Author's note : This is the episode 7 of the Liley's story! Maybe I will do some oneshots too, I don't know. I'll see ! But I'm glad to see that there is more and more fanfiction with homosexual pairings. I want to say that Liley's relationship can be as beautiful as Loliver's, Moliver's, or Jiley's. I try to make it not about sex, but about connection and intimacy, and I hope you can see that... Anyway, enjoy this new chapter of Miley and Lilly's life!

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Happy Holidays, one could hope, Chapter 1

Miley was sitting on the couch in her living room, reading a magazine. Lilly was also busy reading. She had her legs on Miley's, and was resting her back on the right arm of the couch.

''So'' Lilly started, putting the magazine on her laps. ''What do you want for Christmas...?'' Christmas was in two weeks. It would be the first one they were going to spend as a couple. Lilly wanted to make it special for Miley, as Miley wanted for Lilly.

''Don't know.'' Miley shrugged, continuing reading.

''Come on, you have to help me out here!'' Lilly begged.

''I don't want anything, really... I have you!'' Miley flirted, looking at Lilly in the corner of her eye.

Lilly frowned. ''Yadi yadi ya.'' she said, emphasizing in with a slight movement of the hand. ''Everybody says that, but everybody has an idea... Come on, tell me!''

Miley smiled and stopped reading. ''Well, do you remember our three months anniversary?''

Lilly smiled. Oh yeah, she remembered. One of their best night ever.

FLASH BACK : Two weeks ago

Lilly and Miley were walking in the streets hand in hand, their fingers intertwined. It was late. It was a Saturday evening in the beginning of december. It was warm enough for them to take their time, enjoying the night. They had a picnic earlier. They were the only one on the beach, so they were free to be as close, as intimate, as they wanted.

They arrived at Miley's house.

''You're sure you can't stay?'' Miley asked, with a little disappointment in the voice.

''Yeah, I have to get up early tomorrow.'' Lilly replied. ''I'm going to spend the day with my dad at the rehab center.'' (A/N: See 'Sweet Dad of Mine').

''Okay... So I guess I'll see you Monday?''


They stared at each other. Neither of them wanted to leave. Lilly sighed, and grabbed Miley's hands in hers. She leaned and kissed Miley goodbye. Miley deepened the kiss, as usual. They exchanged a long embrace and finally pulled appart.

''Have a good night...'' Lilly breathed.

''You too.''

Miley let Lilly's hands go, and watched her leave, sighing of happiness... and frustration.

''Hey Jackson.'' Miley said coming home.

''Oh Miley, thank god!'' Jackson exclaimed. ''Can you give me a hand real quick please?''

Miley groaned, but agreed. ''What do you want?''

''Can you go under the sink and hold this towel around the biggest tube?'' He said, handing her a really dirty towel. Miley grimaced, but took it, disgusted.

''Sweet Nibblets, I knew I should have said 'no'. I'm too nice...'' She groaned again, and disappeared under the sink. Jackson smiled and put his thumb up towards the door. Lilly appeared on the doorway, smiling. She quietly bursted a laugh at the sight of Miley under the sink. She quietly stepped into the house and crossed the living room, as silent as she could be.

''Jackson! Come on! I don't wanna spend the night here! What you're doing?!''

Jackson wasn't doing anything. The sink was fine. He just had to wait for Lilly to be upstairs and gave her a few seconds to get ready. That was the plan.

''Hold on a few seconds more, Miles. I'm almost done.'' He said, biting in an apple.

He opened the water, pretending to see if something was wrong. ''Oh, yeah, I see the problem...'' He lied, keeping eating.

''Okay, so fix it already!'' Miley begged from under the sink.

Lilly was next to the stairs, and mouthed ''thank you'' to Jackson. Jackson nodded and she disappeared upstairs.

A few minutes later, Miley was fiercely climbing the stairs, pesting against Jackson. She opened the door of her bedroom and stepped in. She was still grumbling when she turned the light on. She froze. Lilly was standing in front of her, wearing some kind of white uniform. The same kind people working in SPAS would wear.

''Wow.'' Miley let out.

''Welcome to the second part of our night.'' Lilly seductively said.

''Wow.'' Miley said again, stunned.

''You're welcome!'' she heard Jackson yell from downstairs. She frowned and looked at Lilly.

''Yeah, the sink was fine...'' Lilly smiled. Miley groaned. She went to hold Lilly, but she stopped her putting her hands up. ''No, no, no Miley. There's a time for everything... For now, just close your eyes.''

Miley frowned but obeyed. She closed them, wondering what Lilly was up to. Lilly smiled, satisfied, and started to strip Miley's clothes.

''Lilly, what you're doing?'' Miley asked.

''Wait...'' Lilly breathed, throwing away Miley's blouse. Miley smiled under Lilly's soft touch. She liked it... a lot. In fact, she was started to get seriously turned on. Her skirt was soon thrown away, followed by her underwears. Lilly put a bathrobe around Miley's thin body, even if she enjoyed the sight of Miley naked body, and took her hand. She led her into the bathroom. As soon as they got in, Miley could smell millions of perfume.

