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Inspirational Painting

Chapter 5: My Magical Colors


"Uchiha-san, why don't you look at the art's club submitted paintings?" Sasuke looked at his painting. "So Uchiha-san, when are you going to submit your work for the exhibit?"

"I'm not submitting anything." The superintendent looked at him. "Why is that?"

Sasuke didn't take his eyes from that painting. 'Because he already stole it'


"Naruto, he stole it." Naruto looked at his friend. "Who stole what?"

"He stole my idea for the art concurs; now look at him, being praised by people for the work stolen from me." Naruto looked at his best friend with sympathy. "Sasuke…"

"I don't know what to do." He surely sounded disappointed "I finally found it, and then all of a sudden, someone takes it from you."

"You know? Suigetsu was the reason why I turned her down" Naruto looked at his depressed friend. "You mean you turned her down because of Suigetsu!?" Sasuke just nodded. "Care to explain"



"Sasuke, how exactly do you feel about her?" Sasuke looked at one of his childhood friends. "I like her a lot. I mean she is our childhood friend"

Suigetsu looked at his only male childhood friend

"I like her..." he closed his eyes "I really do..."

Sasuke looked at his childhood friend.

"I'm wrong, Sasuke, I love her"

End of Flashback


"Sasuke…" Naruto looked at his friend "You suffered a lot. Do you regret meeting Sakura?"

Sasuke shook his head "I am actually happy we met. After all, without her, I probably won't be able to start painting again."

"So what exactly are you going to do?" Sasuke looked out the window "Maybe, I'll let off the hook"

'Sometimes, you to kind and generous for you own good. Be careful though, you might end up hurting your heart next time.'


Wherever Sakura and her parents is…

"Mama, Papa! Hurry up" Sakura's parents smiled at her antics. "Sakura, Okinawa won't go anywhere."

Sakura's Dad's driving is actually going smoothly. He wasn't driving wasn't fast nor was he driving slowly. It was just right if you ask me.

Little did Sakura know, Sasuke and Naruto saw them pass by. They saw another car speeding up. Sakura's dad gave the car way, but it will only try to bump their car more. Alas, it resulted into a terrible Car accident. The other car on the other hand sped up more and left the scene.

"Naruto call the police and the ambulance! Hurry up, Naruto!" Naruto quickly searched for his phone. When found he immediately called the police and narrated the story. And called the ambulance next

Sasuke tried to open the car door. Sakura was half conscious and saw everything, including her parents' blood.

"Mama, Papa…" with that Sakura became unconscious. Shortly after that, the police men and the ambulance came.

The policemen interrogated Naruto and Sasuke for details. While the others placed Sakura and her lifeless parents inside the ambulance. Sasuke insisted that he should come with them. In the end, he was allowed because they knew he won't take 'no' for an answer.


"How are you related to Ms. Haruno?" Sasuke shook his head "I'm not related to her. I'm only a friend"

"Do you know any relatives of her?" Sasuke again shook his head "When she gets better, where do you expect her to stay?"

"For the time being, she can stay with me" the doctor then left Sasuke alone with Sakura.


The next day after Sakura opened her eyes…

Sakura's eyes were lifeless, it's like she's a living doll. She was dull and gloomy. She wouldn't speak, she just stays quiet. Either looking outside the window for the scene or waiting for Sasuke, I actually don't know.

Sasuke then opened the door. "Sakura, how are feeling today?" Sakura's dull eyes glanced at Sasuke. "Look, I brought a painting with me." Sasuke removed the cloth covering the painting and showed Sakura the magnificent work of art.

"Do you also want to draw Sakura?" He gave Sakura a sketch book, a pencil and a set of oil pastels. "Here, you can draw while you're here in the hospital.". Sasuke looked at Sakura's quivering hand. Motioning for the art materials Sasuke gave her. Sasuke quickly helped him. "Sakura, I'll just get something to drink." With that he left.

For the past two weeks, Sasuke would look at Sakura drawing. Her eyes, they are now full of life. She's back to her smiling and cheery self. Though, she is still pained because of the accident.


"Tomorrow is your release from the Hospital, Sakura." Sakura's eyes narrowed "Then I'll have to go back to Yokohama then."

Sasuke frowned "Why would you go to Yokohama?" Sakura's eyes still narrowed. "My parents are dead, so I'll go back to Yokohama to live with my grandmother."

"Is that what you want, Sakura?" Sakura shook her head "Then stay with me for the time being." Sakura smiled and hugged Sasuke.

"Really?" Sasuke smiled at her childish Antics and nodded.

Who knew that Sakura returned to her self and discovered her new talent because of Sasuke's painting?

And who knew that Sasuke is living happy because of girl who gave him inspiration?

Now, the next question is: What will happen to this two?

A/n: Clarifications:

1.The one who stole Sasuke's idea was Suigetsu. He stole it because he thinks Sasuke and she got together.

2.Sakura is still living with Sasuke. Even after they graduated high school.

3.Sakura is a new found talented artist. While Sasuke actually stopped painting after high school.

4. She will be identified in chapter: Mandarin Orange Meetings of Inspirational Painting: Our Rainbow Dreams

5. Inspirational Painting: Amber themed Life is only part one.

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