle since morning.

"Hey mom" Tk yelled, walking in and throwing his bad against the wall.

"Hello dear" His mom hollered back "You hungry"

"No, not really" Tk said, going into his room

Tk sat down at his desk and looked around. There really wasn't much to do. On his desk was his D-3 and D-terminal. They bought back good memories for him, dangerous memories, but good.

TK flipped on the Tv and decided to just kill time.

About 2 hours later of useless channel flipping, Tk decided he really needed to do something. Every one was probably on their way to the dance by now, it was a little past 7. Then it hit him. Matt wasn't doing anything!

"Hey mom, I'm borrowing the car!" Tk hollered out while leaving the apartment.

"Mmmh-hmmm" Was the only reply his mom gave, still typing furiously on the keyboard.

When Tk got to Matt's house, he was surprised that Tai answered the door.

Tai answered the door with his usual manner. Scratching his superfluous hair, itching his butt and looking like a total bum.

"Oh, hey Tk, what's up"

"Nothing. Just came by to hang out. Surprised to see you here though."

"Yeah, I got bored, no ones home to mess with, so I came over here" Tai barely finished before letting out a yawn.

"TAI! SHUT THE DOOR! YOUR'E LETTING OUT THE AC, DUMBASS!" Matt yelled from the couch.

Tai immediately spun around to his defense "WHO YOU CALLING A DUMBASS, DUMBASS?"

"You! Or was my vocabulary to big for you?" Matt asked jumping off the couch

"Yeah, well…DUMBASS!" was the only comeback Tai managed to shoot back.

"You two are both dumbasses" Tk laughed walking in and shutting the door behind him.

"Shut up…uh…you…not...smart person..." Matt and Tai practically said at the same time.

Tk took a seat next to Matt on the couch.

"Whatcha doing here?" Matt asked

"Whacha mean?" Tk asked

"Aren't you supposed to be at the dance?"

"OH YEAH! The dance! That's Kari went. Why aren't you their yet?" Tai exclaimed, finally able to put two and two together

"Because…I don't want too?" Tk said, disliking the interrogation he was receiving.

"Well, I gotta take a crap!" Tai said, standing up and walking to the bathroom.

"Disgusting…!" Matt said laughing.

The toilet flushed and Tai walked out, drying his hands on his shorts. To get to the bathroom you had to walk through Matt's room. Well, Tai was walking through Matt's room when something caught his eye. Tai hadn't been that wide eyed since the digital world.

"Hey Matt! Come here!" Tai called, fast walking toward him.

"Hang on, talk to me on the commercial-Hey! Let got!" Matt started to say as Tai grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him into the room.

Tai closed the door behind him to make sure Tk couldn't hear.

"What's the big ideal?" Matt asked, with his pinky digging in his ear.

"That's the big ideal!" Tai said pointing to a black little box on Matt's desk.

"So?" Matt said

"Do you know what that is?"

"Not particularly, I think Tk left here when we had that last digidestin reunion."

Tai grabbed the box and inserted the combination. The box opened with a little click and Tai turned it around to show Matt.

"Now do you understand?"

"Oh, shi- How much was that?!" Matt asked, gaping with unbelief.

"I don't know. But I do know what we have to do…" Tai said, turning around and looking at the door.

"Right, I gotcha" Matt said with a grin as evil as Tai's

Matt came running out of the room and plopped on the couch next to Tk.

"You know, you shouldn't be hanging around your old bro like this! You should be out, having fun! Enjoy your youth!" Matt taunted, while putting him in a headlock.

"But I-I don't want to. Let go of me!" Tk exasperated, trying hopelessly to get out of his brothers headlock.

"Ah! Non-sense, I sure theirs something you can do Oh! The dance, What-a-perfect-idea-!" Matt exclaimed with horrible fake acting.

"What? No! Let go-of—me!" Tk tried to break free, but to no avail. Matt dragged him into him room and pushed him on the bed.

"Now, I wonder, What-will-you-wear?" Mat said

And as if on Q (actually it was on Q ) Tai popped out of the closet

"What? You need something to wear?" Tai spoke in a horribly fake voice

"Why yes kind sir, we do!" Matt replied, still trying to act

"What are you two doing…?" Tk asked, rather confused by now.

"Shut up! We're trying to help you-" Matt started to say

"Yeah, so hold still!" Tai said pulling out a tuxedo from Matt's closet

"WHAT THE-" Tk was cut off as the two of them held him down and tried to get him dressed.

"Get in"


"Get in" said another voice

"No-" But before he could finished he was pushed in the car

"Good, now we can go. It's about 9:06. If we hurry, we can get you there before it ends."

"Why are you trying so hard?" said the disgruntled blonde

"Because, lil bro" Matt said, leaning forward from the back seat "You just need to trust us."

"And where did you get this tux?"

"Well, that's the same tux I used when I went to my Senior Dance!" Matt said, laughing in a proud, booming voice. "It amazes me that you fit in it!" Matt pretended to shed a tear "They grow up so fast"



"Ok we're here. Get out"

"I don't want to."

"Get out"


Suddenly Tk was kicked out of the minivan and left on the pavement as Tai and Matt drove off, squealing their wheels.

"Man, those two…I swear" Tk said to himself standing up and walking toward the building.