''Okay, now, open your eyes.''

Miley's eyes widened. In front of her, was her bathroom, but it was totally different than usual. The bathtube was filled with lather and bubbles, and was surrounded by candels perfumed by different essence. The only light was the one made by the candels's flame. There was a light indie music in the background, very relaxing. Lilly was looking at Miley, waiting for her reaction.

''Wow...'' Miley was missing some vocabulary tonight... Lilly laughed to herself.

''Are you gonna get in?'' Lilly asked, mocking Miley's frozen attitude.

Miley smiled and took off her bathrobe. She throw it to Lilly, playfully. She stepped in the bathtube and her skin entered in contact with the warm water. Miley moaned of pleasure. The perfect bath prepared by the perfect girl. She closed her eyes, enjoying the bubbles teasing her body.

Lilly sat next to her on the edge of the bathtube. She played with the lather and looked at Miley's face, her smiling and happy face. Miley had some lather on her cheek, so Lilly soflty wiped it off. Miley opened one eye and looked at her girlfriend, a little grin on her lips.

''Are you gonna get in?'' Miley asked, seductively.

''Nooo. This is your night. I'm at your service.''

''Well, if you're at my service, I order you to join me...'' Miley replied.

Lilly smiled. ''I guess I can't refuse then...'' Lilly stood up and stripped in front of Miley's eyes. She then stepped in the bathtube, and sat in front of Miley, at the other side. ''wow,'' she said herself. ''I'm sooo good.''

Miley pouted. ''What?'' Lilly asked.

''This is not what I had in mine...'' Miley said.

Lilly frowned. ''what do you mean?''

''You, over there, and me, here.''

''Oooh... I get it.'' Lilly moved towards Miley and leaned against her chest, kissing her softly on the lips. ''Is this better?''

''You have no idea...'' Miley breathed, putting her arms around Lilly's neck. She kissed her. ''Now, let me thank you for all this...'' She added, a lot in her mind.

They switched position, so that now Lilly was leaning against the bathtube, with Miley on top of her. Miley disappeared under the water. ''Wow, this is going to be a very very long night...'' Lilly smiled as she felt Miley's touch. And she was right. They spent the night in each other's embrace, finding million ways to please each other.


''I want something like that...'' Miley grinned.

''Come on, you can have that whenever you want...''

''Really?'' Miley asked suddenly very interested. ''Then, I want it now...'' She added, throwing the magazine behind the couch, and grabbing Lilly's legs. She took them off her and stretched them on the couch. She sat on Lilly's laps, each leg bended at each side. She started playing with Lilly's necklace, slightly touching her neck, teasing.

Lilly gently caressed Miley's cheeks, and locked eyes with her. Lilly stretched to reach Miley's lips as Miley closed the distance too. Their lips met in a long kiss. Lilly's hands went on Miley's hips as Miley grabbed Lilly's face, deepening the kiss. Lilly tightened Miley against her and Miley wrapped her arms around Lilly's neck, her hands in her hair. Lilly slid her hands under Miley's shirt, slowly teasing Miley's side. Miley moaned of pleasure and Lilly slightly opened her mouth allowing Miley to give more of her. Things were really heating up.

''Wows, someone's gonna get some...'' they heard Jackson laughed.

Lilly and Miley broke their kiss, and looked at Jackson, still holding each other. Lilly's face was leaning on Miley's chest while Miley still had her arms around her neck.

''Shut up Jackson.'' Miley snapped.

''Hey, I'm not the one doing it in the middle of the living room!'' He exclaimed, defensive. ''You better stop before dad comes home. I know he's okay with you two, but seeing his girl really going at it might give him a heart attack...'' He added, starting to climb the stairs. Jackson disappeared and Miley relaxed.

''I have to go anyway.'' Lilly sighed, falling back on the couch. ''I have to start looking for a job.''

Miley sighed and reluctantly got up to let her go.

They looked again at each other, wishing they could continue what they have just started. Miley took Lilly's hand and kissed her. She groaned when she had to pull back. Lilly was as frustrated as she was. She slowly walked to the door and, before leaving, gave a last look and smile to Miley saying ''Next time: fireworks.'' She winked.

Miley shivered at that thought. There were always fireworks every time Lilly and she were together.

Miley was laying on her bed, eyes closed. Her thoughts were usually occupied by Lilly. But tonight, she was thinking about her mom. ''Miles, we're going to the cemetery the next weekend, so don't plan anything, okay?'' Her dad told her, before she went to bed. She hated Christmas period because it was when she missed her mom the most. She wished she could see her alive again. She wished she could hold her again. She wished she could smell her perfume again. It was hard. And she felt like the weight of leaving without her mom was getting heavier and heavier.

Miley slowly dived in a deep sleep, tears still rolling on her cheeks.