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Inspirational Painting

Summary: Sasuke Uchiha is a regular high school student who is a gifted artist - but because of the painter's block and the lack of inspiration, keeps him from painting. One day, he saw a girl in the roof top in his school. Now he is determined to do a portrait of the girl he saw. What will happen in his quest to rediscover his new found art?

Chapter 1: An artist's inspiration

He was standing in the roof top, looking at the crimson sunset. He wants to paint again, he really does. Its just that once he will position his paintbrush to start his creation, he ends up not doing any artworks.

"Hey? When will you decide on painting again?" An ever so enthusiastic blond dude gleefully yelled er asked to the young artist.

"It will eventually come to me." he shrugged. "As of now I will simply wait for my new inspiration to come"

"Ok. anyways, I'll be going home now. I still have things to do. Bye" and with that, he watched his best friend retreating back. Again, he watched the crimson sunset.

'I wonder, when will I start painting again?' he thought to himself. He was about to leave when he saw a a pink-haired girl, standing by the rail and looking at the view of the city with the crimson sunset.

'Who is she?' But before he could approach her, she already left. 'I'll find her'

"Oi! Sasuke? Found your new inspiration yet?" Sasuke smirked "I haven't decided it yet, I'm not really sure. I need to see and examine her first."

Naruto being so optimistic all the time offered to help him, which Sasuke willingly took.

"She was wearing the same school uniform, so it won't be a problem to find her." Again they went to the roof top. Again, the girl was there. Her pink locks playfully dancing as the wind blew her hair.

"That one!" Sasuke pointed "She's the one I was talking about."

Naruto looked at the girl relaxing by the door who is currently enjoying the moment of silence and supposedly privacy.

"So there she is! Paint her already!" He was always happy to see his best friend's art works. He is always fond of how the colors, no matter what combination, works together and looked liked they were made to be any way Sasuke put them together.

"The thought of her being my new inspiration is still pending though..." Naruto pouted at his best friend statement. "If you want to paint her, approach her and befriend her! Maybe you will learn something new from her! At least be more sociable!"

Naruto watched his best friend going back to his class.

And For the past few days, it was the same thing. Actually, it became a habit of his. He, Sasuke, will go to the roof top at breaks and after school just to have gaze of the pink haired beauty. She always do the same thing though. She stands there looking at the view of the beautiful city not enjoying the breeze playing with her hair.

"Hello!? I'm Sakura! Nice to meet you!" Sasuke looked at the girl who was just introducing herself to him.

"I'm Sasuke." the girl who he was always thinking about, talking to him just because she saw him at the roof top.

"Wow! Sasuke Uchiha, one of the most talented artist in this school, is actually in front of me!" she exclaimed.

"Can I see one of your paintings?" she asked innocently "Please!"

"I'm sorry, I'm currently not painting." he closed his eyes "I still need to find a new inspiration."

"Ok. I understand." she took a piece of paper from her bag "Well can you please make a sketch of tulip for me?"

Sasuke took the paper and unconsciously made a beautiful sketch of the tulip.

"Wow! You really are good at arts!" Sakura took the piece of paper "I thought you can't draw anymore!"

Sasuke was shocked at this, usually when his childhood friend asks him to make a painting or simply a sketch, he can't bring himself to draw. How can her? A girl he just met, make him draw a simple sketch of the red tulip.

Sasuke's best chilhood friend was watching them the whole time thinking.

'I wonder if she is the new inspiration Sasuke was looking for.'

Preview for the next Chapter:

"Sasuke, what are you doing?" Sasuke looked at his best friend "I believe I am making a draft."

"Sasuke! You're actually drawing!" He excitedly yelled


"Hey!? What exactly are you drawing?" Sakura tried to looked at Sasuke's new work but he quickly covered it "Its a secret!"


"If you have anything to say, just say it already" Sasuke looked at her in the eyes "Wait a minute, I need to prepare for this thing too you know!"

"Sasuke, I like you..."


"I like her..." he closed his eyes "I really do..."
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