When Tk walked up to the door he saw Yolei at the front desk. She was wearing some sort of prom dress

"Hey Yolie"

"Oh! Hey TK, I didn't think you were coming"

"I didn't either…" Tk muttered under his breathe

Yolie took a clipboard and checked off Tk's name

"Alrighty, you can go in" Yolie said

"K, thanks" Tk started to walk toward the door

"WAIT! Hold on! I almost forgot!" Yolie screamed pulling out a plastic mask that covered about half the face. "You have to wear this. This is a masquerade ball." She said extending the mask out to Tk with a huge smile. Tk just groaned and put the mask on.

Tk walked into the main ballroom, the sight was astounding at the least. The room was pretty dark with some strobe lights and spotlights in various places. And there were people all over the place, he couldn't recognize anyone though, they were all wearing masks.

Tk started to walk around, the booming music making him irritable. After a few minutes of walking around Tk saw a wooden cart. A wooden noodle cart manned by non-other then David.

Finally! Someone Tk recognized. He slowly made his way over to the cart.

"Hey, Davis!" Tk called out

"Wow, that was fast!" David said in confusion


"Indeed that was quite quick…" Ken said

Ken seemed to be helping David out. And by helping, that means standing near by with a fire extinguisher.

"What are you guys talking about?" Tk asked taking off his mask.

"OhhhHHhhhHHHooo!" David screamed as he dropped the deep fried noodles on his arm. "OoooowwwWWwowwww!!!"

"Oh, my, Tk? Is that you?" Ken asked out of disbelief, as he started to help David off the ground and clean the burning hot noodles off him. "You looked just like Willis."

"Yeah, like…exactly like Willis, you guys are even wearing the tux and mask." Davis said, standing to his feet. "He was just here, but went to go to the bathroom while Kari went off with some friend. Then you showed up like…2 seconds after."

"Quiet ironic, what are you doing here anyways. You said you weren't coming."

"I didn't think I was coming either…" Tk said, with some distain in his voice. He then put his mask back on. "So, how the business going" he asked with a chuckle.

"Awesome! We're getting loads of customers!" Davis Exclaimed making a new bowl of noodles.

"Cool-" Tk started to say, but was cut off by a touch on the shoulder and a bright smiling face behind him. Tk spun around to find a petite brunette wearing a mask the cover the face from the nose to the brow. Tk knew automatically who it was. Kari.

"Hey Willis, common! Lets dance!" Kari exclaimed, grabbing Tk's arm and dragging him to the dance square. Kari, like Davis and Ken, had mistaken Tk for Willis.

Tk, under the alias of Willis, was dragged to dance, and was now sitting in a chair next to Kari. The strobes, the lights, and the booming music, was hardly calming. Kari once again, had a concerned look on her face. There was an awkward silence. This silence seemed to always follow Tk.

"Hey, Willis" Kari started to say

No reply. Tk had forgotten, he was Willis right now.

"Willis" She said again

"Huh? Oh, yeah?" Tk replied, snapping out of his thought process.

"What do…What do you think about…Tk? I mean, do you think he…likes me?"


Tk was in shock. What kind of question is that?! How was he supposed to answer?

"Well…" Tk started to say. "…"

He realized that he had to make a major choice. Tell the truth and make himself happy. Or lie and make 2 people happy. Two choices. The selfishness, to be or not, it was a trivial question. Tk knew what he had to do. No matter how painful.

"I think…I…I don't think he likes you…" Tk stood up and started to run. Holding back the pain, he ran through the door. He stopped in the street. I'm so stupid, why? WHY!? Am I really cursed? Dammit, Dammit!


Tk spun around to see Kari with her mask off. She was about right behind him. She looked kind of hurt. But she asked again. "W-What did you just say…back there…?"

"I-I said…I…I don't think he likes you…" Tk said in a low murmur. Without even knowing what he was doing, he reached up and took off his mask. It was lke it wasn't even him. And for the first time in a long time, Tk did something irrational, something he hadn't done in such a long time, something that he didn't think twice about. And he spoke without realization. "But I know…he loves you…"

"T-T-Tk?!" Kari gasped

There was a silence. And then, a drop of water, followed by another and another. Until a heavy rain had started. Tk looked up to the sky to feel the once familiar cold water, along with the warm tears flowing from his eyes.

"Hikari-chan…" Tk began. He slowly turning around "I-I don't know why the sky cries. Or why these tears are so cold… However, I don't hate it. I think its pretty, soothing even. So please don't hate me either. I'm sorry…"

Kari closed her eyes. Let the rain seep in. But what she saw was not blackness, it was something blue. Yes, blue, two blue orbs. And slowly she saw yellow flashes, golden hair, and piece-by-piece a face formed. A face she was all too familiar with. A face that she knew better then her own. The face…it was…

"Tk!" Kari screamed, bursting into tears, embracing him. "I don't hate, I never could. And I-…I love you too"

Tk, still in an embrace looked up to see Willis, the real Willis, leaning on a post under the patio. "Willis…" Tk whispered to himself. Kari Turned around.

"Don't worry about!" Willis called out "I thought as much, and I'm glad! Theirs no one else who deserves Kari more then you, Takeru." Willis yelled from across the street "And besides, I'm leaving back to America tomorrow, I dunno if Kari told you or not. But it's about time for the 'Last Dance'…heh…have fun. Ja Ne" And with that Willis walked back into the auditorium, waving his hand and giving one last smile.

Tk and Kari looked at each other and while they may never know why the sky cries, it still does…nonetheless. But they shared the 'Last Dance' with each other. Their, all alone, just the two of them, under the sky's tears…

YAY! It's done! I hope all of you enjoyed it. And once again, I'm sorry this took so long.